Watch – BBC 2 Documentary – THE SECRETS OF THE MASONS

If you believe this pile of claptrap, well, you are a lost cause lol!!
Broadcast on BBC 2. Monday 19th March. 9pm

part 1 of 2

part 2 of 2

18th March 2018
Secrets of the Freemasons finally revealed after TV crew gets rare access to mysterious Grand Lodge “The Grand Lodge has grabbed the opportunity to dispel myths and show they are just “ordinary folk” – and say they have nothing to do with an Illuminati”




5 thoughts on “Watch – BBC 2 Documentary – THE SECRETS OF THE MASONS

  1. And I was not wearing my hip boots. Damn! Yeah, they are such sweet souls. Innocent as lambs. and disgusting liars, too. They will no doubt play a big part in the “alien” UFO invasion and the revealing of a messiah and a supposed new golden age. Complete liars pulling off a con. Don’t believe them!

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