Mum dies of heart failure during court case

Screenshot_20180219-152745The tragic mum-of-four who collapsed in court [during] a family hearing died from heart failure it has been confirmed.

… [Hayley’s] parents noticed her eyes rolling into the back of her head before she began to fit.

… Her parents and sister watched in horror as her mum screamed: “Hayley. Oh My God. Please save her please.”

A spokesman for Hull Coroner’s Office confirmed the cause of death was hypertensive heart disease – and toxicology tests all came back negative, meaning there was no trace of any substance found.

Ms Gascoigne’s family said they believed her death was “exacerbated by stress” caused by the court hearing and the events leading up to it.

… Two court rooms were also brought to a standstill as the defendants were ordered out of the building.

After 40 minutes Hayley was put on a trolley and taken via a lift out of the building to one of three waiting ambulances.

She was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary but was pronounced dead.
Her funeral will be held on Tuesday, February 28.

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SHAME on Judge Jessica Pemberton!


“Shock Death”: Mom of 4 Drops Dead in Court after Custody Ruling

WOMEN’S COALITION NOTE: Social services had led the public to believe that Hayley had gone into the bathroom and taken a drug, and that is what caused her death. This was obviously to deflect blame from the judge and them. Now it is confirmed that was not the case. Hayley was clean and it was just the shock of the judge’s ruling taking her precious children away from her that caused the heart attack. Her Facebook page is proof of just how much she loved and was devoted to her children as there are tons of pictures and collages of them.

Hayley’s death is the tragic result of the systemic discrimination against women in family courts around the world resulting in the loss of custody of our children. Women must unite and demand a new system which gives us the power to keep and protect our children.

REVISION: The article said that Hayley died AFTER a family court hearing, which makes it sound like she did not die in court in front of the judge who just ruled to take her kids away. So “after” was replaced with “[during]”.


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