Girls aged THIRTEEN get birth control implant. #Highlands


4 thoughts on “Girls aged THIRTEEN get birth control implant. #Highlands

  1. Well, there are so many messages out there, from schools, TV, Movies, News Papers and peers. We encourage giving in to our impulses, as if there were no consequence, or concerns.13 year olds who have “arrived,” have plenty of desire. There was a time when girls matured not uncommon at 13 but more likely 14-15, got married.

    My biggest concern would be who is encouraging and why. We are at a point in time in our world where there are equally good and bad reasons for nearly anything. I would ask, where was parental instruction and guidance? Most of the time there is none. we have come to a very sorry state of humanity Its a Mad house!
    planet of the apes its a mad house
    Heston Apes end

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