Why are satanists SO BOTHERED by Fresh Start Foundation?

HOAXTEADS LATEST BLOG ABOUT FRESH START FOUNDATION (It’s well funny!!)  http://archive.is/5xLtb

Then on twitter today… EVEN FUNNIER!!


“Still, I am reviewing my options of what we can do about you in Scotland.”

I d’no what anyone else thinks but that sound distinctly like a threat to me 



10 *CONVICTED* cases of Satanist Ritual Abuse in UK #SRA #CSA  https://spidercatweb.blog/2017/10/31/convicted-cases-sra/




4 thoughts on “Why are satanists SO BOTHERED by Fresh Start Foundation?

  1. In answer to your question, its important to know that the early supporters of the 2 hampstead kids, Alisa and Gabriel (mentioning them will piss hoaxtead off. ah ha ha ha ha!), were mostly government shills and the like who made every attempt to make supporters look bad and discredit the case by acting outrageously themselves and too many in the cause did not condemn these and distance themselves from them. I have stopped communication with most in that cause, Can you believe that there is a openly professed Luciferian among them and they are all fine with that. While Lucifer is supposed to be an “angel of light,” he is really one and the same as Satan and he is no nice guy.

    Fresh Start, appropriately named, wants to start over again as I see it and not take up with most of the original crowd of losers.Given the respectable conduct of both the UK Column and their staff and related allies and their wisdom to not get dragged into the many weirdos and creeps like Jacqui Farmer a.k.a (my opinion) Kris Costa and Sonya Vangelder alias Mellissa Williams (my opinion) And their camp of clowns, including the Luciferian, Hoaxtead has delighted in mocking these poorly disguised government agents/shills, as they perform their their duties as seeming wackos. Hoaxtead even goes as far as trying to confirm the sock puppets like Kris and Mellissa are legitimate. that’s the game played between them. They all work together. On the other hand, They will not be able to so the same to Fresh Start, I hope. This new upstart is a welcomed sight. I hope for the best.

    You will recall the claim that Alisa was in the Audi superbowl add last year. And she was. and the various shills I previously referred to, all denied it and sealed their fate to take a dip in the lake of fire prepared for such ones.Turns out that Gabriel was also in that commercial and played 4 different characters and Dad was in it, too. In fact, in several scenes, the 2 kids, brother and sister, appear as rivals and they both cross the finish line together, the girl winning “for feminism.” I even have a picture that was up on youtube briefly that showed the two kids together, waiting to perform in their racing cars. the only question is, who took the picture? The locale was clearly California. Well, what were the 2 kids doing in Cali, in a huge commercial? How did they get cast? there is only one way, Daddy dearest has some really big connections. And my tracking Hoaxted from September 10 to October 10, strongly indicates the uploaded articles as coming from that time zone. I have been very busy so that I have not completed my revised photographic and other evidence to remove all doubt. But it is going to happen. You can be damn sure of that, God willing! The finale draws near.

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