It Didn’t Start With You

Brief summary of the main points of the book (15 mins)


2 thoughts on “It Didn’t Start With You

  1. I was thinking earlier today (morning) that many people have feelings that do not seem to be related to anything going on in their lives at that time. its because they are things from the past that occasionally or persistently, that keep nudging us to perhaps explore it more internally. but most assume they are related to the present. Or they are scare of these feelings and bury or run from them. It might be the subconscious testing to see if this might not be a good time to deal with certain feelings, like traumatic ones. Many health ailments are the type of “memory” (switched in genes that have been “switched” in past traumas) caused by past traumas passed on down the line. This switching process is called
    the methylation of genes.

    But ancestral gene changes are harder to fix, often possibly impossible. Any traumas we have in our own lives can be reversed as far as methylation goes. Dr. Janov has written a lot on this subject. In fact, he has been the cutting edge of this sort of research. Releasing traumas by finally allowing them up and out to be experienced, resets the genes that got switched due to the trauma. The mind remembers changes by encoding them into to the genes so that they can be reversed. But most go to their graves without even knowing about all this. and so damage gets passed on.

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