Another important issue is the “friendly” bacteria in the digestive tract. These are important for food digestion. It is quite possible the colloidal silver may reduce them temporarily. Be prepared to add some probiotics or other digestion products, to your diet to replenish the “friendly” bacteria.

Other diseases which can benefit from the protocol

There are many diseases as a result of virus, bacteria, and fungi in the world which can benefit from the Bob Beck Protocol. We have three articles on three different diseases:

In these cases, the patient should immediately start using this treatment and then add the Bob Beck Protocol to it as fast as possible.

Cancer Tutor Articles in the Bob Beck Series

Testimonials on the Bob Beck Protocol

Vendors of Bob Beck Units

Units meeting Bob Beck’s specifications:

  • SOTA Instruments Inc. – Manufacturer who specializes in all Bob Beck Products. Can purchase the Beck Protocol as a Kit. The owner of SOTA worked with Bob Beck. Available Internationally, based in North America. All products meet Bob Beck’s specifications.
  • Nature Kleen Water OzonatorWater Ozonator only. Their Water Ozonator meets Bob Beck’s specifications. North America

General Information

  • is the best source for information with regards to Bob Beck and the Bob Beck Protocol. They have been given access to all of Bob Beck’s belongings which includes Bob’s personal and professional papers throughout his life. They have worked with the Bob Beck Protocol since 2000.

Build Your Own Bob Beck Equipment

Bob Beck Papers


2 thoughts on “BOB BECK

  1. Bob Beck is an excellent source for real genuine and very effective protocols and devices. I own his Brain Tuner and the Sota magnetic pulsar. It cured a big nasty hard tumor growing on my father’s let upper arm. In two weeks of use, twice a day, it was gone and no scar or trace left behind. However, I have found a better Mag pulsar since, made by Dr. Clark .net if you put it altogether, Yes, it is nearly $400 but its twice as powerful and you can adjust it to gain greater penetration or smaller pulses but many more pulses per minute so if you were treating the surface skin, you could get many more pulses on it in far less time. then if your aiming at an inner organ or needing to penetrate bone, you reduce the speed and increase the penetrating power. but that said, you can not go wrong with any of the Beck devices. I also prefer Clark’s zapper The square one which is the cheapest one, too. It kills all pathogens in the blood but operating a little different from Beck’s approach. Again, both work superb. I had his 2 dvd set of protocols.

    One of the most useful purposes of Becks blood purifier or Clark’s zapper which also purified the blood. Clark’s works much faster. the benefit is that if you contract food pathogens, or the flu or whatever, purifying the blood wipes out all pathogens in the blood. this prevents pathogen from the digestive system from entering the blood stream and spreading to other organs. I have done this and then aimed the magnetic pulsar on the stomach and intestines. There is also a rife device that uses alternating current that can kill specific pathogens in organs and body tissue. Clark also has a similar device (Vari-zapper) and its cheaper, overall. but I do use the Prowave device. I later got the clark device. I would have chosen that over the prowave, but I do not regret the prowave.

    And if you can find it used, I urge all to get and read Daniel Hayley’s book, the Politics of Healing. Absolutely mind blowing and very useful. As well, I have bought and uses amygdalina thru the mail in Mexico and it works fast and very effective, but it is costly. the other devices should work fine. Prevention is better than cure. Electronics is where it is at, as well as good nutrition. I take lots of supplements. Happy health, everyone. Live long and prosper!

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