Football sex abuse in Scotland: Almost 300 crimes recorded


5 thoughts on “Football sex abuse in Scotland: Almost 300 crimes recorded

  1. This is shocking news and confirms my suspicions that as football was created by the Freemasons and the pitch measurements etc. are actually created with occult symbolism etc. it proves that the high levels of this secret sect is very dodgy indeed.

    Freemasons are rife within the police as well and even the medics take an oath of Geneva when they qualify which incorporates a masonic statement and nothing about β€˜first doing no harm!’

    The football supporters at big matches seem to be mind controlled to be drunkards, violent and almost non-human, so the child abuse within the β€˜sport’ came as no surprise.

    I wonder what the conviction rate is at the moment. Do let me know if you guys and girls find out?? (Just checked the article and see that there have been 13 charges so far…)

    Pen *xx

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