WATCH: Ross Kemp – Inside Barlinnie {update 4th Nov}

NOV 4th 2017

NOV 3rd 2017

Actor turned journalist Kemp has faced war zones – but a week in the Glasgow prison proves just as tough


29 OCT 2017


He’s been in the middle of war zones and faced up to the world’s most dangerous criminals – but actor and journalist Ross Kemp faced a new kind of challenge when he spent a week inside ‘Scotland’s toughest prison’.

The Eastenders star, 53, surrounded himself by ‘abusive’ inmates at Barlinnie for a documentary to be aired on STV this week, reports the Daily Record .

Inside Barlinnie is on STV on ­Thursday (November 2) at 9pm.


4 thoughts on “WATCH: Ross Kemp – Inside Barlinnie {update 4th Nov}

  1. Ha ha!! Not buying it – him I mean not your post! A trained actor suggesting he got remotely close to experiencing what prison life is really like while having the comfort blanket of a tv crew around him and probably a hotel room every night doesn’t wash very well, and like most of what we see on tv is to be taken with a very large pinch of salt xx

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