Killer Mum – Moaning Mairead Philpott

EXCLUSIVE 3rd Nov 2017, 1:01 am

KILLER mum Mairead Philpott is moaning about losing her cell luxuries after being moved from a high-security jail.

The lag, 35, helped ex-husband Mick, 61, start a fire in their home which killed their six children

She had been serving her 17-year sentence in top-security Bronzefield prison, Surrey, but was left in tears this week when she was moved to nearby Downview jail.

The killer has complained she has lost her private TV, shower and phone and fears her new cellmates will beat her up when they discover her identity.

But a source said: “Nobody is going to shed any tears for Mairead. She enjoyed the perks of being on a high-security wing in Bronzefield but she won’t get the same treatment in Downview.

“Child killers are the lowest of the low in prison.”

The Philpotts were convicted in 2013 of the manslaughter of their kids, aged five to 13.

The blaze in Derby was a plot to try to get a bigger council house.

She has divorced and changed her name to Louise Dunn to distance herself from her past.


6 thoughts on “Killer Mum – Moaning Mairead Philpott

    1. I agree..
      I have suspicions but absolutely no evidence to back it up.
      So for the moment i am keeping my random thoughts to myself!!
      But keeping eyes & ears open & shall be doing some digging!!

      1. Wildcat, I was looking at this photo collage of all the six children that “died”. My problem is all the photographs are manipulated. I am seeing the photoshop “fog” on these pictures also.

        See especially the lower right photograph. The little boy’s head is totally unnatural, he seems to have an additional layer of hair around his head, also the way his hair grows on either side of his forehead is fake. Have you seen this youtube vid about how pictures of people can be artificially generated?

        Also look at pictures of the Philpotts’ “marriage”. No one else seems to have attended apart from two “bridesmaids”. Also in all the pictures of the Philpotts there is no grief in them at all, surely they would be very upset if six of their children had died by their hand especially if it was by accident, they would be beside themselves with guilt. I am seeing nothing but duping delight.

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