YouTube Censorship

Due to YouTube being Tubes, I decided that I wasn’t willing leave the fate of my blog in their hands & risk losing all my vids as all it takes is a couple of strikes & they would all be gone. So I opened up a new channel as a back up,

but youtube REALLY are tubes & I am haviing to use Felis Selvestris for now as youtube WildCat is BANNED from live streaming & uploading ANYTHING & for the next 3 MONTHS?!  If i had done anything hat would be fair enough but,,, GRRRR!!

Whilst the “ban” is in place, I will also be uploading all the WildCat vids so the 2 will eventually be identical & any vids i do in future will be uploaded on to both at same time


Felis Selvestris  Felis Selvestris

Don’t you just LOVE my new name?! LMAO!! 


The offending video….


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