Scotland’s Children – abused and used

What The Politicians Don’t Say

UK Wide State and Institutional highly organised child abuse

Across every corner of the UK – England, Channel Islands, Wales, Northern Ireland  and Scotland there are meant to be “inquiries” happening into colossal institutional and state child abuse.

The Scottish inquiry has been turned on it’s head and is now what can only be described as a UK Privy Council Scottish PIE – pedophile information exchange – not an independent inquiry any more.

This video catalogue below, by WildCat productions, giving a five minute visual summary of of the wrongdoing, regarding this so called “Scottish State Child Abuse Inquiry”, as survivors complain the state is using it’s complete power to use this inquiry to have power over and abuse them all over again.

To give the survivors of institutional and state child abuse a voice, as this is not my story to tell, there now follows the testimony from a few, very brave survivors of well organised state and institutional child abuse.

We all have a duty to listen to – because the children who did not survive can never have their voices heard – and the government and UK privy council controlled inquiries are doing their best to use the complete power they wield in attempt to ensure these and other survivors voices are not heard – especially those who were abused by the most powerful people in the land.

State Child Abuse Testimonies

This is the powerful testimony of survivor, Vicky Von Blackwood, whose research sets out clearly the colossal scale  of state and institutional orchestrated abuse of children and how much profits are being made – across the UK and globally –  every statistic a child – and how the rich buy tickets for child snuff parties and how state child abuse survivors are then passed on,  “trafficked”, by the state to street gangs, the state and media cleverly labelling them as prostitutes to cover up what is really going on – with details of just how many children disappear, never to be seen again – these shocking facts and figures just the tip of a giant iceberg.

An good example of how those who control society and those who control criminal gangs come from the same background – Donald Trump and “the mobster John A Gotti, who went on to be head of the Gambino crime family” are both alumni of a very expensive private military training school in New York.

Sandy and Jane give their testimony to educate us all on how our state allows our children to be treated in their “child protection” system – children taken by the state, purely because their parents were poor – and the children paid the price – vital information we all must get – when you understand right now now our “parliaments” are taking us back to this system using what the Supreme Court said was a new totalitarian named persons system.

As all powerful politicians, bankers, lords and ladies and Royalty in the UK Privy Council are attempting to use named persons and state imposed complete poverty to give them the power to once again remove children en masse for her Majesty’s State pleasure as their parents are forcibly made too poor by governments and corporations together to feed their children.

Totalitarian Named Person scheme –  Whose Idea was this really ?

Where does this named person state guardian for all children idea come from?  

A new “World Future Council” was set up in Germany in 2007 – with people from around the world no one has elected are in control and our German Queen arranged, via UK Privy Council members Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon and to use Scotland as the guinea pig for this German idea.

In 2012 the Guardian revealed

“The World Future Council is calling for “ombudspersons for future generations”. These would be guardians appointed at global, national and local levels whose job would be to help safeguard environmental and social conditions by speaking up authoritatively for future generations in all areas of policy-making. This could take the shape of a parliamentarycommissioner, a guardian, a trustee or an auditor, depending on how it best fits into a nation’s governance structure”.

Why UK Privy Councillors, Salmond and Sturgeon, backed by every MSP created an unelected “children’s commissioner” and have created unelected named person state guardians for each child in Scotland, despite being told repeatedly by lawyers this would breach all our human rights.

And now Scotland is putting in place this totalitarian German system where all state employees must record OPINIONS on every parent and child in Scotland and the police (now controlled by MSP’s) and social work departments and politicians can use named persons as their STATE OPINION collators so they can all share information on every family with children in Scotland and use their new totalitarian system to “legally” collude to identify vulnerable children to be taken out of their parents protection – despite the fact the Supreme Court ruled this information sharing illegal where even the Telegraph reported 

“The five judges were unanimous in declaring that Holyrood had exceeded its powers by making a law that allowed public bodies to share sensitive private information about children and parents without consent.”

With the report going on to say 

“The judgment emphasises the importance of article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights – on the right to a private and family life – and in a withering passage states:

“The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get to the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinate them in their rulers’ view of the world. Within limits, families must be left to bring up their children in their own way.””

Well HItler and Mussolini ran totalitarian regimes with Hitler declaring Germany the fatherland and insisting children were sent away from parents to “camps” to be indoctrinated as state Hilter Youth and it is Germany’s World Future Council  this Named Person state guardian of all children idea comes from.

They now claim teachers will be named persons – as headteachers in primaries are being removed (but they don’t tell us that and the parents and children experiencing this now are told by councillors they have no say.

Why we cannot allow teachers in schools which are all outwith council control, to be unsupervised by council or a head teacher as named persons is exposed in this short video by Wild Cat Productions – the sheer scale of pedophile teachers abusing children in our schools taking 6 minutes to run the headlines alone for those involved  – and that’s just the ones we know about – what about the ones we still don’t know about?

And when caught many are free to go, some being admonished despite being found guilty  – by their Rosicrucian brothers and sisters in courts the UK Privy Council call their “judges”.

This to tie in with 129 MSP’s together sneakily removed the words mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather from Scots law – using changes to marriage laws as the cover to achieve it – when changes to marriage laws, by people with no children, nothing to do with equality and all about the state becoming the mother and fatherland of all children by “law” once they went to phase 2 of the plan i.e. named persons to have the power over mothers and fathers – sorry parent 1 and parent 2 to be the state guardian of each child –  by a “law” (ruled to be unlawful).

Yet Liam Fee was murdered when he had a named person – proving it’s not about child protection and all about control of children by the state and removing all parent and children human rights and parental rights.

Understand how our “state” abuses it’s power even now before the named person totalitarian scheme becomes fully operational – this is one family’s story of how all the family’s children were removed by the state to protect a person who wanted to abuse one of their children.

This is the story of Brian & Janice Docherty and what happened to their family.

Glaswegian Brian moved to Aberdeen to take up a teaching post and the family rented a house on a Vicount’s estate in Scotland

Brian and his wife contacted police to report a rich neighbour  tried to offer them £25k “for “access” to his disabled son, and made clear what he meant by “access”” this was an approach by a paedophile, alleged Mr Docherty.  Instead of this man being arrested by the police the police reported the parents to social services for daring to report this man to the police and refused to investigate this rich man’s actions – and together police, politicians, social work have snatched all the children from their mother and father instead.

This is what is happening in Scotland – police, social work, judges, politicians at the highest level working together to cover for a rich man who wants to pay parents to allow him to abuse their child.

The Huge Scale of the State Child Abuse Problem – Where is the Outrage?

As one researcher said “Where is the Outrage?” as this familly right now have sufferred from “state surveillance to constant harassment, false allegations & fraudulent reports, all leading to the eventual seizure of their children by the state that they thought would protect them.”

To further understand the colossal scale of the abuse of childen by the state in Scotland and across the rest of the UK – here is one dedicated researcher’s efforts where she has brought together her ongoing research to give us the big picture of the state child abuse in a way the so called Scottish inquiry has been set up to try to hide – asking the question 

Where is the outrage?

Who has the power continue to cover up state child abuse on this scale for so long? 

Which begs the question what sort of network of power is in place that has the power to successfully covered all this up – on a UK wide scale –  as even when police have witness statements – these witness statements, held by police and politicians at the highest level, vanish over and over again?


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