Incestual siblings caught having sex in lift at Motherwell station spared jail (2012)


One thought on “Incestual siblings caught having sex in lift at Motherwell station spared jail (2012)

  1. Some irony here. Satanic cults do this sort of thing all the time. can anyone say Hampstead? So the law is a farce. But further, that the girl was 17, which to me means nothing but to the law, she is underage. In the US, we do not publish photos of under aged kids. But her picture is up. Then there is the other problem. But at 17 and I was once 17 so I know what I am talking about, one is desperate for sex. It sets up dangerous situations. most should be married by 17 and our society designed to enable and set that up. But instead, we keep them in school to program and indoctrinate them, do not allow them to work more than part time at best and make affordable housing out of reach.

    Oddly, the Bible made land a right, free of any cost. Land was allotted to tribes who allotted it to families, who allotted it to their kids. Now that is what I call rights! But we are born with nothing and get everything thru debt and interest.

    And these are among the problems that contribute to outrageous behavior. So we punish these two? Maybe we should punishing ourselves and our leaders for for leaving the fully sexually matured with no way our or relief except to sneak with whoever. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves more than those two people.

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