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 PUBLISHED Jan 5, 2017 @ 22:34

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7 thoughts on “*W O W* CloverGender (updated april 4th 2017)

  1. In Regards to Koko Hey, we have visitors. and commenters. We must have touched something off. Oh, well, I’m broken up over that. A simple google search? you mean the CIA front “search machine” with heavy Jewish cooperation? What could go wrong there? Google is rigged as is FB, youtube and Twitter and who knows who. I use Google but I do not trust google. I use wikipedia But I am careful there, too.

    Signs and symbols have been used and can be found in monuments and carvings, Paintings and more thru-out history. Pagan (which is very similar to Satanic) symbols and practices have been among us from the beginning, it would seem. Many times we lose the memory of what they meant. We are re-learning now. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Where there are symbols, there are other things very evil.

    1. I did & I know what we have been told to believe. But I tend not believe everything we are told or anything found via page 1 of a goggle search
      & as i did not give my opinion, you cannot possibly know what I think.
      *IF* u are right. What harm is this blog doing?
      Either way.. it sure as hell won’t do any harm to keep an eye on it.

      My opinion…

      It STINKS of a Tavistock normalising exercise.

      But I could easily be wrong.

      As could you.

        1. Right on Boudicca! Google is lies. but I did not when doing some research on 1159 BC that my site was 5th on the first page. I was shocked. Most of my stuff that use to get on the first page is long gone now. so being on the first page is not always bad. But cult pr!cks will use any stupid excuse to invalidate something. They are professional liars though not very good at it.

  2. Agreed – absolutely insane. Nothing like hitching the paedophile wagon to the “misunderstood minority” train of thought. With the added benefit of course, that anyone disagreeing with their stance will automatically be seen as a bigoted, hate-filled figure. That’s twisted genius right there. Brought to us by the intellgence services, no doubt, as most of the sickening events in this world are.

  3. Insane in the brain. They are trying to make the unthinkable sound OK. They start with concepts like tolerance, acceptance, micro-agressions, triggers, and genders too numerous to count. Pure insanity but if they can get us to accept 10s if not 100s of genders, then they expand it to merge various ages so that there is no distinction in gender, sex or race. And now no distinction in age, Age is just another construct. Only problem is that I never accepted that sex was just a construct. So called 3rd wave feminism and SJW ideas are really a form of Marxisim and Satanism, whereby former thinking and culture are overthrown and destruction is the result. Everything is turned upside down and inside out. Good becomes bad and bad becomes good. Pure evil from start to finish.

    Put another way, they blur any lines of distinction. Good thought and analysis and law require careful precise distinctions to be made. Can’t have that. Do dumb down the kids thru government programming and indoctrination conditions (schools) and and reinforce it in the media and entertainment and you have no distinctions, no intelligence, no discernment. Then scramble the blur till no one recognizes it.

    Just one problem with this. It is just so insane that most are not going to go fir it, despite the pervasive indoctrination in to oblivion. That will leave only one solution . . . the brute force of martial law and either imprisonment or execution. It should be interesting to see how that all turns out. One might think that this nihilistic anarchist stuff will gain lots of converts. But oddly enough, it might actually wake some people up and drive them more toward morals and values; and resistance to the evil the Elite try to herd them toward. I say that only because the bible says there will be a lot of “converts” in the very last days, before the great mass killing begins. “Their number is as the sands of the sea.” I hope that is the case. I have been a bit down on the human race but sometimes, some just need a good kick in the pants to wake them up. I got my fingers crossed! 😉

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