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    400,000 killed
    13 million need assistance. Cute banners don’t work. Finding safe spaces in the ME would.


  2. I ask again – what has happened to the Google page? MIne’s vanished, but still works if I type a query in the address bar.

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    Still illegal!

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    His school teacher probably forced him to learn it by rote. Common teaching ploy in France.

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    In which the soft left’s journey to the snuggly self-delusion of conspiracy continues apace.

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  6. Are you related to Peter Collett the author?

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    I’ve been attracted to the idea of throttling Tony Blair for years – always managed to restrain myself.

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  8. What has happened to Google this morning? Blank page?

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    BREAKING NEWS! The first official picture of Mr Fish Finger

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    Cutting edge political satire I’ve just drawn.

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    It’s 1981 all over again! Will they never learn?

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    People in Islington North expressing similar views about Corbyn….is it something in the water – or have they got a point?

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    What would be your acceptable criteria then?

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    They seem to be using the old Blair slogan – ‘for the many not the few’…..odd that.

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    It seems can’t get any media coverage! You know what to do. Tweet the MSM👍👍👍👍

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  17. Wahay!!!!!

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    Good! Well get back in the bar and comment…..I miss that chatter in the bar!

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    Welcome back to the ‘Raccoon Arms’ and all who drank the ‘elixir of choice’ at it’s bar…..

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  20. Good Morning world – its a brand new day. What shall I do with it?

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    Were they kettled?

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    Still paying the price for asking for a debate? How dare you suggest another point of view! Free speech is only for approved views!

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  23. Labour must be so relieved that Simon Danczuk has resigned.

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    That’s a good suggestion. Having more radiotherapy on arm on Thursday – so will see how I am after that.

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    Which is why a fish finger is standing against Tim Farron – he’ll get more votes!

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    You didn’t offend at all. Like I said – ti’s a steep learning curve – but I’m getting there.

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    Thank you – and thank you too all my online friends – I’ve missed you!

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    You have to accept, you have no choice actually. People are as they are, and I am as I am. I am not ashamed of the person I am.

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    But first an election and to bring the misuse of NHS funds to the fore, Given me a new focus. Then deal with the missing years of my life.

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    There is a lot of material itching to get out – how relationships change, absorbing new people into your life. Understanding the dynamics.

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    I want to write about being totally dependant on others after a lifetime as an independent ‘loner’. A steep learning curve but fascinating.

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    I do. So much I want to write about, a new family! Part of my life that I kept hidden. Now they have unexpectedly stepped out of the shadows

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    “The name’s Watts, Mark Watts – licensed to act like a knobhead and be found out”

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    Indeed. Probably the most dismal place on earth.

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    What d’you all think? Shall I, or not? I rather miss the old place.

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  36. Ms Raccoon is contemplating re-opening the doors of the Raccoon Arms – If only for the karaoke evening and the quiz nights, with free beer.

  37. The blog issue is being attended to as we speak. The doors of the Raccoon Arms may yet be open again! First drinks will be on the house.

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    Sometimes it is an individual I meant firing people if they have been found to be deliberately negligent. The limitations of 140 characters!

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    I’ll pay a reward to the first person who can find me a personal injury lawyer quitting because of poor pay or who needs to use food banks.

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    Yes, that is an unfair ‘extra’ punishment.

  41. The wonderous joys of the Internet. The person who has maintained the archive of the old site has been in touch, I have spoken to him.

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    Whois: only tells me that it is registered to a John Smith. This is a shout out to anybody who might know how to contact him. Please.

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    If anybody knows how to contact the man who put up the archive site at I would dearly love to hear from him.

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    Yes, I have to sort out a new WordPress site and point my old domain to it.

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    Slater & Gordon are the most prominent personal injury lawyers now – they have bought up so many of the independent firms.

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    Good morning to you too! I have my ten nominations, my deposit, and my agent – now we can really get cracking. A bit like you really. xxxx

  47. Past my bed time. Good night all. A gentle reminder that this is why I am fighting – to hihgight these issues here:

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    Yep, and judges have repeatedly said it is a political matter for parliament to sort out. Politicians have ducked every opportunity since.

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    256 ‘victims’ given £37,000 apiece on average – lawyers took a cool 8 million from NHS. HOw does that 8 million prevent it happening again?

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    Regimes changed. Equipment and support provided. Money in the bank isn’t the same as justice. ‘Breast surgeon’ scandal case in point. 2/3

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    The idea that justice = money in your bank account is a very modern idea. Last 40 years or so. Mistakes need to be put right.People fired1/2

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  52. Corbyn is more interested in what is happening in Syria than what lawyers are doing to hospitals up and down the country.

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    that could have investigated this £56 billion scandal years ago. What happened to  ‘holding power to account’? Where’s the opposition?

  54. Yowzer! 500 followers in two weeks. Thank you for all your support. What a shame there are no proper journalists or politicians left 11/2

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    No, lawyers are treating it as though it was a profitable organization – it’s not. It’s a national treasure and should be protected.

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    Pity none of them realized that there was a £56 billion scandal there, just waiting to be discovered w/out waiting to be spoon fed by me….

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  57. As things are going today, will hit 500 by the time night is out. The Sun, Telegraph,Express, & Mirror have all followed up on the story.1/2

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    then there would be more money left for nurses and doctors. Lawyers and clients are draining the nhs of cash. £56 billion of cash!

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    No. Not saying that, I’m saying that if people stopped suing the nhs over things like ‘being kept waiting in A&E’ (really, 1 man is!) 1/2

  60. Thank you.

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    I shall approach him. Shouldn’t take one half dead woman to raise issue. Where are the journos and politicians holding power to account?

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    Last week I used James Gillespie and the Sunday Times! Do you have suggestions as to other ethical journalists and platform I coud approach?

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    Sick to death of lawyers bleeding worthy causes of money. There is no worthier cause than the NHS. It shoud have been protected from them.

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    Yes, I have my nominations and my deposit – it will be lodged with the returning officer tomorrow afternoon.

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    Neither party has ever looked at this issue of £56 billion going out of ht eNHS. Neither party. Not the Tories, nor the Labour party.

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  67. Replying to   and 2 others

    Oh, don’t waste your vote – vote for me!

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    “Oh well, you’re smoking” – Camel if I remember right;y.

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  69. Maybe it’s the ketamine, but I seem to have fallen in love with a fish finger……

  70. Let us not forget, the amazing NHS giving me 24/7 care, allowing me to be maintained in my own home. High five to them!

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    2/2 Some truly amazing people helping me. I am humbled by the unstinting support I have received.

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    I have stopped accepting donations. Only wanted enough to fund deposit – everyone else has given time, accommodation, and support FOC. 1/2

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  73. Link to what?

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    I wish you well with your campaign too – if a humble Fish FInger can’t see off the Tim Farron there is something wrong with the world.

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  75. Campaign now fully funded by well wishers and internet friends I have never met. The internet is truly an amazing place, full of good people

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    That’s the way to end violence in jail and officers being attacked – stop the inmates smoking. Stroke of genius!

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    When the police can do their jobs & the black community supports them & so called community leaders are told to jog on

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    Not much left of me — but I still amount to more than Jeremy Corbyn!

  79. Thank you! xxxx The only candidate honest enough to admit that I am ‘lying’ for parliament rather than ‘standing’ for parliament!

  80. ‘Bloody difficult woman’ signing her nomination papers to stand as independent candidate in Islington North!  

  81. Nowt wrong with being ‘a bloody difficult woman’ – bloody difficult women get things done – I know, I’m a bloody difficult woman too.

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    If you don’t like Corbyn & live in Islington North, you can vote for .

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    I tried – and couldn’t get it to work!

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    Thank you, that has given me some useful early morning reading – Tim will be with me at about 10am if you want to speak to him by phone?

  85. Would really like to understand the line of thought behind that result.

  86. Could you access anything from the law commission that  led up to that for me I don’t have access to Lexis at the moment?

  87. Yes. I have been looking into that with interest. It is an extraordinary piece of legislation that has had far reaching effect.

  88. I see you are up with the lark too! The marsh harrier is already out hunting as is the barn owl……

  89. also disagree that only route to change should be via expensive lawyers. Again lawyers consuming large chunks of nhs funding.

  90. then using ‘free’ nhs care, thus effectively removing large chunks of  nhs funding that could be used for front line services. 2/2

  91. I agree that the NHS are liable – but disagree with the present system that allocates large sums of NHS funding to ‘private care’ 1/2

  92. Thank you – I had no idea that the Labour Party had applied for core participant status. I must stay more up to date to this.  Interesting.

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    This thread is depressing – standard of those applying for public office is dismal. Pity the opposition is so dismal too.

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    I don’t know to be honest. They would have been defended as matter of course, I would have thought. That is the normal legal process.

  95. Sorry, don’t understand – this is in reference to what? Must have missed earlier part of conversation?

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    Their lawyers walked away with £8.31 million of NHS funding. Money that could have paid for more junior doctors and nurses. Think about it!

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    If Only Andrew had responded to an enquiry I made to him 2013, my infamous article may never have been written. Think about that!

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    There are only three countries I would like to live in now as I age.  Scotland, where I live, Italy and Zambia.

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    2/2 in thier wisdom decided that they wouldn’t accept your money. I don’t understand it either!

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    Yes, indeed. I was able to send that e-mail. If you got one, then your contribution was accepted, if you didn’t then crowdfunding, in 1/2

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    No!  There is another way – get Susanne Cameron-Blackie elected as an Independent candidate. You don’t have to settle for a Limp Dem.

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  102. Thank you Carol My 400th follower – I can now start the slow climb up to 500! xxxx

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    Poor sod I thought, bet he didn’t sleep any better than I am.

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  104. Labour lost Merthyr Tydfil? I remember a dismal night in a hotel there, with a sign above my head saying Archbishop Desmond Tutu slept here.

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    2015! Sheesh! How has he got away with it?

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    Sadly, the sensible side of Scottish law regarding corroboration is not available to English defendants.

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  107. Anna Raccoon Retweeted CrimBarrister

    The more I read it, the more I’m cheered – there is chink of sanity shining through the madness.

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    Course it is Malcolm, course it is……!!! Couldn’t be your fault, could it?

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  109. Can it be true? There are no wordpress experts living in Norfolk in need of work? Tell me it ain’t so!

  110. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    So I can’t actually be sure whose donation I have received or not. I’m just grateful to everyone. My husband has made up the amount to £500!

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  111. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anne Pyke

    Anne, alll I know is that I have received £450 in donations via crowdfunding, and they disallowed the £110 that was donated above the £500.

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  112. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Dr Frog 蛙先生

    I am aware of Mark Pearson – and yes, it wa a disgraceful charging decision.

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  113. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anne Pyke

    I must say, not impressed by crowdfunding. Wouldn’t use them again. Very confusing to set up and took a cool £50 out of the £500 donated.

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  114. Anna Raccoon Retweeted  🕵️Green Bottle  🕵️

    Precisely – it has ruined many a man.

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  115. This is a shout out for any WordPress/web experts living in the norfolk region? DM ME if you are able to do some paid work for me. PLEASE RT

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    Er, how come you are still an MP? I thought parliament had been dissolved? Don’t you have to be re-elected to call yourself an MP?

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    Money very nearly talked – had it not been for an excellent lawyer…..!

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  118. Always Look On The Bright Side of Death: Chapter 12: A New Job and a New Hope

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    Too true.

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  120. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Jacqui Thornton

    and now they have Cliff Richard’s legal bills to consider…… This is getting interesting.

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  121. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    Well done Kato Harris!

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  122. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    False allegations ruin lives and decimate bank accounts. I think this is the first successful challenge to the cost of defending yourself.

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    Good to see the are on the team this

  124. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    Translate from French

  125. It’s horrible being accused of a sexual crime.. I was being treated as guilty until proven innocent. .

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    – how about we pay what we owe when they have signed off accounts that show what we owe? Oh hang on a sec hahahahahaah

  127. Anna Raccoon Retweeted FACT

    I’ve joined – and followed. If there is anything I can do to help – just ask.

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    The EU doesn’t need Britain one bit. We are poor, helpless souls. But it also needs 100bn euros of our money, apparently. Right.

  129. Great blog! You and Finn have another confirmed fan.

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    One story is wildy funny, other is just more of the same. We need cheering up.

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    When you’d become cynical about humanity but then see strangers in London holding this guy tight to stop him jumping

  132. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Heather Self

    Thank you – how interesting!

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  133. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Jeremy Corbyn

    And are all 10,000 guaranteed £30 a year? Will there be special food banks for these new polciemen? Donuts don’t grow on trees you know!

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  134. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Mhehed Zherting

    You’ll give me nightmares! Anyway, he’s got no chance, Ms Raccoon is standing against him. Already got the string vest. And a giant Marrow.

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  135. Replying to 

    It’s been an educational read……

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    We’re searching for a million people who think the NHS is worth protecting on 8th June – pls follow and RT if you do and help boost support

  137. Anna Raccoon Retweeted DW Esquire

    They deserve it far more than the lawyers that are bleeding the NHS dry with negligence claims by the back door.

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  138. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Richard Wellings

    Diversity quotas?

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  139. Anna Raccoon Retweeted LIAR MPs

    Christ – you really know how to depress a girl!

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    PeterSweden Retweeted PeterSweden

    So basically what they are saying is that anyone with a opinion to the right of Marx are committing crimes against humanity.

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  141. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Mark Sparrow

    That looks do-able….no worse than some of the places we’ve done over the years.

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    Translate from Hindi

  143. Er, your Twitter Bio still says you’re President? Didn’t  you just have one of those election thingys? Or was that fake news?

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    Slight tweak to medication brought on long enforced sleep. Scuppered plans to write this morning. Just a bit down about it, that’s all.

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    Thank you MiIke.This weekend is shaping up nicely, just got to stay alive – can’t be that hard surely! Writing bullet points like a lunatic!

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  146. Memo to others. Carpe Diem. You never know when yr ability to do what u want may be snatched away from u. Mine has, now regret wasted time.

  147. Anna Raccoon Retweeted The Blocked Dwarf

    Thanks – bitterly resentful that had to sleep through am rather than working. Shd just grateful that I am here at all and can do anything!

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  148. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    Not as well as I was, but still here and bloody determined, Finding it more difficult to write through fog of medication. I can do this.

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  149. Anna Raccoon Retweeted The Blocked Dwarf

    Keeping my powder dry, I have some astounding facts and figures up my sleeve, and some more rabbits to pull out of the hat – but struggling.

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    An afternoon pretendin 2 b proper G-dad! Not just 1 who picked up doll bed @ Carboot 4 £8! Recall y I started pipe now.

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    I would like to know how some can lie under oath. Get an innocent person convicted. Then carry on with their lives as if nothing happened !

  152. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Jane Furniss

    A Thesaurus might come in handy…..!

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    Before Burger King and McDonald’s we had Wimpy. Retweet if you ever had a Wimpy burger.


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    If you are an older celebrity with a fat bank balance, get yourselves lawyered up & did out old diaries because you know what’s coming…

  155. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Jane Furniss

    Can’t imagine why?

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  156. Anna Raccoon Retweeted SadButMadLad

    I was under the impression that surgery had left them permanently ‘up’?

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    Ex Ass Chief Constable wants police to focus on contemporary child exploitation, not so much on old historical cases.

  158. Simon Danczuk no longer Labour candidate for Rochdale – anybody know whether Mrs Danczuk is still standing or has that gone tits up as well?

  159. Replying to 

    Is there any evidence of personal injury lawyers using food banks? £56 Billion in NHS Litigation fund. Just asking.

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    Theresa May was asked about the rising number of nurses using food banks. Her response was this.

    RT if you think nurses deserve better.

  161. Replying to 

    Possibly – there are bad apples in every organisation. I am here to support the good apples. Of which there are many.

  162. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    2/2 to etched with strain by the end of the day. They know how vulnerable their patients are, do their absolute best by each one of them.

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  163. Replying to 

    Totally and utterly disagree with you. Understaffing asks too much of them. They change from happy-go-lucky at the start of the day  1/2

  164. Anna Raccoon Retweeted

    I disagree – violently! Just spent two weeks on a high dependency ward and I watched those girls dancing on a pin head, trying to keep up.

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  165. Anna Raccoon Retweeted A Country Girl

    Utterly brilliant news -received with great pleasure and heartfelt thanks.

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  166. Anna Raccoon Retweeted

    Staff become unintentionally negligent when they are overstressed and overworked, and that is caused by underfunding. Too few staff on duty.

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  167. Anna Raccoon Retweeted

    and half is reserved for the NHS Litigation fund to pay lawyers and their clients for mistakes they made made whilst underfunded. Illogical.

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  168. Terror suspect Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali was ‘sweetest boy’ say music teacher. A model pupil. Fellow pupil says he ‘rescued him from a gang’.

  169. Replying to 

    You don’t think it wa a bit over the top? I was worried that it might be, you know what a modest little thing I am.

  170. Ms Raccoon has been out and about putting up some election posters…..

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    Lizzie Cornish Retweeted Paul Lewis

    WHERE ARE YOU, WASPI???  This CAN go to Court.  TAKE ‘EM THERE and TAKE ‘EM DOWN!
    Where are you, Bindmans?

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  172. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Jeremy Corbyn

    What are you doing about the £56 billion that the NHS will be paying out to lawyers and their clients this year?

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  173. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Ṽ@ℓḯʊღ ℬ ¥  ▣▣▣

    I fear you are attacking the wrong targets – you are talking to two of the people who are probably most supportive of your position.

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  174. Bryan – I am paralysed from the chest down. I find your ‘You’ll never walk alone ‘slogan’ offensive – and I’m a Scouse. Please remove it.

  175. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Ṽ@ℓḯʊღ ℬ ¥  ▣▣▣

    Absolutely, I agree – and that is the point I was making. No two schizophrenics are alike either.

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  176. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Ṽ@ℓḯʊღ ℬ ¥  ▣▣▣

    Meant no disrespect – just that demonising people is no way to help people achieve goals that might be more helpful to society.

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  177. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    Another aunt was Dr Margery Blackie. A long line of indomitable women who would have run a mile from a ‘safe space’!

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  178. Replying to 

    Brot – o. A bit like ‘Lotto’.

  179. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    Susanne Cameron-Blackie will be carrying on the family tradition on June 8th – I can do this, and I will.

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  180. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    2/2 Grandfather died pounding the streets of Westminster in July 1945 as political agent for a candidate I cannot remember the name of now.

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  181. Little known facts. Ms Raccoon’s Aunt stood for election in Breckfield ward Liverpool City Council in May 1952.  1/2

  182. Replying to 

    Sorry, got lost in this thread – which statement?

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    Life has so many different chapters.
    One bad chapter does not mean it’s
    the end of the book.. ❤❤❤❤❤

  184. Anna Raccoon Retweeted

    You can certainly find someone to combine the first two categories – shouldn’t be too hard to find a candidate with all 3 qualities.

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  185. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Pandarve_Alice

    Vilifying paedophiles is counterproductive. We don’t demonise and exclude schizophrenics on the grounds that they sometimes murder people.

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    Anand Kumar Retweeted NHS Million

    Thank you for recognising our hard work as well. We do provide 24×7 services in our hospitals by doing on-calls & weekends.

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  187. Replying to 

    Not ducking out, but really trying to answer you against a fog of mediation now. Speak again in the morning? Blame Ratched!

  188. Replying to 

    No, bottom tier – A&E etc appalling, but top tier, when you are really in trouble, absolutely superb. Again, agreed – its not ‘free’.

  189. A superb free NHS – and a cash cow if mistakes happen. They do, and the more underfunded it is, the more likely they are to happen.

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    The NHS is different. It is special. It needs to be protected. People need to understand that you cannot have it all. 1/2

  191. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Tim Newman

    It is standard – but maybe that is what needs to change.

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    Agreed. My quality of life was reduced by losing my womb at 23 – How wd taking ‘x’ amount of £ from NHS have improved my quality of life?

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    Agreed. My quality of life was reduced by losing my womb at 23 – How wd taking ‘x’ amount of £ from NHS have improved my quality of life?

  194. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Tim Newman

    True, but lets not move the goal posts. We are talking about future care costs.

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  195. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Anna Raccoon

    2 million goes to ‘estate’. Parents, RSPCA whatever. That is 2 million of NHS funding going to the RSPCA. I like animals, but even so….!

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  196. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Neil Fawcett

    Q. Patient receives say 2 million based on future care costs. Patient receives free NHS care. Patient dies 3 months later. 1/2

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  197. They should expect to receive what I am receiving. Ever possible aid to live the best life that can be lived given the circumstances.

  198. Anna Raccoon Retweeted Neil Fawcett

    True and that is where social security needs tweaking as well. It is possible. Needs political will and courage to restructure system.

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  200. ‘Fraid Nurse Ratched has done a good job on me, and I am about to fade out for the night……

  201. You are still talking as though it was a faulty product – these are peoples lives we are talking about.

  202. Should there be claims? Or should the NHS simply supply whatever is needed plus humble apologies plus effective action to avoid repeat?

  203. The point I was making is that the NHS is different. We shouldn’t be treating it as though it was a profitable business.

  204. Anna Raccoon Retweeted

    Yep, the witching hour is upon me. Nurse Ratched has already jabbed me. I’ll be back in the morning. Hope so anyway!

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    Didnt realise that you had suffered similarly. Unfortunately, legal process means ‘sorry’ is tantamount to admitting liability…..

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    Don’t worry, I have the hide of  a rhinoceros! You couldn’t offend me with a panzer tank….must sleep later. Maybe tomorrow?

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    Yep. Money couldn’t change what happened to me. A heartfelt apology/explanation of how it happened/ assurance it couldn’t happen again.

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    No, that is part of the legal system.

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    Agreed. I’m just asking the world to look closely at just one area of why there is a shortage of money.

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    Don’t confuse ‘General damages’ with ‘Special damages’.

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