DARK WEB PAEDO SITE revealed to have 10,000 Brit members including NHS worker and school governor

​8th May 2017

A SECRET online paedophile network which allowed sickos to discuss child abuse and post vile images had 10,000 Britons signed up, it has emerged.

An NHS employee, a former school governor and a sex offender who worked at a children’s hospital were among 80,000 users registered with the site.

The “dark web” site, which the Sun has decided not to name, enabled guests to discuss their perverted interests and comment on posts without fear of getting caught.

An investigation by the Times newspaper found that users used special software, which directs internet traffic through a volunteer network, to mask their identities.

However, the paper studied the network’s server, Freedom Hosting II, after usernames, email addresses and passwords were hacked by anonymous vigilantes and placed on the open web.

Information on 50 Brits using the sick site, whose details match Facebook profiles, are due to be passed to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The Times reported that the NCA did not comment on whether they were aware of Freedom Hosting II but they found that the earliest website on the server was created in 2014 and more than 155,000 users joined child abuse sites hosted there.

Last week one of the world’s largest child sex abuse websites was taken down after a probe led by the FBI and Europol.

It  boasted more than 150,000 users around the world and 368 European suspected child sex abusers have now been arrested or convicted in the operation.

The Times reported many users had migrated to the other sites hosted by Freedom Hosting II.

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3505499/sick-child-abuse-site-revealed-to-have-10000-brit-members-including-nhs-worker-and-school-governor/  https://archive.is/DMbtW

HUNDREDS of Kids rescued as Cops Smash international paedo ring https://archive.is/Ja9Jn  6th MAY 2017

Takedown of underground pedophile network nets 900 arrests  https://archive.is/vMNQ5  5th MAY 2017




4 thoughts on “DARK WEB PAEDO SITE revealed to have 10,000 Brit members including NHS worker and school governor

  1. I also suspect that most on the dark web have total immunity. You’ll note that its government people largely, that like to browse and drool. That says a lot. The governments are where all the criminals work. 😛

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