HUMAN SACRIFICE PLAYED KEY ROLE {& let’s not pretend it isn’t still}






2 thoughts on “HUMAN SACRIFICE PLAYED KEY ROLE {& let’s not pretend it isn’t still}

  1. I notice the Daily Mail suggests human sacrifice might have helped us progress as groups and societies. Oh give me a break. Pagan religions have existed from the beginning. And Paganism is no different Satanism. Different names are the only difference. Anyone approving pagan practices could easily be classified as a promoter, indirectly, of human sacrifice. Paganism has nothing good in it.

    I ask this of all out there. how did this notion of sacrifice ever get started? I would suggest it was delivered by a real sick maniacal spirit who actually hates humans Oddly, another spirit claiming to be God/Creator, also delivered a message. He stands against any and all such barbaric practices. He prescribed the death penalty for anyone who in any way, showed or expressed an inclination for anything pagan or opposing Him and His prohibitions against other gods and forms of worship.

    On the whole, I think the one god, Called in Europe since 1209 AD, Jehovah, is far preferable to all these other stinking rotten sadistic pagan religions. Many fault Jehovah for his intolerance of paganism, though they say its intolerance to another other other religious ideas. This is essentially true. Any rejection of this God is bound to lead to any other god and those, almost universally, encourage human sacrifice. There is no way around it. Jehovah demands compassion. Its not optional!

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