3 thoughts on “FREE MELANIE SHAW

  1. I`m thinking that Melanie Shaw has been given vitamin b12 lowering pharma medications to make her ill instead of the methylcobalamin active vitamin she needs . Methylcobalamin was reserved for the private sector in the sadistic and disturbing “child protection” report which was endorsed by the BBC / Ed Balls and Andy Burnham among others when the stench of the Saville scandal started to come up through the floor boards . Doctors in the private sector were then able to take advantage of the methylcobalamin monopoly and cash cow which was created and are now able to charge upwards of £100 per shot for methylcobalamin which should only cost around 70p per dose . Someone needs to pass her some methylcobalamin spray . Holland and Barrett sell B12 Boost by ` Better You ` . She won`t need the medications they are forcing on her which are making her ill and will kill her eventually . Big Pharma is behind all of this .

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