Prostitution and Drug Abuse in Olongapo 1978 (Father Shay Cullen)

The city of Olongapo in the Philippines has grown up around the largest American Naval base in the Pacific.

Alongside the huge influx of American seamen to Olongapo has come the problems of prostitution and drug abuse. The Radharc team looks at the work of the Irish Columban MissionaryFather Shay Cullen

This was the first documentary made about the work of this extraordinary Irish priest later nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Shay Cullen trained as a therapist and is the director of the drug rehabilitation Preda Centre. Many of the young men treated at the centre are heroin addicts. The treatments used there are based on the theories of Arthur Janov where patients re-experience the pain, anger and hurt which they have been supressing. In a padded room young men vent their pain and suffering. Afterwards there is a group discussion on the individual’s primal feelings.

Father Shay Cullen travels to some of the poorest neighbourhoods to celebrate Mass on a Sunday.

At a furniture workshop attached to the Preda Centre local people make wicker furniture. Much of the furniture is exported but most of it is bought by sailors from the American Navy. For Shay Cullen the sale of wicker furniture to sailors has its own irony, it helps finance a centre that tackles the problems created by the same naval presence.

Shay Cullen goes on to the streets of Olongapo at night in search of a young hostess who has secretly made contact with him looking for help. He says of his work,

“Evangelisation takes many different forms and I suppose just like Jesus he went around with many of the prostitutes himself. He was always seen with the poor. He never really lived with the rich or the wealthy. And quite honestly the traditional church in this area is wedded to some extent to the rich and the powerful.” 

Wee bit from Dr. Arthur Janov

NEUROSIS by Dr. Arthur Janov

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3 thoughts on “Prostitution and Drug Abuse in Olongapo 1978 (Father Shay Cullen)

  1. Wildcat, I am thinking I saw what I’m looking for on your blog. it was a woman who knew the CIA was going to have about 400 sex slaves kill each other off to get rid of them rather than let them go. the women suggested to the slaves that they at least refuse to kill each other after debating among themselves they agreed. Do you recall this a week or two ago? I’ll look around here, too. If you find it,

  2. I am delighted to see some attention given to Dr. Arthur Janov. He understands the real goals a cure should have. He understands who the mind works. I am a huge fan but also a stern critic. But my criticisms are not with the foundation of this theory, but some careful distinctions. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Many patients come to Janov who are not right or not in the right frame of mind for his therapy. A patient has to have reach a proper point in order for the therapy to truly work. Beyond that, the inner brain takes care of the rest. The Brain has the circuits and programming to heal itself.

    The therapist can intervene when a patient regresses too far back before having emptied out more recent traumas and bring them back to the right, more recent level of stored trauma. The brain emptied out, one at a time or in small doses of a really big trauma until its all gone. I see it this way: the instinct is wounded by a trauma. If an experience is too much, the instinct buries it in the brain to be sealed off and hidden away until such a time when things are safe and secure and then pieces or small amount of the trauma begin to be felt, if they have not been felt throughout since the trauma. These experienced as nagging feelings like anxiety, suppress anger, depression and the like. If a person has a safe secure refuge of a trusted therapist, then they can allow the feelings to surface. the Brain knows how much to let up and let out.

    Where I would break a little with Arthur is that a number of therapists who have learned to treat Mind Control victims Using this same therapy as Janov, have found that patients need a support system of people. they employ a 12 step program like AA does. MK victims pretty much need 24 hours access in case something comes up, no matter the time of day or night. As well, they have found a number of useful helpful techniques such as writing with the opposite or drawing. The nonverbal brain does deal in language but does deal with images, feelings, etc. Janov does not deny MK Ultra or Mind Control. He simply will not discuss it. As far as I know he does not seek out such ones. But it is no doubt due to the consequences if he did. He is a therapist of exception publicity and celebrity. So it remains for the bold ones who are not well known to help MK victims and SRA victims and many oar victims of both since SRA is used in all mind control programming.

    That said, Janov’s basic theories are sound and effective. But a number of patients might not have gotten too much benefit because of excessive damage or because there really were not ready for the ultimate revelation of inner truth and the traumas that want to come up. The traumas are terrifying. That is why they were deflected and hidden in the first place. Most are not prepared for that. Janov tries to provide the right atmosphere and environment. But I am not sure he has gone far enough but he has had many success. But I’d like to see him focus more on why some are not successful. But I don’t think he wants to go that far.

    It is a necessity of therapists to make living doing what they do. But if part of that is selling your therapy as a cure-all and only tell of the good and successes, that is not full disclosure and many who do not do well, still have put out the money to do well and do not and feel ripped off.
    Its not the Janov is wrong. The patients are always the most important part of healing. even Mind Control programming treatment, Many will not finish their therapy. they are too scared of what they are encountering nad experiencing and they run. Therapists are, or should not be, responsible or be blamed because a patient chickened out.

    But Janov could be a little more realistic about what this kind of therapy involves. Years of therapy. Extreme bravery. Lots of money. And to get treated by Janov, you must move near to Santa Monica, Cali, USA. Those are 3 very big requirements that, if they were made clear, would discourage many from seeking treatment. This type of therapy begs for a new approach. I think the answers are more liked to be found among therapists who treat MK victims. They will often make the 24 hour availability that a patient needs, being so unaware of that they are going to encounter. As well, the False Memory syndrome (FMS) liars accuse MK therapist of planting memories since victims can be suggestible due to years of hypnosis.

    Patients need to know what they might encounter and yet if you do, you are accused of planting memories. But letting patients get broadsided and sucker punched by the horrors that come up from hiding, is horrible. In many respect, FSM has made it illegal to treat MK victims correctly. Little surprise there.

    The best book I have seen to date for discussing therapy techniques for MK programming and SRA is Daniel Ryder’s “”Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse.” A finer book can not be had and its less than dollar on amazon. Best bargain out there! Don’t be slow to get it.

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