#Highland family braced for deportation. (Oi Saint Nic, that no yer cue to come save the day?)


A heartbroken family will be removed from their Highland home, put in taxis bound for an airport and deported in a fortnight’s time.

Canadian family the Zielsdorfs, who invested £300,000 in Laggan Stores and a cafe and holiday-let business, fought a long legal battle in an effort to remain in Scotland – but have now reluctantly accepted their fate.

Father-of-five Jason Zielsdorf, whose ancestors hailed from Sutherland, yesterday spoke of his sadness, saying he felt “dehumanised” by the experience.

He has opted not to resort to even more lengthy and costly human rights legislation.

He said: “We came back to reconnect with roots, to give, to invest and to appreciate the culture – not to sponge. We put £300,000 into the place and they’re not even letting us realise that on our way out. All our assets are in this building. I’ll miss the place terribly, we’ve been well received.”

He said the authorities had confiscated their driving licences and would “put us in taxis to the airport.”

Mr Zielsdorf’s attempt to renew a business visa was rejected in 2015. He was previously on a student and then post-study work visa and believed his application, backed by 67 letters of support from locals, had a strong chance of approval. A second unsuccessful attempt followed.

He and his wife Christy later received confirmation that they had no legal recourse to stay. They agreed to leave and were granted a few months to tie up their affairs but have, so far, been unable to sell the shop, which featured in the series Monarch of the Glen.

A spokesman for the Home Office said: “All visa applications are carefully considered on their individual merits in line with immigration rules and based on evidence provided by the applicant.”

Former prime minister David Cameron had pledged to look into the case, insisting he would make sure the Home Office examined it “urgently.”

Local MP Drew Hendry, who had intervened on the family’s behalf, said: “It’s devastating that despite every possible effort, they’ve been forced from their home, their friends and a place that they have long called home. Despite complying at every turn, they’ve been treated with utter contempt by the Home Office and increasingly right wing Tory government. They will be missed dearly and I share the community’s anger that this government’s draconian immigration policy has defied logic.”

Laggan Stores became known to millions as McKechnie’s in the BBC TV series Monarch of the Glen.

https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/highlands/1224752/family-braced-for-deportation/  https://archive.is/mzIMc

Right, am sorry, but I don’t understand.. I mean, the SNP “DON’T INTERVENE IN INDIVIDUAL CASES”

So, wi that in mind… WTF YOU DOIN DREW?

Do you not know the SNP NEVER INTERVENES when it comes to INDIVIDUAL CASES

Nicola Sturgeon HERSELF said so! LOOK……

Ms Sturgeon told MSPs that it would be “entirely wrong” for politicians to intervene on individual cases  SOURCE

& when Police Scotland MURDERED Sheku Bayoh  his family BEGGED HER to intervene,   & did she??    HELL  NO    


But i must say in your defence Drew,  your confusion becomes a lot more understandable when the fact that NICOLA STURGEON IS A BARE FACED FUKIN LIAR is taken in to account.

& to prove it, here is a couple of examples of  INDIVIDUAL CASES where Fish Face DID INTERVENE

(Please note NONE of them are Scots)

1..   1st Aug 2016 – AUSTRALIAN Brain Family  “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who personally appealed to the British government on their behalf ”  SOURCE  archive

2..   10th Feb 2017 – Inverness couple’s deportation fight wins backing from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.. AMERICAN  Russell Felber said of the First Minister’s intervention: “It’s great. It’s very encouraging at this stage.”  SOURCE   archive

But it aint just Fish Face..  Her Mental Mentor was at it too! 

3..  17th Jan 2010  FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has been criticised after it emerged he lobbied for an illegal worker, wanted by police, to stay in Scotland. Mr Salmond wrote to the Home Secretary last month asking for the CHINESE man to be given indefinite leave to remain in the country, it was reported yesterday.  SOURCE  archive

So,  its looking good for the Canadian Zielsdorf family! The SNP BEND OVER BACKWARDS to help immigrants. EVEN THOSE THAT ARE ILLEGAL & HAVE A DRUG CONVICTION!! 

It’s just a shame they REFUSE POINT BLANK to help any Scots..  Aint that true Fish Face? & now am starting to think you have a problem wi Scots! 





THE VAST MAJORITY OF SURVIVORS INVOLVED IN THE CSA WHITEWASH ARE SCOTS  (oops. I meant inquiry. Predictive text is a scunner) 

But did you even bother yer fukin arse to lift one o yer scaly Fish Fingers to help ANY of them?

DID YOU DICKIE.  Although, I suppose you could say that you did in fact intervene.

Cause sweetheart, YOU DELIBERATELY HINDERED their cases didn’t you?! 






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