Furious parents disgusted to discover ‘family fun day’ raises money for paedophile charity


20 APR 2017

The event was arranged by the Safer Living Foundation and featured a bouncy castle, face painting and live band

Disgusted parents have slammed a ‘family fun day’ organised to raise money for a charity supporting the rehabilitation of paedophiles .

The event, which took place on April 15, was arranged by the Safer Living Foundation, and featured a bouncy castle, face painting and live band.

The charity says its aims are to reduce sexual re-offending – but some locals said they were “disgusted” by what the event was raising money for and were not properly informed, the Nottingham Post reports.

One mum, Grace Le Sueur, said: “As a parent I am disgusted that they didn’t make people aware of what the charity actually supported. It’s plain wrong.

“Family fun days shouldn’t be about supporting such charities.

“I wish we had never gone. If I’d have known this I certainly wouldn’t have. I’m surprised they hosted it.”

The event was held at Keyworth United’s football ground in Nottinghamshire 
There was face-painting, bouncy castles and an assault course

Another said: “Absolutely disgusting. Once a sex offender always a sex offender. Absolutely vile.”

Others were more positive about the work that is carried out by the charity.

One post said: “How come negative feedback is being directed at those volunteers who gave up their time to help an award winning prevention charity?

“Has anyone thought to actually ask the charity how they plan to use any money raised?”

Another added: “Looking at it, this charity isn’t set up in any way to benefit paedophiles more to minimalise any further re-offending and keep communities safer.”


5 thoughts on “Furious parents disgusted to discover ‘family fun day’ raises money for paedophile charity

  1. Good God. Rehabilitating a pedophile is like trying to get a fish to stop swimming – it can’t be done. If someone is going to prey on children, that is hard wired in their brain. Nobody of sound mind is going to wake up one day and decide to attack and assault children. That is already a preferred form of deviant behavior that comes to the surface. Even some children assault other children sexually, long before they have reached any normal sexual maturity. That has been seen in cases where children have forceably assaulted other children with objects. My thinking is, raise the money for victims of child sexual abuse, not for the pedos. Rope for hanging convicted pedos is cheap enough!

    1. I think i might be about to kinda disagree wi you!!  (I KNOW!! WTF?!!) 😂😂

      People arent born with paedo tendencies. Paedos are created, nurture NOT nature.
      Paedophilia is man made & from what i have found its MAJOR sexual trauma that creates paedos.

      In all my years research & all the thousands of paedo ive come across, i’ve yet to find 1 paedo that wasnt abused as a child.
      (although a lady told me the other day that she knows of some that werent abused)

      I am DEFINITELY NOT saying all abused become abusers.
      But that all abusers have been abused.
      I have no idea of the percentages are. As am sure u know. We just dont have the info to be able to work that out.

      So what makes the difference?
      Why do some become abusers & some don’t? In my opinion..

        💗  L O V E 💗

      Simple as that. If child that has been abused has or has had a NORMAL stable lovin relationship with an adult & have been given unconditional love & therefore have been been shown how to love. They dont become paedo. Because with love comes empathy.

      The poor kids that were never shown any REAL love… They become paedo.

      & I believe that they CAN be rehabilitated.
      *** BUT ***
      Only if they are caught young enough.

      If a child that has been abused is given real love & real help, It will prevent the vast majority becoming paedo.


      They just need love & care & to be listened too without judgement or fear of being locked up.

      But If a child showing obvious paedo tendencies (they’ve abused another child) reaches adulthood without real love & real help.. Then it’s too late.

      They will never be “cured”
      They will never be stopped.
      They are paedos for life.

      But that is just my opinion, solely based on what i have discovered over the years.

      Truth is none of us really know, because there isnt enough decent research thats been done on paedophilia, obviously because they dont want us to know the real truth.

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