Remember the 80’s dolls The Cabbage Patch Kids? #ChildTrafficking

Back in the day, (80’s) when Jack was STILL A LAD,  the Cabbage Patch Kids were a BIG DEAL. Desperate mother’s rioting in order to get the latest Christmas toy for their little darling angles, A familiar scene today, but in 1982 when Cabbage Patch Kids first came out it was almost unheard of,  So as to make the most of the demands of Christmas ’84, toy makers released storybooks, cassettes & all the usual crap including the animated Christmas special which described the adventures of the Cabbage Patch Kids.
What they unveiled was a world of PURE INSANITY.

First of all, “Cabbage Patch Kids” is not a cute nickname — they grow from actual cabbages. Which is kinda fine — it’s understandable that the makers don’t want to have to begin their show with a woman in the throws of full labour & screaming her head off!! But it just keeps getting weirder from there — the magical cabbages are pollinated by mutant hybrid things called bunnybees, who drop crystals on them. As hybrids they pressumably result from a rabbit & a bee doing the horizontal tango..


The cabbage patch kids thus emerge into a world with no parents, orphans who are basically left to fend for themselves until they’re “adopted” (that is, until their doll is bought by some lucky kid whose own parents were willing to face the terror of the stampede to get one). And these kids really needed to be adopted quick, because unfortunately their little cabbage patch is in very close proximity to a gold mine owned by the evil Lavender McDade. Lavender is an entrepreneur with a brilliant business plan: kidnap the Cabbage Patch Kids and — get this — turn them into slaves. To mine the gold, obviously.

Lavender describes her plan in a song from the album (see vid)  “I’ve got to stop those Cabbage Kids from finding parents of their own I’m going to need some henchmen I can’t do it all alone ‘Cause there’s gold here in the valley and the kids cannot go free I need their little fingers to dig the gold for me.”

Urban Dictionary: devil’s cabbage  

DEVIL’S CABBAGE is another term for the words CANNABIS, MARIJUANA, POT, WEED, HASH or whatever you wanna call it!

Eg.. “Your eyes are red, have you been smoking the devils cabbage?”

Add to that the MULTITUDE of reports of children being trafficked to work (slaves) in hash farms….  This is just a few examples





7 thoughts on “Remember the 80’s dolls The Cabbage Patch Kids? #ChildTrafficking

  1. That is a wonderful idea, Wildcat! X-mas has become so commercialized that it doesn’t even seem like a holiday. We celebrate it with our cats and my sister and I exchange gifts and get the cats treats and usually toys and a piece of cat furniture. We usually go see our mom on X-mas Eve. We now shop online because as truth1 said, Black Friday and even regular shopping days can be a nightmare. Last year groups of young adults (?) were beating each other up in shopping malls!

    1. God we sre all so fukked up!! 🤣😂🤣 We actually spend a crap day, workin our arses off, doin stuff we dont want to, often with people we dont like & top it all off we get 2 PAY A DAMN FORTUNE FOR THE BLOODY PRIVILEGE!!


      We really are stupid

  2. Yeah, the doll craze was insane. But we have topped it since in the USA. Ever heard of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving? Pure shopping insanity. Humans acting like animals. I don’t bother with Xmas, anyway. It’s Satanic holiday.

    1. I HATE Xmas. im gonnae do the “traditional” xmas 4 another cpl yrs (youngest is still jst a wee boy) After that am done. Im gonnae start havin a proper xmas. I wanna hold a free xmas meal 4 homeless or anyone that wants it, ppl that are on their own or wotever.. Set up my bigs tents, some music, tables & vats o food!! Make my kids & pals help, A real xmas surrounded by ppl i love & tryin 2 put a smile on faces o ppl that aint as fortunate as i am. We’ll have a blast! it’ll b a giggle!!

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