Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach & chairman Gerard King suspended from job as PRIMARY TEACHER amid Child Sex Abuse charge

14 APR 2017

Former Celtic Boys Club coach and chairman Gerard King was suspended from his job at St Martha’s Primary School after his arrest but strongly denies the allegations.

Gerald King, 65, who coached kids for more than 20 years, has been suspended from his job at St Martha’s Primary School in Glasgow.

The claims have emerged as police investigate a range of historic allegations of football-related child abuse across Scotland.

King, known as Gerry, was suspended after his arrest in February.

Yesterday, he strongly denied the allegations and said he was challenging them. He said: “It has completely destroyed me. You work 42 years and then this happens.”

King also confirmed that he is a former chairman of Celtic Boys Club, which has been rocked by historic sex abuse scandals.

King was a coach at Celtic Boys Club

But he insisted the police investigation was not related to his years there and said he not been chairman of the club for around eight years.

He insisted: “It’s got nothing to do with the boys’ club at all. It’s the school.”

King has taught a number of subjects at St Martha’s in Balornock, Glasgow. But he said the allegations against him, which date back three decades, were linked specifically to sport.

He said: “They’re 30 years ago. You’ve got things in place so it couldn’t happen and they’ve said it did. I have been advised by the lawyer not to say anything.”

He said of the police investigation: “It’s hellish, it’s terrible. They said it can take anything up to nine months away into next year.”

King was at Celtic Boys Club with Jim Torbett, who got two years’ jail in 1998 for abusing three former players, including future Scotland striker Alan Brazil, between 1967 and 1974.

Torbett was said to have been sacked from the club in 1974 when allegations surfaced against him. But this week, fresh claims were made that he abused more youngsters after returning to Celtic Boys Club for a spell in the 1980s and 90s. He denies the new allegations.

King also worked at Torbett’s company, the Trophy Centre, but denies being close to him.

King was at Celtic Boys Club at the same time as Jim Torbett

He said: “Everybody has got different teams. I worked there for about a year but only on a Saturday afternoon.”

About his time as chairman of the boys’ club, he said: “That was about eight years ago. We left that to the younger ones – we did our stint.”

King’s association with Celtic Boys Club dates back to the early 1980s. In 1982-83, he helped run the under-12 team which won an invitational event in Rotterdam, Holland.

In the summer of 1983, King joined senior players from the boys’ club on a trip to Kearney, New Jersey, USA. He wrote a Celtic View article on the visit, headlined Trip of a Lifetime.

King took charge of the under-14s the following season but returned to the under-12s in 1984-85 and helped them win the Scottish Juvenile Cup.

He coached teams at St Martha’s for decades and a number of his players went on to professional careers.

King has been suspended from his teaching job 

A source said: “A lot of people will be really shocked by this – he was very well known. A number of high-profile players that he coached over the years have been interviewed by police.”

Police confirmed: “On February 15, 2017, a 65-year-old man was charged in connection with non-recent sexual offences. A report has been sent to the Procurator fiscal.”

Glasgow City Council said: “A member of staff was placed on precautionary suspension in February pending a police investigation.”

A spokesman for Celtic Football Club said they had no comment to make about King and referred our reporter to an earlier statement they gave about historic abuse.

It said Celtic Boys’ Club was a “separate and distinct” organisation from Celtic FC, but asked anyone with concerns to contact them.

The statement added: “A large number of football clubs across Britain have been impacted by these historical issues. Celtic Football Club considers it of the utmost importance that football, other sports organisations and all areas of society ensure that the issue of safeguarding is given the attention it deserves.”

Celtic Boys’ Club were unavailable for comment last night.

http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/it-completely-destroyed-me-football-10223036  https://archive.is/RVmFI

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5 thoughts on “Ex-Celtic Boys Club coach & chairman Gerard King suspended from job as PRIMARY TEACHER amid Child Sex Abuse charge

  1. And Frank Cairney has now been arrested and charged – the Godfather of Celtic Boys Club who replaced Torbett in the 70s and brought him back in the 80s. He brought through all the stars and Tommy Burns tried to bring him back in the 90s despite abuse allegations in 1991 (which Liam Brady kept silent on) then stood up for him when 1st arrested in the late 90s but was acquitted.

    Hope justice is done this time !

    Cairney, Torbett, King, McCafferty, Cullen – what was going on at Celtic ?

    1. Thank you! much appreciated.

      Aye, the whole lot is rotten. No just Celtic. Its no even just football
      Its EVERYWHERE our kids R. Clubs, Groups, Care homes, Schools etc

      We’ve been listening to the wrong ppl Been listening 2 Govt, Cops, social work THE VERY PPL who r either
      1. directly involved 2. covering it up
      3. just dont care

      We should’ve been listenin 2 the kids.
      Listening 2 what they were saying Listening 2 what they weren’t saying But we didnt. We took our eyes offa them & now we R living in a paedo playground & its our kids that r suffering. So, I dont give a flyin toot what they say, or what they do, or how many paedo protecting laws or “schemes” they force upon us.
      I will be walkin alongside side our kids. Where we should have been from day one.

      Did u know.. Last REAL independent CSA poll asked adults about childhood abuse. 1 in 14 said they were sexually abused. 1 in 14??
      Last yr, on average, there were TWELVE reports PER DAY of child sex abuse in Scot
      & thats only the 1s reported
      Charities & experts say that as rough guide TRIPLE IT 4 real numbs, so thats 1 child abused every 20 mins

      & the kicker..
      Theres only 900,000 kids in Scotland

      So in theory, if we were to continue at exact same rate of 36 per day
      I could actually live to see the day that EVERY SINGLE CHILD IN SCOTLAND has been abused

      Only take another 65 yrs

  2. Imagine this happening at any other club it would be on every news. Thats what 5 or 6 predators at the one club and still the current board deny and deflect like Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn do to this day. It is a national scandal and I hope the victims get justice and compensation. No doubt more yet to come out.
    After Jim Torbett was jailed as a paedo in the 90s Celtic & Fergus McCann continued a contract with his company The Trophy Centre paying him over 1 million pounds !!!
    Lou Macari never went to the police when someone raised a complaint. Liam Brady agreed to keep silent on Frank Cairney and the alleged abuse in America. Jock Stein it emerges presented Torbett with an award 3 years after he allegedly kicked him out – how can you sack someone when celtic claim it is seperate and independent of the club ? Tommy Burns allowed it to be reported he scored goals in a game that never took place in spain while abuse went on and then stood up for Cairney when he got charged. Another lad was abused in Norway !!
    John Cullen who worked at the celtic view had photos of naked kids stored in a room at celtic park n got away with it.
    Jim McCafferty the kit man was once a suspect in the boys club player that was murdered Lawrence Haggart – he used to visit the lads house regular and phoned on the day he was murdered.
    Did these perverts at one point take the boys to Savile at the cottage in Glencoe ?
    Torbett formerly in the 90s before he was jailed was at the Fairbridge charity for vulnerable kids now part of the princes trust – a director at the same time as the like of ex MET chief McNee, William McAlpine and the Lord Judge McCluskey !! Jim McCafferty was also there !!
    Which media outlet will fully out them all as they are in every office of power and sector in Scotland – the celtic minded hand stretches far and wide in the great white wash that has gone on for decades. Who can be trusted ?

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