(don’t get yer hopes up)


I am in the middle of researching something completely different & i stumbled across a lot of blazing buildings! D’ya know, the royals have nae luck when it comes to fire. 

This isn’t all of the fires connected to the royal inbreeds…. but its a start!! 

1. 1980 Alexandra Palace 

2. 1986 Hampton Court Palace which OF COURSE rose like A phoenix from the flames. Which is funny cause Royal Ballater had 2 fires & they a phoenix too!! As you can see…

3 & 4.  (Balmoral)  Talking royal phoenix.. House of Windsor – A Phoenix from the Ashes of World War One.  Ya couldn’t make it up! But royal phoenix is a whole blog in itself so will save it for another day!

5. 1992 Windsor Castle   

6. 2002 Buck Palace which was the night before her Golden Jubilee too..

7. 2007 Hollyrood Palace   

8. 2011 Queen Lizzy Rosyth carrier 

9.  2014 HMS Lizzy aircraft carrier made so much better by Lizzy naming new aircraft carrier

10. 1972 RMS Queen Elizabeth  Caught fire under mysterious circumstances, while undergoing refurbishment in Hong Kong harbour, She was capsized by the water used to fight the fire. 

11. Dersingham blaze on edge of Royal estate 2012   

12. God, even poor Lizzy’s beach hut 2003 went up in smoke!!

13. 2016 The poor man who died after setting himself on Fire outside Kensington Palace. Strangely, in 2010, a man Impaled himself on the railings outside Kensington Palace AND I also stumbled across ANOTHER man who set himself on fire outside a Royal Palace 2011 (Amsterdam)

How’s that for coincidence?!

 14. Hillsborough Castle but now i’m going back a wee bit & if i start doing that, i will be here for a week listing them all!! So i shall leave it there!   For now anyway!!

One more thing before i go back to what i was researching originally…  BEACONS

Aye, the Windsor/Saxe-Coburg/Mountbatten/Battenberg family do like a good fire 



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