#Inverness BABY RAPIST only got jailed for TEN YEARS?! WTF??


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APRIL 7th 2017

PREVIOUSLY THE BEAST OF INVERNESS: Caught after crying to cops that pal leathered him for being a paedo!!

  1. http://holliegreigjusticee.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/kill-him-with-hammer.html
  2. Police hail conviction of Inverness child rapist who subjected young boys to years of horrific abuse Press & Journal
  3. Inverness paedophile who filmed himself raping children before sharing images with other perverts caged for ten years  Scottish Sun
  4. Evil paedophile filmed himself raping terrified toddler wearing a nappy Irish Mirror
  5. Ten years for vile animal who filmed

uk database https://theukdatabase.com/2016/10/12/robert-mcgregor-inverness/


First and most importantly, to the wee boys involved..

WELL DONE & THANK YOU. What incredible children you are.

You’ve more strength & courage in the nail of your pinkie toes than the vast majority of adults have in their entire bodies.  Had it not been for you, he would still be free & your actions have saved god knows how many other children. You should be VERY PROUD. You are a credit to yourselves & to your parents. & I hope that each & every day is overflowing with love, cuddles, happiness & fun (& sweeties!) 

lots of love & best wishes from a Highland mummy.   xx 

Anyone that knows me will already know the general gist of what i am about to say! But for those that don’t, apologies in advance for any bad language i use, but sometimes there are just no other words.  Brace yersel! Here it comes!!


BASTARD should’ve hung for what he did.

What kind of hell do we live in where 10 yrs in the jail is considered justice for RAPING WEE BABIES?


HOW THE FUCK IS TEN YEARS ADEQUATE??  He should’ve got AT LEAST 10 years for EACH CHILD & that’s before taking into account him sharing it online. 

With good behaviour, the fukin animal could be out in 7yrs. He groomed some o the kids for twice as long!! Some were so young they were still in nappies. So young they may not even be in to double figures before the fukshite could be free to rape more children.


There’s no real justice & in my opinion THERE SHOULD BE NO ALTERNATIVE OTHER THAN HANGING THE EVIL BASTARD BY THE NECK UNTIL HE IS DEAD. Least then he wouldn’t give him the opportunity to rape anymore wee tots. 

He comes back to the Highlands & I can guarantee he won’t walk away smiling.

However, I can’t guarantee he will in fact still be walking, as there may be other people who have tempers that aren’t as controlled & are possibly more unpredictable than mine.

Especially when it comes to paedo near their kids.

Fingers crossed while he is in the jail he meets some VERY LARGE & VERY ANGRY MEN who are not exactly lovers of nonce.



4 thoughts on “#Inverness BABY RAPIST only got jailed for TEN YEARS?! WTF??

  1. I agree with what you wrote exactly! This guy is not human or animal, but is the spawn of Satan himself. I cannot believe he only got 10 years in prison. The description of what he did makes me nauseous and irate. He needs to hang from the neck until dead definitely. I hope the prisoners despise him to the point where he gets what Jeffrey Dahmer got in prison. It’s what he deserves!

    1. I refuse to feel sorry for paedo. I understand that they themsel were abused as children. But doesn’t gi them the right to inflict the horror & misery on others.
      There comes a time ppl have 2stop blaming their rotten upbringing for their behaviour.
      As adults we CHOOSE each & every 1 of our actions several times a day
      As paedo, they CHOOSE 2 rape children.
      & at ANY POINT they can choose not to.

      So nope.
      They get no fukin sympathy from me. & thats my choice which i am more than happy 2 take full responsibility for!!

      There is a special corner of hell waiting for paedo.

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