NONCE who said he wanted to RAPE NEWBORN gets 35 months Jail

MARCH 30th 2017


boyfriend is accused of raping his girlfriend’s four-year-old son to death 


2 thoughts on “NONCE who said he wanted to RAPE NEWBORN gets 35 months Jail

  1. What society and courts do not understand or maybe cover for, is that the problem with sex abusers is that they have been emotionally and psychologically, extremely damaged so that they have this huge rage in them that wants to viciously hurt, maim, and kill. There is no fixing these guys. They just need to be eliminated. No excuses. The kind of rage in them can not be held back by anyone. the only possibility is to terminate them. In my garden, I am God. I can pull up and out anything that I do not like growing in my garden. Like those rose bushes. They prevent anything else from growing and they are miserable to deal with due to thorns. We need to keep our social gardens free of weeds and other destructive growth for the sake of the plants we care about.. Nice people deserve to be protected from those who can feel nothing but hate for all others. its that simple. We have to weed out the garden. Continually and with vigilance.

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