#ScotCops ridiculed for posting ‘scaremongering’ list of secret sext codes apparently used by kids online


POLICE have been ridiculed after posting a list of’ “secret” texting codes supposedly used by teens to help parents understand how their children speak online.

Social media users have been quick to mock the list of codes – including “NIFOC” for “Naked in front of computer” – claiming to have “never heard of them”.


The list of 62 codes Greater Glasgow Police Division uploaded to their Facebook page on Friday afternoon

Greater Glasgow Police Division uploaded the list of 62 codes to their Facebook page on Friday afternoon with the caption: “Text codes for parents – these may help to decipher the ‘language’ your child is speaking online. Have a look at your kids’ devices and use this to translate.”

Examples from the translation guide include “SUGARPIC” which is a “Suggestive or erotic photograph.”

The post has been shared over 2,200 times and attracted more than 150 comments from members of the public.

Angus Stirling wrote: “How about trusting and treating your kids with respect rather than sneaking into their private spaces and violating that trust? Terrible advice police Scotland. Newsflash, kids have sex. Best defence? Prepare them for it with as much information as possible, and let them know that no matter what happens, you will be there for them.”

Joanne Fowlie commented: “Biggest load of garbage I’ve seen.”

Stephen Sutherland wrote: “’Have a look at your kids’ devices.’ Quick way to make sure they don’t trust you and, say, make up a code language to speak in.”

Whilst Jill Ferguson added: “Who makes this lot up? How many kids actually use this? Looks more like scaremongering to me.”



One of the codes – “P911” for “parent alert” – suggests the list may have originated in the US. “MOS” – supposedly teen code for “mom over shoulder” – could also have north American origins.

“KPC” is, according to police, the teen code for “Keeping Parents Clueless”, “420” is “marijuana”, and “RUH” means “Are you horny?”

“NALOPKT” could owe more to Michael Caine than teenage culture, meaning “Not a lot of people know that”. Youngsters who want to tell friends they are “sleepy” will apparently use the cose “C-P”.

“ZERG” supposedly means “to gang up on someone” while the numeric code “1174” means “nude club.”

However, not everyone criticised the police post, with some praising their attempts to help.

Gillian Spence wrote: “Brilliant idea to publish this. Parents won’t be complaining if they can help stop their children getting into dangerous situations.”

And Martin McNaughton added: “A lot of sceptical people here. I cannot see the Police publishing this if it is rubbish. Given that the Police are one of the agencies at the sharp end of dealing with child abuse/grooming, I would dismiss this at your peril.”

A police spokesman told Sun Online: “The information was posted with the best intentions as a way of highlighting examples of terminology used by some young people online especially in for example, chatrooms. These terms are not exhaustive but are the ones we know from experience that are being used by young people. Our priority is keeping people safe. Officers are routinely asked by schools and community groups, which includes parents and teachers, to provide advice about online safety, such as sexting and the language used by children online. Whilst we appreciate that some people do not think that this information is relevant, it is to many others, as they were previously unaware of online or text terms and are grateful for the information provided.”



This list is made for people like me!! I live in Scotland & i have kids & i’m SO OLD i’m practically pushin up daisies, so therefore don’t know what code words are used by the kids. I only recognise 1 & have never heard o the rest,  So i went to my kids to see what they made of the list.

I have 3 teenagers aged 14, 15 & 19.

14 year old boy…

“Aww MUM! What are you doing? Why do you think it’s okay to show me this stuff?? YOU’RE MY MUM.”  He yelled in disgust as he stomped off outta the room!!

15 year old girl…  with a suitably bewildered look on her face

“WTF? D’no what any of it is. None o my mates use codes like that. OMG?! Is this real? Mum?? Did you just make this up?”

19 year old girl…  

“Yeah, i use them ALL THE TIME. In fact i’ve only just finished texting my boss askin him..


GYPO bitch & you had better no be JO cause you’re my MPFB!

Me & you later…  53X”

She’s a sarcastic bugger. I taught her well!

(Oh God! I hope she was being sarcastic?)




One thought on “#ScotCops ridiculed for posting ‘scaremongering’ list of secret sext codes apparently used by kids online

  1. I don’t doubt the list. Sexting is very bold. If they do that and we know they do, then these codes are real. We kicked the doors of restraint open in the 60s and 70s. With no restraint in place, there are no limits. Its a sexual free for all and that means that nothing Satanists do, will be just them,, for long. Nearly everyone will be doing it sooner or later. The only way to stop it . . . Sorry, it can’t be stopped. Once the Genie is out, He ain’t going back! Its over! We blew it. It won’t be long now, sadly. God help the Kids!

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