PrestonHills Quarry, Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay & Fife’s Dead Children


CAMERON LANCASTER  {18}     9pm Sun 24th Aug 2014   


An 18-year-old has died after allegedly tombstoning into a disused quarry in a new take on the ‘ice bucket challenge’.

Cameron Lancaster was found in Preston Hill Quarry in Inverkeithing, Fife, after a four-hour search in the deep water.

Police were called to the disused site shortly before 5pm on Sunday, where the teenager is thought to have spent the day with friends.

It is claimed he jumped feet-first into the water in response to the internet craze that has seen people around the globe pour buckets of ice water over their head for charity.

Mr Lancaster was believed to be from Burntisland, around seven miles from the scene.

YUIThe quarry is a popular site for ‘tombstoning’, an activity where people jump feet-first off a cliff into shallow water.

In a statement released by Police Scotland, his family said: ‘Cameron died in a tragic accident. His death is such a great loss.‘During his short life, he touched so many people with his friendliness, kindness and thoughtful generosity of spirit. He will be hugely missed by his family and friends.‘The family are finding it hard to come to terms with this sudden loss and would ask for privacy at this sad time.’

A police spokesman said: ‘Inquiries are under way to establish the full circumstances of what happened and Police Scotland’s thoughts are with the family at this very difficult time.’

SNP councillor Alice McGarry, who lives just 150 yards from the quarry, said she knew a number of new tombstoning videos had been posted on YouTube this week.

They show youngsters plummeting up to 80 feet into the water.

The councillor added that she had seen numerous youngsters in the area over the weekend.The tragedy comes two years after the Coastguard condemned tombstoning in the quarry, branding it ‘foolhardy and dangerous’.

Mrs McGarry said: ‘Because we live so close to the quarry we were aware of what was going on. In fact my husband and daughters had just been picking brambles nearby before it all kicked off. There were fire tenders, ambulances, the police helicopter. At first we heard someone had broken their back and someone had jumped in to save him. But then we just heard it was a teenager.There have been one or two incidents. It’s 30-plus years since there was a fatality at the quarry. Whatever happened, it’s really awful. Really upsetting.’

Fred Caygill, of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), said then: ‘Jumping from height into unknown depths of water from cliffs, from a quarry face, bridge or harbour wall is foolhardy and dangerous. Tributes were paid by Cameron’s school, remembering him as a dedicated musician and member of a local sailing club who had only left school in May.Iain Yuile, headteacher at Cameron’s former school, said: ‘Everyone at Inverkeithing High School is shocked and saddened by the news. Cameron was a very popular pupil who had a great passion for drama and music. Most recently he performed at our Annual School Awards Ceremony in June.’




Cameron Lancaster, 18, died after disappearing under the water at Preston Hill quarry in Inverkeithing, Fife, on Saturday.

Emergency services were called to the scene and his body was recovered about 9pm.

While the exact circumstances remain unclear, it has been reported that the teenager “tombstoned” – jumping feet first into deep water – into the quarry as a new take on the ice-bucket challenge.

The family of Lancaster, from Burntisland, Fife, remembered his “friendliness, kindness and thoughtful generosity of spirit”.

In a statement released by Police Scotland, his family said: “Cameron died in a tragic accident. His death is such a great loss. During his short life, he touched so many people with his friendliness, kindness and thoughtful generosity of spirit. He will be hugely missed by his family and friends. The family are finding it hard to come to terms with this sudden loss and would ask for privacy.”

The ice bucket challenge is a social media craze aimed at raising awareness and money for the neurodegenerative disease ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or motor neurone disease. Participants have a bucket of cold water poured over their head, donate to charity and nominate others to take the challenge. 


NUMBER 2    

JOHN McKAY {18}    10pm Thurs 18th June 2015  



The emergency services had been at the quarry since around 10pm on Thursday when other teens who were at the quarry phoned 999.
McKay is thought to have jumped into the quarry pool from high up. When it became obvious something had happened two of his friends risked their own lives to jump in after him. They were unable to save him, but managed to get to safety
A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Inquiries are ongoing to determine the full circumstances surrounding this incident.”
Although circumstances of what happened on Thursday night are still unclear, it has been reported locally that a group of teens had organised to meet at the quarry through social media.
After reports of police and ambulances heading to the quarry started to filter through to parents in the town, many rushed to the quarry to try and find their own children.
Locals reacted with anger that two lives had been lost in the space of ten months.
A petition calling on the council to drain and fill in the quarry had been signed by over 1,500 people within 24 hours. Many took to a Facebook group to demand action.
However, The National understands that the quarry is owned by Letham Bay Development Company, and Fife Council are unable to take any action unless they enforce the new Community Empowerment Act.
Alice McGarry, councillor for Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay and Aberdour, told local press that McKay’s death was tragic and added:
“The only saving grace is the other kids got out and it wasn’t a multiple tragedy as it could have been.”  She continued:
“Parents didn’t know where their kids were and they were running around the quarry looking for them.The response from the emergency services was incredible. I have never seen so many fire engines, ambulances and police cars in my life, but ultimately it was too late.”
The councillor agreed that urgent action needed to be taken:
“Two deaths in less than a year is something you can’t dismiss. The quarry is treacherous. There have been three other deaths at the quarry in the last 10 years.”


A BODY has been recovered today from a Fife quarry during a search for a teenager reported to have been in the water. The 18-year-old – named locally as John McKay – went missing at Preston Hill Quarry in Inverkeithing  Police confirmed a male body had been found at the site. Officers said enquiries were ongoing to confirm his identity and determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident.   

Rescue teams were at the quarry since 9.20pm last night   The horror comes just 10 months after Cameron Lancaster, 18, died when he leapt off the cliff as part of an ice bucket challenge. By noon today it had more than 3,300 signatures.


2 year old twins   RHYS & SHAUN     Sat  Mar 12th  2016 

TWIN toddlers have drowned after apparently falling into a fishpond yesterday morning.  

Emergency services were called to the scene in Dalgety Bay, Fife, at around 8.20am after the two-year-old boys were found.

They were taken to a hospital in Kirkcaldy but medics were unable to save them and they were pronounced dead a short while later.

Officers were last night supporting the boys’ stricken family and working to establish the full circumstances of the tragic incident. It is not known how the two youngsters ended up in the pond in the garden of the house on Breakers Way.

A police spokeswoman announced the heartbreaking news in a statement shortly after 6.30pm last night.

She said: “We received a call at around 8.20am yesterday following a report of concern for two children at an address in Dalgety Bay, Fife. Two male twins, aged tow-years-old, had reportedly drowned in a fish pond and officers attended with the Scottish Ambulance Service. The children were taken to the Victoria Royal Infirmary in Kirkcaldy where they sadly died. Officers are supporting the family at this time. Inquiries to establish the full circumstances are ongoing.”

Last night the coastal community on the north shore of the Firth of Forth was reeling from the tragedy.

Colin McPhail, chairman of Dalgety Bay Community Council, said the close-knit town, which is home to around 12,000 people, was in a state of shock. He added: “It’s a very tragic story and a very sad loss for the parents of these twin boys. Our deepest condolences from the entire community go out to the mother and father and the entire family.”

Local MSP Alex Rowley said: “This is awful news and is every parent’s worst nightmare. The loss of two young lives from the same family is just heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers, and those of the whole community, are with the family.”

Users of social media also reacted with horror with people taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their sorrow.

Ann Forte wrote on Fife Police Division’s site: “My deepest sympathy and condolences go out to the family. RIP little ones.”

Chelsey Watts added: “Horrific, just babies.”

It is not the first time tragedy has struck the quiet street of modern, detached homes. In 2014 teenager Cameron Lancaster died carrying out an ‘ice bucket challenge’ at Prestonhill Quarry, near Inverkeithing. The family had lived in the street for 14 years before moving away just 10 weeks before he died at the age of 18.

READ MORE about twins Rhys & Shaun



16 Mar 2017    Inverkeithing man jailed for buying alcohol for two underage girls

An INVERKEITHING man has been jailed after buying alcohol for two teenage girls who claimed it was for their grandmother.

Instead, they downed vodka and other spirits at Prestonhill Quarry (map) and became very drunk, with one of the girls then walking into “an extremely dangerous stretch of water”.

William Cameron, 44, of Fraser Avenue, appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

He had previously admitted buying alcohol on behalf of the girls – aged 15 and 16 – from a shop in Fraser Avenue on July 6 last year.

He was also sentenced for a charge that he neglected two children in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health by keeping them in filthy conditions and exposing them to insecure controlled drugs and weapons on February 5, 2015.

Cameron had bought a bottle of vodka, a quarter bottle of vodka, a bottle of Mad Dog 2020 and a bottle of apple sourz for the girls, who had told him they were buying it for their grandmother.

The girls then went to Prestonhill Quarry, consumed the alcohol and became very drunk. One of them, apparently feeling suicidal, went into the water at the quarry up to her neck.

A friend managed to get her out.

The police and an ambulance were called and she was taken to Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy.

Defence solicitor Chris Sneddon said buying the alcohol was a “stupid offence” and, at least, his client had turned a blind eye.

Sheriff Charles Macnair said sentence in the earlier case had been deferred for Cameron to be of good behaviour.

“You were not and you provided alcohol to two children, one of whom got so drunk she went into what is known to be an extremely dangerous stretch of water,” he said. “The offence was not only committed when you were on deferred sentence for good behaviour but also when you were serving the second half of a previous sentence from Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court. In my view, the only proper sentence is a custodial sentence.”

He jailed Cameron for a total of 277 days which included 63 days for the previous sentence from Kirkcaldy




22.09.16  WORK on a “long-awaited” large housing development on the outskirts of Haddington could finally get under way in the new year.

More than 800 new homes – 642 houses and 167 flats – are expected to be built on farmland at Letham Mains by CALA, Mactaggart and Mickel, Taylor Wimpey and Classhappy Ltd A new primary school will also be built at the development, on the western edge of the town. 

A spokesman for CALA told the Courier: “We anticipate commencing development in early 2017.” 

Councillor Tom Trotter said: “It has been on the backburner for some time. Haddington has a responsibility to take more of the houses allocated for the county. This will be the start of that happening.”

His ward colleague Ludovic Broun-Lindsay added: “I am, of course, delighted that this long-awaited development is finally due to begin. It will hopefully reduce the pressure from opportunistic developers, and deliver on much-needed housing in all sectors. It may also be a sign that the economy is picking up a bit.”




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