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Chateau d’Autet located in the Luberon hills of the commune of Viens in the Vaucluse department, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. The château lies approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) to the northeast of the village of Gignac, and roughly 85 kilometres (53 mi) north of Marseille. Built in the 19th century as a hunting lodge, the dilapidated house and surrounding neglected estate was bought in 1998 by Viscount Linley, who is reported to have paid £500,000. In addition to repairing the house, Linley planted fields of lavender on the estate nearby.

Sept 2012, Prince William and Catherine stayed at the château. Long lens photographers took topless photos of the Duchess from the D33 public road about 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) away (43°55′14″N 5°33′04″E) which were controversially published in French magazine version of Closer the following week.

Kate Middleton, Prince William Holiday in France Ahead of South Pacific Royal Tour

HIV, cocaine and the royals 23 April 2009 

Ian Strachan, jailed last year in London for attempting to blackmail a member of the British royal family with video tapes he claimed featured sex and drugs, has revealed in an interview with music magazine ‘Hot Press’, that he has over eight hours of footage.

Strachan claims to have footage of a royal aide indulging in oral homosexual sex and cocaine.

The royal aide was employed by Princess Margaret’s son, Viscount David Linley, who is 12th in line to the British throne. Because a UK media blackout ensured that little of the substance of the case was reported, this is the first time Strachan has told his story to the media.

Strachan, who says he was regularly invited to parties held by the viscount, says: “I got handwritten invitations, done by his hand.” He also says that on the video tapes which he possesses, “it was revealed that the death of Princess Margaret was not actually a stroke. My understanding is that she died from HIV contracted from Johnny Bindon, a gangster she used to date”.

Strachan also claims the tapes include footage of a younger royal and a well-known nightclub promoter with drugs, as well as discussions, involving a royal aide, about Princess Diana’s alleged murder. He also says that he met princes William and Harry “a couple of times”; he socialised with many members of the royal family; his grandfather played golf with Prince Philip, and he has pictures signed by the viscount of his other grandfather with Princess Margaret.

Also on the queen’s sister, Strachan says: “There was a big thing about when she burnt her feet in the bath and she blamed the maid. The actually story was she was out of her face on valium and gin – as she usually was.”

After it became known that Strachan, claimed to have incriminating video tapes involving the royals, he says his mother “was threatened on several occasions, as were other members of my family. I thought I might get shot in the head”.

He says that he has eight hours of footage and that “when the story came out it was all about the sex act and that was only a very small point in the tapes, to us. There was more shocking and probably damaging stories concerning basically nearly every senior member of the royal family”.

Strachan also reveals that he has an Irish girlfriend and that he plans to move here after he is released from prison.

“I love Ireland. Kinsale is a favourite place of mine,” Strachan says. “I haven’t been out in Dublin for a good four years now, but I really enjoyed myself when I was there.”

Strachan was sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted with Sean McGuigan, an Irishman living in London. Both protest their innocence of the blackmail charges.

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Abuse in Britain’s boarding schools: why I decided to confront my demons May 4th 2014

EXTRACT ~ If Ashdown Houses pretty Georgian facade reminds you of Washington’s Capitol and the White House that’s because the architect, Benjamin Latrobe, had a hand in those, too. It is an excellent look for the entrance to a temple of education: it speaks of classical wisdom and the rule of reason. We boys weren’t allowed to go in that way, of course.

Today, 40 years since I last saw the school, we step in through Latrobe’s columned porch as though entitled. Nothing can touch us: we’re parents. Ruth, my wife, grips my hand. A friend who works in post-traumatic stress disorder warned us, quite gravely, of the risks when people visit scenes of past troubles; of hyper-arousal – sweats, nausea, high heart-rate. Or the opposite, hypo-arousal: a state of lethargy, a feeling of unreality. But I’m fine. Pulse steady. People hurt you, not places.



Boris Johnson’s former prep school headmaster arrested on suspicion of child sex offences  11 Jul 2014

Clive Williams, who was head of Ashdown School in East Sussex for almost 30 years, is questioned by police in connection with alleged offences of sexual assault and child neglect against pupils

Boris Johnson’s former headmaster at his prep school has been arrested on suspicion of child sex offences.

Clive Williams, 69, who was in charge of Ashdown School in East Sussex for almost 30 years before he left in 2003, was questioned by police on Wednesday in connection with alleged offences of sexual assault and child neglect against pupils.

Mr Williams was interviewed by officers from Sussex police’s Operation Mitre, which has received complaints of past abuse from more than 20 past pupils spanning three decades.

Mr Williams has not been charged and has been released on police bail pending further inquiries.

Police said there were no safeguarding issues or complaints relating to current pupils or teachers at the school, whose alumni include the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley and the actor Damian Lewis.


(I’ve found nothing that corroborates the info in the following pic)




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