Playboy, Child Playmates, Violence, Kinsey, Sex Ed & Gender Identity

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2 thoughts on “Playboy, Child Playmates, Violence, Kinsey, Sex Ed & Gender Identity

  1. I never saw many playboys but had no idea of kids featured. But in the MGTOW net world, they are fans of Hentai from Japan. Its bascially cartoon sex. I would offer this bit of caution.With things like this, keeping priorities in perspective is important. Trafficking, child porn and rape and prostitution deserve most of the attention. For an example, I recall around 2012 or 2013 timeframe, that once in a while I saw nets with section cups stuck to windows. I thought, those will hardly hold anything. They look stupid. Till one day I am at a light and and a few cars back and 2 lanes back up, in summer my window down and I see this car on my left and the window is going up. her back window just a little bit ahead of me and I look over, and there is a girl in the back, maybe 6 or 7 and it suddenly dawns on me, OMG, that net is for hiding faces of kids. You got to be kidding me. Then I thought, who started this insanity? Parents or some marketing scheme to prey on stupid adults. Here is the thing. As soon as the kid is out of the or in a fast food or store. or at the beach or lake or pool, they are totally exposed. There is a real insanity going on there. Extreme paranoia I have not seen those things since 2014.

    But there is a real danger of getting too concerned over the trivial and losing perspective and becoming irrational. Muslim men make their women wear burkas so that other men can not look. Really? in Portland Maine USA, our city went nuts stop signs to protect children walking from getting hit. We never had a problem to begin with. Even a small dead end street with 2 houses merits a stop sign on the bigger and far more traveled regular residential road.perpendicular to it. The real reason it to generate more people running stop signs so they fine them. but no one dares. Its madness. We might do better just to convince mothers who use their daughters as status symbols and dress them provocatively t tone it down and not make their daughters thing they have to show everything off to be wanted or valued. We even have laws that I have never heard of even being used. in other words laws were made for what was never will never be a problem, Namely what they call “visual sexual aggression.” Nobody even knows that the hall that means or how to determine it. So no one has ever been guilty of it. I assume it might refer to men drooling or their eyes popping out. But to women and girls, I say, if you don’t like the guys drooling, then put more clothes on. Buy a burka and cover up. The other thing is, that its not so much that they don’t like man looking but only want good looking men looking and not ugly ones. but all men are men and all love beauty. Accept it or get a burka. I doubt that will catch on. But cartoon sex is where I would draw the line and pay it little regard. I think we have much worse problems. People are very vulnerable to hysteria and paranoia. They don’t need encouraged. In fact, I think the stop signs were a direct result of the stranger danger that got real big in the 90s. Everyone went nuts over everything. Well, just a thought.

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