LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN! #WhistleblowerKids #pizzagate

Hampstead Elite Cult Whistleblower Children Interviews

{The children’s videos first, The fathers PRIME TIME BBC INTERVIEW at bottom of page}

01_31 A____ and James was in it (2-58min)

02_32 Naming children and Social Services (2-16min)

03_33 Supply of babies (2-50min)

04_34 Sweets, schools (2-19min)

05_231 Papa kills babies (2-47min)

06_235 Starbucks Pizza Express (1-47min)

07_236 SS and Cafcass (2-24min)

08_241 Please Tell the Truth (-35sec)

09_243 Appealing to A (-55sec)

10_299 Sex on Wednesdays (2-29min)

11_301 Distinguishing Marks (1-min)

12_302 Distinguishing Marks (6-31min)

13_303 Killing babies (3-19min)

14_304 Tattoos (2-18min)

15_305 Baby skin shoes (1-03min)

16_306 Stars on shoes (1-30min)

17_09 Sep – Cutting heads off (13-18min)

18_09 Sep – School, women, Sheffield (7-02)

19_09 sep – Coming to kill us (8-39min)

20_P – 05 Sept part 1 (28 min)

21_P – 05 Sept part 2 (25 min)

22_Q – 05 Sept part 1 (28 min)

23_Q – 05 Sept part 2 (18 min)

24_P – 11 Sept part 1 (24 min)

25_P – 11 Sept part 2 (24 min)

26_P – 11 Sept part 3 (10 min)

27_Q – 11 Sept part 1 (25 min)

28_Q – 11 Sept part 2 (25 min)

29_Q – 11 Sept part 3 (25 min)

30_Q – 11 Sept part 4 (25 min)

31_P – 17 Sept part 1 (29 min)

32_P – 17 Sept part 2 (6 min)

33_Q – 17 Sept (24 min)



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3 thoughts on “LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN! #WhistleblowerKids #pizzagate

  1. The vidme’s work but the Vimeos don’t. Also these are Alisa’s police interviews in frame by frame analysis in places. In the last 3rd interview, Alisa appears as an emotional wreck and her body posture is very defensive and protective of her pubic area. her medical reports are in this, too.
    My suspicion was that she was raped.
    The truth is that the 2 hampstead kids give far more info into all aspects of the cult, typical of cults, and the world wide network, goals, and so much more. By comparison, Pizza Gate offers almost nothing, The hampstead is the premier exposure of all this evil going on. It is the best representation of exposing everything SRA and cultic.

      1. You might be wasting your time with Vimeo. But that Vidme still has them is impressive. And we can forget youscrewb-youtube. A google satanic operation. Sorry just feeling a bit nasty about them all preventing 2 children from speaking. Ya know, I don’t believe hell is real or literal. It was a symbolic thing in the bible. However, for some, maybe hell was not such a bad idea. I took it up with God. But He says no, its dumb idea. I don’t know. Hearing the SOBs scream has an appeal that’s hard to let go of. Well, anyway, tommorrow is the date of the winter solstice back about 2000 years ago. Earth pre-cession is at Dec. 21 now. But Saturn/Satan/Santa crap is very real. Now there is a religion worth banning.

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