#Aangirfan talks #Trump

The amount of work Aangirfan has done on Trump is absolutely incredible. I haven’t even read them all! {my bad} I have managed to read the majority though! I think!!

Here’s links to Aangirfan’s Trump blogs from the last few months

This is not all of them, but any others you can find here http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/




5 thoughts on “#Aangirfan talks #Trump

  1. Some real good stuff there. I liked the one on Zionism in particular. I saved the link to use. Zionism seeks to twist Bible Prophecy. I do note that no other religion has an authoritative book or documents that predict the future, but Those predictions do seem to be coming true in predicting a fake phony “Jesus” to arrive and pretend to be the real Jesus returned, but is really a liar and will kill many. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

    1. & yeah… i agree. It will be a bloody mess
      We have tried 2 wake ppl up & we will continue 2 try
      But wen push comes 2 shove those who know whats going on will be the 1s that survive.

      I feel like a bitch just 4 sayin that!!

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