Camera Assassin: Confessions of a gutter press photojournalist! Fake News, Cocaine, Paedophilia & MUCH MORE


Read on to discover what was really happening in Fleet Street and the truth behind many of the sensational (faked) stories. I promise it will open your eyes.


The Main Characters

Ian Cutler.  Professional Photographer for the News of the World is a convicted Arsonist. Also worked for: The Telegraph, Sun, Mirror, Mail, Express, Times, ITV News, BBC News.

Rupert Murdoch. (Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG) was born on the 11th March 1931 in Victoria, Australia. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, the world’s second-largest media conglomerate. Murdoch became managing director of News Limited, inherited from his father, in 1952. In the 1950s and ’60s, he acquired various newspapers in Australia and New Zealand, before expanding into the United Kingdom in 1969, taking over the News of the World followed closely by The Sun. He moved to New York in 1974 to expand into the US market and became a naturalised US citizen in 1985. In 1981, he bought The Times, his first British broadsheet. In 1986, keen to adopt newer electronic publishing technologies, he consolidated his UK printing operations in Wapping, causing bitter industrial disputes. His News Corporation acquired Twentieth Century Fox (1985), HarperCollins (1989) and The Wall Street Journal (2007). He formed BSkyB in 1990 and during the 1990s expanded into Asian networks and South American television. By 2000 Murdoch’s News Corporation owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries with a net worth of over $5 billion. In July 2011 Murdoch faced allegations that his papers, including the News of the World, had been regularly hacking the phones of celebrities, royalty and public citizens. He faced police and government investigations into bribery and corruption in the UK and FBI investigations in the US.

Eddie Chapman.  (16 Nov 1914 – 11 Dec 1997) Received the “Iron Cross” by Hitler for services rendered. Eddie was a Convicted Felon who later became a war hero. After serving with the Coldstream Guards in the 1930s, Chapman deserted and became a safecracker with London West End gangs, spending several stretches in jail for these crimes. The gangs utilized gelignite to gain entry to safes, leading Chapman and his associates to be known as the “Jelly Gang.” He had affairs with a number of women on the fringes of London high society and then allegedly blackmailed them with photographs taken by an accomplice. Well along into his criminal career he was arrested in Scotland and charged with blowing up the safe of the headquarters of the Edinburgh Co-operative Society. Let out on bail, he fled to Jersey in the Channel Islands where he attempted unsuccessfully to continue his crooked ways. Chapman had been dining with his lover and future fiancée Betty Farmer at the Hotel de la Plage immediately before his arrest and made a spectacular exit through the dining room window (which was shut at the time) when he saw undercover police coming to arrest him for crimes on the mainland. It was later that same night, unbelievably, that he committed the slapdash burglary for which he had to immediately begin serving two years in a Jersey prison. This proved to be an ironic twist of fate which ultimately spared him at least 14 more years imprisonment in a mainland prison afterwards. In the second word war Eddie became a daring double agent. The 1966 film Triple Cross was based on Chapman’s Biography, written by Chapman and Frank Owen. The film was directed by Terence Young who had known Chapman before the war. Chapman’s character was played by Christopher Plummer. The film was only loosely based on reality and Chapman was disappointed with it. In his autobiography, Plummer said that Chapman was to have been a technical adviser on the film but the French authorities would not allow him in the country because he was still wanted over an alleged plot to kidnap the Sultan of Morocco.

Barry Askew.  (13 Dec 1936 – 16 April 2012) was appointed as editor of the the News of the World In April 1981. His further claim to fame was the blow job the Ripper’s wife gave him in his office when interviewing her for a press story. In early December he came into conflict with the Queen after claiming that if Princess Diana felt harassed by press photographers she should send a servant out to shop for her. At the end of the month he left the newspaper and spent the rest of his career in various short-term provincial posts.

Sir Nicholas Lloyd.  (born 9th June 1942) editor of the Sunday People 1982-1983, editor of the News of the World 1984-1985, and editor of the Daily Express 1986-1995. He was a lover of blow jobs from female staff in Ian Cutler’s ‘Animal’s Room’

Derek Jameson.   (born 29th Nov 1929 in London). His career began in Fleet Street, as a messenger boy, before becoming managing editor of the Daily Mirror newspaper, editor of The Daily Express March 1977 – 1980, editor of The Daily Express March 1977 – 1980 and Editor of the News of the World 1981-1984.

Dirty John.  Well known cocaine addict and porno star. He used to star in many of Ian Cutler’s and Ray Chapman’s scams for the New of the World.

Trevor Kempson.  Former chief Features Writer for News of the World and Bondage Aficionado. In the December of 1990 he died of AIDS, contracted from a prostitute in a brothel he was exposing in a press story!

Ray Chapman.  Journalist who joined the News of the World in 1981. Well known cocaine addict and convicted felon. Married a former prostitute and was an aficionado of anal sex with prostitutes. Chapman retired from the paper in September 2007 and died on New Year’s Eve that same year at the age of 71.

Gerry Brown.  Born in the Gorbals, the son of a gunner in the Royal Scots Fusiliers. As a teenager he joined the Air Training Corps. A motorbike accident put paid to an RAF flying career. He then became a copy boy on Glasgow’s Daily Record and then landed a job at the East London News Agency. He later became a journalist at the News of the World and America’s National Enquirer. He was a two bottles of Scotch a day man, Super Stud and Lover of Tina Dalgleish. He regularly ‘created’ published stories. ‘Idi Amin Eating His Subjects Brains for Breakfast’ is an example. He was banned from the USA for Credit Card Fraud. He used to milk Chris Robinson, now a well known psychic and former brothel owner, for stories!!! Gerry died at the age of 60

Clive Cook. Well known cocaine addict and former Journalist at the News of the World. He fucked anything that moved, including prostitutes and transvestites. He faked stories like there was no tomorrow.

Phil Wrack. Deputy Editor of the News of the World until 1998. He loved nothing more than to get pissed during lunch time and expose himself to ‘News of the Screws’ secretaries. He died aged 71.

Wendy Henry. Given a six month trial with the Daily Mail in the 1970s but was not a permanent position. Instead she worked as a freelance and later joined the features department of the News of the World where she was a blow job specialist to Sir Nicholas Lloyd and Phil Wrack (and she swallows it!!) Wendy later became features editor of Woman. She then became series editor of The Sun, followed by a stint as woman’s editor, then assistant editor (features). During the Falklands War, when she heard that the General Belgrano had been sunk, she joked “Gotcha!”, which was used by editor Kelvin MacKenzie as a famous Sun headline. In 1983, she was suspended for two weeks after fabricating an interview with Falklands veteran Simon Weston. She was the first journalist to report that Princess Margaret was having a relationship with Roddy Llewellyn. Wendy Henry was then promoted to editor of the News of the World’s Sunday magazine, before being appointed editor of the newspaper in 1987. In 1988, Wendy was appointed editor of the Sunday People where she was able to have more input into the leading articles. While there, she became known for publishing controversial pictures, including victims of the Sioux City air crash, an ailing Sammy Davis Jr and a seven-year-old Prince William urinating in public. Following the publication of the last two photographs (especially the Prince William one), she was fired. In 1990 she moved to the United States to become editor of The Globe.

Tina Dalgleish. Former Journalist at the News of the World and Blow Job Specialist in Ian Cutler’s ‘Animal’s Room’. She was also the girlfriend of Trevor Kempson who later died of AIDS.

Kelvin MacKenzie  (born 22nd Oct 1946 in South London) Best known for being editor of The Sun newspaper between 1981 and 1994. He is less famous in his role as a pussy licking specialist. He left school with one O-level in English literature. He joined the South East London Mercury at 17, and worked on local and then national newspapers, such as the Daily Express for the next ten years. MacKenzie stated that he discovered early on in his career that he had little writing ability and that his talents lay in making up headlines and laying out pages. By 1978, at the age of 32, he was Managing Editor of the New York Post, two years after it was purchased by Rupert Murdoch, who already owned The Sun. Murdoch appointed him Sun editor in 1981 and is said to have described MacKenzie as his all-time “favourite editor”.

Craig McKenzie. Former journalist with the News of the World and a senior editorial executive at the Daily Express under Sir Nicholas Lloyd. The brother of Kelvin, Craig was a herpes sufferer and frequenter of brothels.

Rod Tyler. Former Features Editor of the News of the World. Rod wrote some of Margaret Thatcher’s speeches, including the famous “Me? The Iron Lady?”. He was also brought in by her PR adviser, Tim Bell, now Lord Bell, to help with strategy sessions. Tyler was a public sex aficionado and one time lover of Margaret Thatcher’s daughter, Carol. He became deputy features editor of the Mail but fell out of favour with the editor, David English, who sacked him in 1976. Rod is quoted as saying “David English, who was the greatest journalist I have ever worked with, used to sack one executive a year to keep the rest on their toes. “That year it just happened to be my turn.” After freelancing for a while, he landed a job as assistant editor at the News of the World where, among other duties, he took charge of the ‘Grope Squad’, as the paper’s investigation team was appropriately known. His greatest coup, however, was to sign up Joan Collins for the serialisation of the sensational autobiography Past Imperfect that did so much to resurrect her career, as well as boosting circulation with its kiss and tell revelations. in 1982 a change of editor at the News of the World prompted Rod to resign and to go back on the road as a freelance. Tyler died in October 2003 aged just 60.

Stuart Kuttner (born 1939) was managing Editor of the News of the World for 22 years before stepping down from his post in 2009 and retiring to Woodford Green. He was arrested on 2 August 2011, in connection with the News International phone hacking scandal and later bailed. He was 71 at the time of his arrest, which was a clear statement that the Operation Weeting team, led by the deputy assistant commissioner Sue Akers, intend to be thorough. This transvestite helped Gerry Brown and Ray Chapman falsify stories; in particular the ‘Social Security Scam’ and visits to Poland with Ian Cutler which never happened!!

Piers Morgan (born 30 March 1965 in Guildford, Surrey) once served as de facto editor of The Sun’s show business column, Bizarre, under the editorship of Kelvin MacKenzie. In 1994, aged 28, Rupert Murdoch appointed him editor of News of the World. He quickly gained notoriety for his invasive style and lack of concern regarding the right to privacy of celebrities and royals. Morgan insisted that they could not manipulate the media to further their own ends without accepting the consequences of a two way deal. Morgan’s autobiography The Insider states that he left the News of the World of his own choice and somewhat against owner Rupert Murdoch’s wishes when he was offered the job of Editor at the Daily Mirror. As editor of the Mirror, in 1996 Morgan was widely criticised and forced to apologise for the headline “Achtung! Surrender” a day before England met Germany in a semi-final of the Euro ’96 football championships. In May 2004 he was sacked for his involvement in the Lancashire Regiment scam…!!

Michael Parker.  frequenter of brothels, worked as a news and features journalist.

Ron Mount. Former Flying Squad officer, taken on by News of the World because of the stories he had to tell which were all lies. In the words of Andrew Drummond “The newsroom was a bit like public school with our token East Londoner, Ron Mount (ex flying squad) holding the candle of the masses and meeting up with his doll in the Printers Pie after work.”

Mazher Mahmood. An undercover reporter with The Sunday Times newspaper. He previously spent 20 years working for the News of the World. He has been dubbed as “Britain’s most notorious undercover reporter.” News of the World claimed he has brought over 250 criminals to justice. Mahmood is also known as the fake sheikh because he often poses and disguises himself as a sheikh in order to gain his target’s trust. In September 2008, he wrote a book entitled Confessions of a Fake Sheik – The King Of The Sting Reveals All published by Harper Collins. He was banned from The Times for false stories. He fabricated the Posh & Becks kidnap scam…!!

Various Mirror journalists and editors. The Mirror was owned by the International Publishing Corporation (IPC) between 1963 and 1984 and by Robert Maxwell between 1984 and 1991. It was the main rival to Murdoch’s paper, The Sun. I often worked for the mirror as a freelance and saw a lot of the goings on there. I am not naming all those involved in scams and sleaze in this book but watch out for Camera Assassin 4, coming out soon.

Ray Chapman & Clive Cooke. committed paedophilia with some of the young girls and boys in their stories.

Blow jobs, Whores, and Fake Front Pages at the News of the World – all involving Rupert’s management. This is the story of the News of the World (and other tabloids) in the sixties and seventies when it was then situated in Rupert Murdoch’s London HQ in Bouverie Street. This was all before Wapping of course, where everyone drunk mineral water, tapped phones and catalogued and castigated the sleaze of others. This murky, mucky, recollection comes from my own personal archives. As a News of the Screws photographer I was myself deeply involved in the daily sleaze of virtually every member of the editorial team at some time. Even worse than the sometimes bizarre and often downright disgusting pornographic goings on, me and several other reporters, with the connivance of junior executives, manufactured many major ‘exclusives’ by hiring models, both male and female, to pose for compromising pictures. The Screws have continually threatened to sue me but somehow have just not got around to it. Apart from the wholly bizarre nature of this story, I publish it to debunk, once and for all, the holier-than-thou-hypocrisy of the News of the World’s editorial policy. They could hand it out all right, but they hate having to take it. Read on —

Camera Assassin Confessions of a gutter press photojournalist  PDF

All press-cuttings can be viewed on our website:

The Camera Assassin {5 mins}

A Discussion With Ian Cutler Part 1  {21 mins}

A discussion with Ian Cutler – Part 2  {41 mins}

Charlie Kray being stitched up, and Kray hitman identified  {7 mins}



Lots of fake stories in The News of the World Lies, lies, lies all the way in The News of the World Peadaphile journalists working for The News of the World
Lots of fake stories in The Mirror newspaper Lots of fake stories in The Sun newspaper





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