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Inverness Gets New #TopCop & he’s Psychic / Psycho (delete as required) Renee MacRae & Nairn Banker Murder Predictions

Renee & Andrew MacRae. 40 years on & Police Scotland are still flummoxed. Or are they?


 MacRae Murder Mystery 2014

Hard to believe that nothing much has been published about this since the Ground Penetrating Radar work was done in 2006.

The theft of some £6,500 cash along with a newish laptop computer and Police Scotland’s failure to pursue matters has caused me to once again focus on grave lack of professional standards from local police force.

Since 2006 some very interesting new facts have come to light, not least of which was a suggestion from top retired Detective Inspector Les Brown in Glasgow when he suggested to me that Glasgow gangland folk like Arthur Thomson could have put Renee and her son Andrew away for £1,000 cash back in 1976.

In the book Arthur Thomson Gangland Leader, Arthur and a partner stole a Humber Super Snipe in Ayrshire and drove up to Beauly to rob a bank. The bank was closed for renovation and business was being done in the Phipps hall where security was weak. They cracked open a few safes but only got £400. Filling the Humber with petrol somewhere down the old A9 a garage man suspects the pair were up to no good, notes the registration number and gives it to local policeman.

Next day robbery is discovered in Beauly where a set of front door keys are found in gravel at Phipps hall car park. They are sent to Glasgow where they fitted Thomson’s front door and he went down for four years. Aye. You have got to hand it to garage men.

This begs the question. Who in Beauly had such strong connections with Glasgow criminals as to tip them off regarding easy pickings around Beauly?

Could the likes of the same folk not have asked for help to get rid of Renee for only £1,000?

Accounts show how MacRae builders lost £496,000 in 1976, which is around £7.5 million in today’s money, so they were going bust.

 In order to sustain the firm their £1 shares were revalued to £8 each which meant the Renee’s husband’s shares became worth £400,000 which in turn meant that if Renee had a good defence lawyer then she might sail into the sunset taking £200,000 out of MacRae’s at the wrong time.

I asked one of Renee’s great friends if Renee had a good divorce lawyer on board when she went missing. “Oh no, why would she need a divorce” came the reply. “She had the new BMW and the new bungalow, but well of course they did live in separate bedrooms down in Island Bank Rd when he used to beat her up”. Whereupon the friend threw a hand over her mouth, as if saying. Heck I should not have said that. To put the friend at ease and in order to see what else might spill out I suggested that the domestic violence was common knowledge and there matters rested.

Another shock hit me in Beauly when I was invited to view where old Hugh MacRae had started in business. There, over the road where the MacRae brothers grew up stands the Beauly Masonic Lodge. Inside a board shows details of the history of the Lodge when Hugh MacRae and son Beauly were paid £437 for their carpenter work.

In 1976 around 75% of our local police force was Masonic Members meaning that Northern Con had a great “conflict of interest” on their hands during the MacRae murder investigation.

Another shocking detail is held within the fact that police will not tell young Gordon whether or not his DNA is compatible with Gordon senior’s test result.

Police offer the lame excuse that the DNA is “frozen” until bodies are found. Utter tosh.

Northern Con allege that Tochers Bridge was not built till 1977, based on aerial photographs. If that is true then why did police officers spend three and a half hours interviewing Eddie then twisted his arm to sign an agreement never to speak to the media again?

Why did detectives fly to west of Dublin to try and persuade the GPR team to agree that the scan work was faulty only to be told to go homeward, and think again.

Perhaps it is time to send the GPR test results overseas to Canada or the States for analysis, far away from our Brotherhood influence.

Somebody somewhere has additional evidence for cracking this case but is probably too afraid of our police force and the Masons.

With today’s mobile phone technology there is nothing to stop a nervous person from phoning me with details allowing me to publish from the States and get to the truth of this grave matter.

Text me on 07860939064  At Stalker’s Rest Bogbain source



Renee MacRae: Clue to 40-year murder mystery still lies in the Highlands  1 October 2016

wp-1475322836073.jpgA world-leading forensics expert believes the vital clue to finally solving Scotland’s most infamous murder mystery still lies in the Highlands.

Local residents have been urged to mark the 40th anniversary of the disappearance of Renee MacRae and her son Andrew next month by helping to find the truth.

Dame Sue Black, a renowned forensic anthropologist, said young Highlanders should “ask your granny, ask your granddad” in case any crucial evidence has been missed.

The Inverness-raised expert, who led the search in 2004 of Dalmagarry Quarry for evidence during a cold case review, said: “There’s a responsibility on everybody.”

It is a case that shocked the country four decades ago and remains the UK’s longest-running missing persons inquiry.

Mrs MacRae left her home in the Cradlehall area of Inverness with both her sons on Friday, November 12, 1976, before dropping her elder son Gordon at the home of her estranged husband Gordon MacRae.

She turned south on to the A9, reportedly on her way to meet her lover, Bill MacDowell, an accountant in her husband’s building company, with the couple said to be planning to start a new life on Shetland. The 36-year-old’s burned-out BMW car was found with a bloodstain in the boot in a layby off the A9, a mile south of Tomatin.

A murder inquiry was launched, but the bodies of the mother and her three-year-old son have never been found and no one has ever been convicted of their killing. Read in full  SOURCE

Renee MacRae: Police refuse to reveal spending on murder probe 1 October 2016

Police have refused to reveal if they have spent any money investigating the disappearance of Renee MacRae in the last decade.

During a cold case review of the murder inquiry in 2004, the then chief constable of Northern Constabulary Ian Latimer declared: “We will pursue this regardless of the cost.” But in response to a freedom of information request by the Press and Journal on spending on the inquiry in the last 10 years, the force said this week it “does not hold any of the information requested”.

We asked about expenses incurred during the investigation, the number of officer hours spent on the probe, and the total cost, but received no answers.

The force also refused to reveal how many interviews had been carried out during the period.

The response was given despite the police last year revealing to the P&J the exact number of interviews, and the value of expenses incurred, in relation to the inquiry into the murder of Nairn banker Alistair Wilson.

The force said: “Police Scotland does not record the total costs involved for any specific operation or investigation. The nature of policing means that officers and staff are deployed to wherever their services are most required. The officers and staff who worked on the investigations into the disappearance of Renee MacRae and her son Andrew were drawn from different areas of the service, based on their skillsets. Read in full  SOURCE 


Inverness Gets New #TopCop.. & He is Psychic / Psycho (delete as required)

“he predicted fresh evidence would emerge to finally solve high-profile murders which have cast a shadow over the region, such as those of Nairn banker Alistair Wilson & Inverness mother Renee MacRae”

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Mr MacGregor & PC LEECH 

Capture.PNGFirst campaign banner, displayed beside A9 South of Inverness. Second, Academy Inverness St City Centre

Chief Inspector Jennifer MacDonald
Police Scotland Burnett Rd
Police Station Inverness

Dear Chief Inspector      Complaint. Inadequate Professional Service
      PC Sam Leach and others   16-5-15

Your records will show that on Saturday 27-9-14 I informed PC S Leach that a former business associate had made off with £6,500 and a fairly new lap top computer from my Company.
When PC Leach refused to act on my complaint I then recorded a complaint regarding his inadequate professional service to the duty Sgt at Burnett Road police Station.
Some days later another officer interviewed the suspect but no criminal charges were made.
I then alerted Police Scotland to a statement which I got from the manager of the shop where I had bought the lap top. Three weeks later your team took a statement from the manager but refused to act on it. It was alleged that the suspect had visited the shop and demanded a false receipt for the lap top in her name.
Two hundred and thirty days have now gone by since I first lodged the complaint about the alleged theft of the money and lap top and the one and only suspect has not been charged with any offence, nor has an investigation into my complaint regarding PC Leach and others been concluded.
During December and January, PC Leach made appearances in Inverness Sheriff court charged with dangerous driving.
While giving evidence, two Canal Board drivers alleged that PC Leach overtook their two vehicles by driving over a continuous white line approaching a crest in the road and blind corner. PC Leach denied that he did so.
I was present at the trial and agree with a report which followed in the Highland News where in summing up Depute Fiscal Michelle molly stated.  “Mr MacDonald and Mr Malaren drive this road every day and know it well”.
She said they had been very candid in their evidence and had no reason to lie.
 Then she said “someone is not telling the truth”.
After I wrote to you on 24-4-15, with a complaint suggesting that PC Leach may have committed perjury. Chief Inspector Mike Coats responded on 4-5-15 concluding that he did not consider that I had a valid complaint.  I then delivered a copy of the Highland News report to his office, but now the matter seems to be neglected.
On 13-5-15 I handed another letter to your reception intimating that unless I had some immediate positive response to my concerns then I would have to publish details of this issue on the internet to expose the inadequate professional service that has been exercised by your team throughout this grave matter in order to seek natural justice.
In the absence of any response to my recent letters I am very sorry that I have now to take such action.
Yours sincerely

CC Depute Fiscal’s Office. News desks and

Policeman who caused crash trying to OVERTAKE FOUR CARS