​SNP conference offered free bus tour of SQUALID slums in Sturgeon’s constituency

Roll Up Roll Up Freaks A Plenty, MSPs, Delegates, one & all, see WITH YOU OWN EYES

Govanhill in all its wretched glory. 

Come watch the great unwashed struggling wi every day life. Delegates are free to GAWP, TUT, PITY, & TURN THEIR NOSES UP at the poor buggers that we are kindly forcing to live in the overcrowded shitehole. That we did infact created for them.

You can also see the empty constituency office that was once frequented by the magnificent Saint Nic  BEFORE SHE TURNED TAIL & SCURRIED OFF LIKE RAT FROM A SINKIN SHIP, or you could say like a RAT FROM A STINKIN SKIP!

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Come to Govanhill & partake in the SLUM STAY FUN DAY

While watching the peasants in their “natural surroundings” you can play Ghetto Games like









{during the day, delegates are free to roam around the streets of Govanhill  Please take the opportunity to peer throo as many windows as can, but remember to take in depth notes as there will be someone  gathering the evidence asking pop quiz questions throughout your visit.


each delegate has until dark {8 minutes} to find their way back to Souters Special, ScotNat Super-Duper Shiney-Winey Stagecoach. BUT… they must do so ALONE..

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We hope you enjoy you sight seein day trip to Govanhill


SNP conference offered free bus tour of SQUALID slums in Sturgeon’s constituency

DELEGATES at the SNP conference are to be offered a free bus tour of the squalid slums in Nicola Sturgeon’s nearby constituency.

Sun, Oct 9, 2016 | Wed, Oct 12, 2016

The troubled district of Govanhill became notorious for crime, pour housing, litter, and fires

The party’s annual gathering begins on Thursday at the SECC in Glasgow, just three miles away from the troubled district of Govanhill.

Home to thousands of recent migrants, mainly from Eastern Europe, the neighbourhood has become notorious for crime, poor housing, litter, fires and pest infestation.

Figures obtained by the Sunday Express show there have been 184 rapes in the area in the past five years, the highest number in Glasgow, and 382 sexual assaults, second only to the city centre.

Many residents are now too afraid to leave their homes after dark, while there are fears the ghetto-like conditions are spreading into the surrounding streets.

although tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer’s cash has been poured into Govanhill in recent years, campaigners say the problems are no better and in many cases are getting worse.

They are furious at what they see as a lack of action from their local MSP, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and accuse her of using their plight to gain political advantage over Labour.

Govanhill neighbourhood

SNP’s annual gathering begins on Thursday, just three miles away from Govanhill

Now the Let’s Save Govanhill campaign is to protest outside the SNP conference on Saturday, with a bus on hand to ferry delegates on the short journey over the Clyde.

They believe that ordinary party members – and also major donors such as EuroMillions winners Colin and Chris Weir – will be appalled at the conditions in their leader’s backyard.

We took a list of demands to Nicola Sturgeon last year so perhaps that is the plan

Fiona Jordan

Former teacher Fiona Jordan said: “I would love to bring some of them to Govanhill, they can get on the bus during one of the breaks and I will take them and show them the back courts. Nicola Sturgeon could even come because I don’t she has ever been in a Govanhill back court. Like most people in Govanhill I’ve gone beyond the political blame game because after living with rats and mice and unacceptable conditions you don’t particularly care which politician gets it sorted. But what we are coming up against time and time again, even when we show videos of the most appalling conditions, is that we have a political agenda against the SNP. They say it is not Nicola Sturgeon’s fault and ask why don’t we blame Glasgow City Council instead”

In 2010, [former housing minister] Alex Neil said living conditions in Govanhill were totally unacceptable in the 19th century, never mind the 21st century. Now here we are in 2016 and our constituency MSP is the First Minister and the conditions are worse.

A woman in Govanhill district

Figures obtained by the Sunday Express show there have been 184 rapes in the past five years

“It has become the new normal when the unacceptable becomes acceptable, we have rats running around the streets in daylight and children begging on street corners. We want to say to the SNP members ‘We know you are decent human beings, we know you have a conscience but you need to know that your party is turning a blind eye to this’.”

The incensed local mother even suspects the SNP may be using Govanhill in the battle with Labour for control of Glasgow City Council in next year’s council elections.

Mhairi Hunter, the Southside Central councillor who is also Ms Sturgeon’s constituency office manager, recently tweeted: “The neglect of Govanhill will end in May 17.”

Ms Jordan said: “It really gets my hackles up. I think its insulting and a disgrace. If they have a plan for Govanhill why not put it in place before next May? We took a list of demands to Nicola Sturgeon last year so perhaps that is the plan. Nicola has the power to bring everybody to the table, that is what she promised to do last year and she has yet to do it. That is why we are going to the exhibition centre on Saturday.”

Nicola Sturgeon making a speech

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has the power to bring everybody to the table

Police Scotland admit there are “many issues” in Govanhill, “with the most common being violent crime, common assaults, youths causing annoyance, drug dealing and misuse and littering and fly-tipping”.

The force says Govanhill is in the “top five” in Glasgow for crime reports, below areas such as Parkhead and Possilpark. However, locals question believe there is under-reporting of crime and they suspect the 25 CCTV cameras installed earlier this year show that officers have lost control of the streets.

Mother of two Elaine Graham said: “It’s absolutely terrible. I’ve been attacked in the street when I was with my child because I asked somebody to stop swearing. I don’t feel safe in the street anymore and as soon as I pick Carly up from nursery that’s me, I don’t go out again. People who don’t live in the area don’t understand what we have to deal with on a day to day basis. I’m trying to get out of here before Carly goes to school but it’s hard. I’ve been to Nicola Sturgeon myself about the condensation inside my flat and I was told that we were breathing too much.”


Using Freedom of Information legislation, this newspaper obtained details of sexual crime in each of Glasgow’s area commands over the past five years.

Glasgow South East – which includes Govanhill – has seen the highest number of rapes the highest number of the category including child sexual abuse.

The campaigners believe that criminal gangs are bringing in trafficked women and girls from eastern Europe and forcing them to work in brothels.

Many of the once impressive tenement buildings – including one designed by Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson – are now almost derelict and the closes and back courts are often filled with rubbish.

David Cardwell, another member of Let’s Save Govanhill, has been filming some of the scenes witnessed by residents and posting them online, including remarkable footage of a group of men cooking on an open fire in a filthy close.


He said: “This is now a ghetto area. I used to stay in Garturk Street and I still have family and friends in the area. Govanhill is completely different to how it was in the 1980s and 1990s.”

On Friday, the same close was still strewn with burnt tyres, litter and faeces and even there was even a mummified dead rat sticking out of the brickwork.

The campaigners believe the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is turning a blind eye to these fires and fear there could be a tragic blaze in one of the overcrowded buildings.

According to the recent Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, there are 9,291 people in Govanhill and 3,423 of them are living in overcrowded conditions.

Most of the housing problems can be linked to a handful of wealthy slum landlords who appear to operate with apparent impunity – possibly due to links to powerful political figures. Despite the obvious decline in the area, the city council has spent an incredible £25million of taxpayers’ money spent on common repairs to private property in Govanhill since 2008. In addition, the Scottish Government and the council recently launched a joint £9.3million scheme to bring more properties into public ownership through Govanhill Housing Association.

However, the project is said to have merely resulted in many of the last remaining responsible owner-occupiers selling up and leaving Govanhill for good.

A spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said: “We will continue to work with the council and the housing association to develop a longer term strategy to tackle problems in the area.” SOURCE