Crimonmogate: Two Stone Circles, An Obelisk & A Game Larder?!


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Netherton Of Logie  {here}

Les hamilton’s stone circles of NE Scotland 
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“Many interesting stone-age and bronze age archaeological sites can be found nearby, including the eerie remains of the Palaeolithic Stone Circle of Lonmay, in a clump of trees in a field within a mile of the house.” SOURCE .

“The size of the circles varies, the largest being over 60 feet in diameter, the smaller ones less than 30. Parkhouse measures 50 feet. They are found all over the county, in the valley of the Dee, in the valley of the Don at Alford, Inverurieand Dyce, as well as in Auchterless, Methlick, Crimond and Lonmay. The Recumbent stone is invariably a feature of the larger circles.” SOURCE

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Crimonmogate means the “road through the cow pasture by the peat moss” and the estate dates back to the 14th century. The road originally referred to is no longer in use but marks the edge of the southern perimeter of the current estate lands.[1] Alternative spellings can be Crimon-Mogat or Crimmond-Moggat.[2] There is a large stone circle on the estate.[3]


PDF Report On Stone Circles

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Berrybrae  Images

Map Ref: NK0275957164  

Lat: 57.604474N   Long: 1.955492W

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Game Larder



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Other Illuminating Crimonmogate Stuff!

Inside Crimonmogate

Love the floor & the stuffed dead animal! Actually, It’s obviously a deer, but it reminds me of Baphomet Pic 1 Source  SUN roof too…

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{below} LOTS of pillars & more of the nice masonic floor, these pics are from a wedding dress site so why are they all so creepy looking & why are half o them wearing masks?! There are more to see here


{L} Even the bathrooms have nice flooring! {R} But the masks just remind me of this… 

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In fact the whole lot is weird & reminds me of these…  {more found here}