deDaniel Entwistle {7}

Vanished 03.05.03 here.  Copperfield Ave, Great Yarmouth  Norfolk, next morning his Bicycle was found & here  Funnily enough, like Genette’s Dad, Daniel’s dad (David) was also a paedo Convicted March 26, 1987 Preston Crown Court. Sentenced to six months. David was found dead  Jan 2015 Daniel has never been found.

smJennifer Cardy {9}

last seen by her mother at 1:40 p.m. August 1981, She was snatched as she cycled from her house in Ballinderry ,  County Antrim. Her body was found at the McKee’s Dam (map) near Hillsborough, County Down & her bike was later found dumped in a field not far from where her family lived here |  here

April Fabb {13} – Norfolk 8 April 1969

disappeared 8 April 1969 between the villages of Metton and Roughton, Norfolk. April went missing while out cycling in Roughton, Her bike was discovered but her body has never been found. here | here

Susan Maxwell {11} here

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SOURCE  Jury told of ‘child murder links’ 14 Apr 1994

AAA.JPGMarion Crofts {14} 1981

Marion was brutally raped and killed as she was cycling from her home in Basingbourne Close, Fleet, Hampshire, 6 June, 1981. Tony Jasinskyj, 45, who at the time was stationed in Aldershot, was caught after traces of his DNA were found on clothing and the body of the teenager. Marion, was dragged from her bicycle as she rode to band practice in Aldershot. In 2002 Jasinskyj, was jailed. In 2014 Jasinskyj from Kegworth Avenue, Leicester, appealed saying there was an irregularity in the DNA profile.  here, here & here


aamtMark Tildesley {7} 

Mark Tildesley disappeared while visiting a funfair in Wokingham, Berkshire on the evening of 1 June 1984. He was lured away from the fair and his bicycle was found chained to railings nearby.[66] In 1991 it emerged that Mark had been abducted, drugged, tortured, raped and murdered by a London-based homosexual paedophile gang on the night he disappeared.[66][67]  image source   spotlightonabuse

Genette Tate  {13} 19th Aug 1978.

Her disappearance became synonymous with a single, haunting image which remains as chilling today as it was then: a picture of Genette’s bike lying in the middle of a country lane near her home in Devon, from where she was snatched in broad daylight.
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Specialist sniffer dogs, used by the Israeli army, were flown in from the Middle East. Spiritualists were consulted, and a mother and her daughter were put under hypnosis in an attempt to help them recall details about a ‘suspect’ vehicle in the area at the time Genette was snatched. But no trace of Genette Tate was ever found. Not an item of clothing nor a strand of hair. Nothing.

Haunting: Genette Tate’s bicycle lies abandoned in the spot from which she was snatched in 1978. When her friends discovered the bicycle, its back wheel was still spinning here  When was that picture taken? Obviously it was been set up afterwards. for / by the newspaper? Why? Not as if it helps in the slightest..Image result for genette is missing

Mrs Shelia Cook pictured with her missing daughter’s bicylcle. here

Black has confessed to investigators that he was drawn to girls on bikes but has denied any part in the killings. here

Robert Black: Cycle of Opportunity – armchairdetective



Image result for gabriel egharevbaGabriel Egharevba, {17} January 2000

He had never been in trouble with the police and detectives believe he was the victim of mistaken identity.  He was killed as he and a friend rode their mountain bikes along Coverdale Crescent in Longsight. Police believe that two offenders, wearing dark clothing and riding a motorcycle or scooter, fired six shots at Gabriel from a 9mm self-loading pistol. here

First picture: Pierre Barnes, pictured here with parents Stephen and Florence Barnes, went missing on Saturday night while on a bicycle rideFrench police find missing British boy’s shoes and bike Oct 2012

This is the first picture of the schoolboy who has gone missing on the tiny Mediterranean island of Porquerolles off the southern coast of France.

Pierre Barnes, 12, pictured here with his parents, was on holiday and went missing after going for a bike ride around the island on his own yesterday afternoon. His father, Stephen, today spoke of his hopes that his son would be found as rescue efforts were intensified.