What’s the deal wi the #China – #Scotland Investment deal??

As we all know, MSM can be dodgy as hell at the best o times, but there is hardly any information about the SNP’s deal / memoranda with Sinofortune, other than what’s coming from the MSM. 

From what I can make out, the China-Scotland deal is about as clear as mud! Why is that? What happened to the “transparency” ScotGov – oh so regularly – talks of?? It makes me wonder what they are hiding. Cause if this deal was a good thing for the people of Scotland, there would be no reason for the secrecy, would there?

The two blogs below, written by mercinon.wordpress are very good. They are certainly the most comprehensive I’ve found so far…

5th April 2016

MERCINON:  The curious case of the trade deal in the night –  China & Scotland

8th April 2016

MERCINON: Some questions that can now be asked about the Scottish-Chinese investment deal