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Shadow Of Satanists Stalks Our Community Stithians


Four goats slaughtered in ‘satanic ritual’ in rural Devon village Tipton St Johns


Satanic cult blamed for killing of Dartmoor pony  Yennandon

Satanic cult fears after rare sheep are found ritually slaughtered on Devon Moors Teign Valley & Stokeinteignhead

It is the latest ‘Devil worship’ horror carried out over the last few years on bleak, lonely moors in Devon and Cornwall.

A rare-breed sheep has been sadistically slaughtered on Dartmoor in a Satanic ritual to mark the midsummer solstice.

It’s the latest ‘Devil worship’ horror carried out over the last few years on bleak, lonely moors in Devon and Cornwall.

A woman farmer – who’s too frightened to be named in case she is attacked by the black magic followers – found the ewe brutally mutilated in a field with one ear and a back leg hacked off and her jugular vein cut.

The ewe’s lamb was wandering nearby, baa-ing plaintively for its dead mother.

The farmer discovered the rare-breed whiteface Dartmoor sheep when she went out to check her flock of 100 ewes and 90 lambs.

A rare sheep has been slaughtered in a suspected Satanic ritual coinciding with the Summer Solstice in the remote Teign Valley on Dartmoor in DevonA rare sheep has been slaughtered in a suspected Satanic ritual coinciding with the Summer Solstice in the remote Teign Valley on Dartmoor in Devon

(L) Macabre: The incident coincides with the Summer Solstice and took place in the remote Teign Valley on Dartmoor in Devon. (R) Grim find: A rare sheep has been slaughtered in a suspected Satanic ritual 

The corpse had been dragged around to leave an intricate bloody spiral on the grass in the remote Teign Valley on Dartmoor in Devon.

The mutilated ewe was discovered on Midsummer’s Day morning by the farmer who says it the latest in a line of attacks by devil worshippers across Devon and Cornwall – mostly carried out on lonely moors in the dead of night.

Two months ago the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb…on April 18th, the night of a full moon.

She said she does not want to be named for fear of reprisals, adding

“We get enough hassle with dogs worrying sheep – we don’t need devil worshippers as well. It was on Sunday – the summer solstice – and we found the ewe around 10.30am. It had happened earlier that morning, I would say – the blood was still wet. The back leg had been removed by somebody who knew exactly what they were doing. They cut around the muscle and the neck had been cut with what looked like a sharp knife. The ear with the tag in had been removed. It was horrendous.”

The dead ewe was dragged around the grass in a circular shapes, before being dumped.

Police have recorded it as a case of ‘inflicting unnecessary suffering on an animal’ but wouldn’t speculate on whether it was a Satanic ritual killing.

There was no sign of any vehicle tracks in the field, but it is possible to reach the area on foot by climbing over a locked gate, or walking up the shallow river.

The farmer added “She had a lamb, which I think will be okay, although it was quite distressed. But the value of the ewe is really neither here nor there. It’s an animal that we have reared and cared for.”

The awful attack comes two months after the same farmer found the severed leg of a lamb in the her field on April 18 – the night of a full moon.

“I didn’t think much of it back in April, apart from being very annoyed at losing a lamb. Now, however, when I look back in my diary I see it was the full moon. It all seems to follow a pattern.”

John Stowers, of the Deer Initiative, who is familiar with dog and fox attacks on livestock, inspected the remains of the ewe and concluded it had not been attacked by an animal.

He said “The animal had its jugular vein severed and has been dragged around in a circle. There has been a lot of cruelty cases around the area. Horses have been slashed and a goat had its hooves removed. Whoever is doing this is simply cruel. It is horrendous.”

In 2013 a farming family on the edge of Dartmoor said members of a Satanic cult were slaughtering their animals including horses.

Maxine Beesley, whose livestock were killed in a series of horrendous attacks, said the secret cult was torturing them for warped sacrifices.

She told how animals – even ducks and goats – had been skinned, slaughtered and beheaded in gruesome rituals in the Teign Valley on Dartmoor.

Maxine and her teenage son Aziah said livestock had been attacked at their rural Devon farm, in an area which has been dogged by rumours of ritualistic slaughter for years.

In the first attack, in July 2013, four ducks were beheaded and laid out in pairs across the ground, while a goat named Minstrel had a horn partially ripped out.

A prized family horse also had one of its shoes ripped off using a crowbar days before it was due to be entered into a show jumping competition.

But worse savagery came in August when a pet goat called Chocolate was decapitated and disembowelled. He also had his skin sliced away and laid out next to his severed head for the terrified family to find the next day.

Maxine and Aziah said they feared the butchery is part of an evil ceremony by devil worshippers.

A third attack, on another farm, in which a lamb was killed and mutilated was also being investigated by police. In June 2013, around midsummer, police appealed for information after two horses were found with gaping knife wounds in neighbouring fields in the village of Stokeinteignhead, Devon.  READ IN FULL MIRROR

Sheep slaughtered in ‘satanic’ ritual 22/09/06

Police are hunting “devil worshippers” after a series of sickening “satanic rite” attacks on sheep at a national park.

Around 100 animals have been found slaughtered and mutilated with their tongues, eyes and sexual organs removed on Dartmoor in Devon in the past year.

All of the bodies had been arranged in a satanic star shape on the floor or laid out in a circle with their necks broken. Most of the blood-thirsty rituals have been carried out during a full moon.

In the latest attack farmer Charles Mudge, of Tavistock, Devon, found 30 of his flock dead with bizarre half-moon symbols carved into their flesh. He discovered all their bodies lying near a bloodstained stone altar and wooden stake.

“We are absolutely devastated. It is disgusting,” he said. “We don’t know how they’re doing it. But they must be people with dogs and have got to be used to handling sheep.”

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said the majority of incidents have taken place during a full moon.

She added: “The killings are becoming increasingly vicious. We currently have no suspects.”   SOURCE


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  9. BBC NEWS | Devon | Moor sheep ‘killed by occultists’ 19/10/05  6sheep Tavistock


  1. Sheep mutilation, Devon   26/07/13
  2. Animal Mutilation  09/01/11


This is just a couple that have happened in Wales, There are HEAPS reported. if I was to blog them all, i’d be here for a week & still not be half done!!

  1. Police investigate horrific attacks on horses S.Wales  Jan 2012 
  2. Mystery of farm animal mutilations in Wales  22/03/13



I Spent Halloween in a Cornish Satanist’s Crypt in TRURO


Satanic Cover Up: Fred & Rose West – Occult connection?

My Parents & Ritual Abuse        By   Nathaniel  J. Harris

The following mainstream press articles draw attention to links between my mother and stepfather and a horrific ritualistic murder, alongside convicted paedophile Peter Petrauske. I have reason to suspect that all three of them committed perjury when they gave evidence in court concerning this.

Just before my birthday in September 2012, Adrian Bryn-Evans gave my mother an ultimatum. Either he would leave her, or she would agree never to speak to me again. This was precipitated by my pointing out that Margaret James did not do this crime alone- IF SHE DID IT AT ALL, and that Colin Batley’s cult was active at the time.. and just around the coast, by boat!

Ann Bryn-Evans, my mother, had often boasted about being present when Peter Solheim was cursed in a coven ritual. See my previous blog, WITCHA- Revisited. She said her friend Elaine had lead this ritual. We had met Elaine Batley around at their house. It seemed infinitely more likely to me that there was a causal connection between these events.. just as I doubt it was pure ‘coincidence’ that Solheim’s body was found by a boat called ‘The Clairvoyant’.

Note that initiates of Colin Batley’s coven had ‘Eye of Horus’ tattoos as signs of recognition. I know Ann and Adrian both have such tattoos, and remember them telling me it was to be like ‘Colin, Elaine, and Jeannete’; their friends who ran a coven in Wales, of which they are/were members. Ann’s is at the back of her neck, under her hairline. Adrian’s is on his left forearm; he already had this tattoo when he joined the Batley coven, and I remember him telling me they had deemed it acceptable so that he does not need another one. Also upsetting is that my younger half brother Zachary also has an Eye of Horus tattoo on his left forearm.  


BBC NEWS Cornwall | Occult link to Drowned Councillor   02/07/04

Lyn Bryant  Truro, Cornwall 

1998 Lyn Bryant was murdered as she was walking her dog along a country lane at Ruan High Lanes near Truro in Cornwall on 20 October 1998. Her body was found at 2.40pm. She had been stabbed several times.[125]

  1. BBC – Somerset – Satanist church planned for Taunton  22/02/05
  2. Pagan Federation Devon and Cornwall
  3. Welcome to Cornish Witchcraft-Museum of Witchcraft (map)
  4. Museum of Witchcraft and Magic
  5. Welcome to Cornish Witchcraft-Links

A long, long list of child and other murders across the world are the work of Satanic groups, including, I would strongly contend, the still unexplained murder of 13-year-old Genette Tate near Exeter in Devon in 1978. Her body has never been found. I have met with people who have been investigating this case for many years and the evidence is overwhelming that it involved a Satanic group which could well have included some leading personnel at the Devon and Cornwall police headquarters, a short distance from where Genette was last seen alive. Her father, John Tate, also has some significant questions to answer.  SOURCE

Devon Police Digging at Former Home Of Fred West’s Friends 

The garden at the former home of a paedophile couple, who knew serial killers Fred and Rose West, is being excavated by police.

Police are searching for the body of a baby at the property in Bradninch, Devon, the BBC understands.

David Williams was jailed for life in 2015 and his wife Pauline for 12 years for putting 10 girls and boys through rape, sexual assault and beatings.

The couple became friends of the Wests in Gloucester in the 1980s.

A force spokesman would not confirm exactly what officers were looking for, but sources close to the investigation told BBC South West Home Affairs correspondent Simon Hall they were searching for a baby.

The couple are believed to have lived in the house for only a few years before they were sentenced last year. A neighbour, who preferred not to be identified, said:

“I think it’s awful what could be under the tarpaulin there. Hopefully they will find nothing. It would be unthinkable if they did.”

PLEASE READ Fred West’s Postcard To Paedo Pals

BradninchMapThe couple are believed to have lived in the house for only a few years before they were sentenced last year

She said the couple had kept “themselves to themselves” for the short time time they had lived there.

“They didn’t smile and wouldn’t make eye contact,” she said residents were in shock. “We are a sleepy town and to have this investigation is terrible, Our town wants to be on the map for being a beautiful place in Devon, not for these terrible crimes.”

The couple became friends of the Wests in Gloucester and later moved to the property in Bradninch, Devon


  • 1980s/90s: David and Pauline Williams live near child murderers Fred and Rosemary West’s home in Cromwell Street, Gloucester
  • 1989: The Williams start abuse of children as young as seven
  • 1991: The couple run the Prince Albert pub in Gloucester where Fred West was a regular
  • 1994: Rosemary and Fred West arrested, accused of murdering 12 people over a period of over 20 years
  • 1995: Fred West kills himself in jail
  • 1995: Rosemary West sentenced to life
  • 1990s: David and Pauline Williams move to Devon to run the Victoria Inn in Exeter. Abuse continues until 2004
  • 2013: Operation Abbey investigation into the Williams starts
  • 2015: David and Pauline Williams jailed for a total of 35 years for sexually abusing 10 children over a 15-year period
  • 2016: Police begin excavations at the Williams’ home in Bradninch, near Exeter


Last year a court heard that David Williams had boasted of his connections with the Wests, who drank at the Prince Albert pub he ran in Gloucester.

The Williamses, who are both in their 50s, started abusing children in the late 1980s when they were running the pub. One victim was seven years old.

They also ran the Victoria Inn in Exeter after moving to the city in the 1990s, where they went on to abuse a string of teenagers.

At their trial, they denied a total of 46 charges of sexual and physical abuse between 1989 and 2004.

David Williams was found guilty of 10 rapes, 13 indecent assaults, five counts of gross indecency, two of cruelty and one of sexual activity with a child.

Rose and Fred West

Rose West was convicted of 10 murders in November 1995 and is serving life while Fred West hanged himself in prison in January 1995

His wife was found guilty of two rapes and five indecent assaults.

They were found not guilty of eight other allegations involving two other complainants.

The investigation into the pair, named Operation Abbey, began in July 2013 when a woman disclosed to a mental health professional that she had been raped and sexually abused by David Williams when she was 15.

A police spokesman said: “Devon and Cornwall Police are undertaking excavation work at a property in Bradninch near Cullompton. This relates to historic intelligence connected to the address and its former occupants. It is expected to take up to four days to complete. Specialist officers will be involved in the excavation, which we hope will have as little impact on the local community as possible.”

Fred West was awaiting trial on 12 murder charges when he hanged himself in prison in January 1995. Rose West was convicted of 10 murders in November 1995 and is serving life.

The charges related to the deaths of young women over a 20-year period.  BBCNEWS

PLEASE READ Fred West’s Postcard To Paedo Pals

Police digging up garden of serial killer Fred & Rose West’s paedophile friends ‘are searching for baby girl’

  • David and Pauline Williams were jailed for string of historic sexual offences
  • Both were jailed for years after subjecting ten girls and boys to horrific acts
  • Police are now digging up garden in Cullompton, Devon, following a ‘tip off’
  • Source claims an allegation was made that a baby had been murdered 

screenshot_20160504-110551.jpgPolice digging up the back garden of Fred and Rose West’s paedophile friends are searching for a baby’s body, a source close to the investigation said today.

Officers have erected scaffolding and are undertaking excavation work at the property in Cullompton, Devon, where sex offenders David and Pauline Williams, who were jailed last year for a string of historic sexual offences against 10 children, lived.

Police said they were acting on a ‘tip off’. A source claimed there had been an allegation made that a baby had been murdered, and officers were searching the garden to see if there was any basis for this.

Police have not confirmed the reason for the excavation of the garden, or the nature of the ‘new intelligence’ received. A spokesman said police would not be commenting on speculation regarding the search. Read in full dailymail


  1. David/Pauline Williams – Gloucester/Devon 15/10/2015
  2. Fred West friends jailed for sexually abusing children  25 Nov 2015
  3. Satanic Cover Up: Fred & Rose West – Occult connection?

Devon paedophile who was friends with the Wests is jailed for life


A PAEDOPHILE and friend of Fred and Rose West has been jailed for life after a campaign of sexual abuse against ten children.

Evil David Williams will serve a minimum 23 years after a judge described his perverted behaviour towards youngsters as ‘sick’.

The 57-year-old was led away from the dock to rapturous applause from his victims who had packed the public gallery with one shouting that he should “rot in hell.”

His wife Pauline, 52, who a judge said “aided and abetted” and “encouraged” her husband’s abuse, will serve a minimum 12 years with an extended four years on licence after also being convicted of several sexual assaults.

The historic offences were committed between 1991 and 2004 while the couple lived in both Gloucester and in Exeter, Devon.

For part of the time, the pair lived in Cromwell Road and David Williams had previously boasted of a friendship and connection to the Wests, who were locals at the Prince Albert pub he ran in Gloucester.

But what was described as the couple’s “façade of innocence” was blown open after a victim contacted police in 2013 to report an historic rape.

Several further victims were quickly identified by officers and after hearing harrowing evidence of rape, sexual assault and violence, the pair were found guilty of a string of charges after a six week trial at Exeter Crown Court.

David Williams of Bradninch, Devon, was convicted of ten rapes, 13 indecent assaults, five counts of gross indecency, two of cruelty, and one of sexual activity with a child.

Pauline Williams was found guilty of two rapes and five indecent assaults. They were found not guilty of eight other allegations involving two other complainants. Read in full  plymouthherald

Man denies historic North Devon sex crimes  North Devon Journal1 Nov 2016


  1. Fred West’s Postcard To Paedo Pals
  2. Satanic Cover Up: Fred & Rose West – Occult connection?
  3. Fred West Chased from Glasgow by Razor Wielding Lynch Mob
  4. Moira Anderson, Gallogley, Gartshore, Willie McRae & The Untouchables
  5. Gartshore & Moira
  6. Ice Cream Paedophiles 
  7. I saw Fred West run over little Scots boy  Sept 14th 1998
  9. Brother of Fred West ‘knew about murders’ – Herald Scotland
  10. ‘MURDERING WESTS WORSHIPPED DEVIL’ Occult expert claims he’s found satanic link 

imageDavid Blewett – Penzance  UK Database

July 2014

A PENZANCE man is set to stand trial accused of sexually assaulting two young girls over a 19-year period.

At Truro Crown Court on Friday, David Blewett, 67, of Chyandour Coombe, pleaded not guilty to five counts of indecently assaulting one girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, when she was aged under 14, between 1991 and 1993.

He also denied two charges of sexual activity with a second child between 2007 and 2012.  The case was adjourned to March 2 for trial.

Western Morning News

A pensioner has been jailed for three years for historic abuse of a girl who he told “you’re enjoying it really”.

David Blewett, 68, touched the girl indecently a number of times between 1991 and 1993 during what was described in court as “repulsive and iniquitous” sexual abuse.

The frightened girl, now an adult, told a friend at the time and plucked up the courage to go to police in 2013.

Blewett pleaded not guilty to five counts of indecent assault but was found guilty by a jury and jailed for three years as well as ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register.

Sentencing him at Truro Crown Court last week Mr Justice Blake said Blewett’s actions had a devastating effect his victim’s life and describing one incident as “particularly repulsive and iniquitous”.

The court heard the offences took place in Penzance, Cornwall, and involved Blewett touching the girl inappropriately on a number of occasions.

Mary McCarthy, prosecuting, said: “He would say things like, ‘You’re enjoying it really’.”

The court heard that in a police interview Blewett, from Chyandour Coombe, Penzance, denied the offences had taken place and still maintained his innocence.

David Evans, defending , said the abuse didn’t progress to a more serious level and added:

The defendant was a hard-working man throughout his life and, other than these offences, a law-abiding man.”  WestMornNews

Hmmm I DO NOT KNOW but wonder if this THE David Blewett? Or possibly son of? Or possibly even unrelated. But it is only 3miles from the home of paedo Blewett! Chyandour, TR18 3LP (MAP)

David Blewett, Plant Hire Stile Cottage Ludgvan Penzance TR20 8BN

Blewett’s Plant hire here | here


I received info from a SRA survivor I shall call XY

Now as I have no proof that any of this is fact, so I’m gonna file it under ALLEGEDLY. But, I believe XY, Everythin XY said (that i’ve been able to get info about) has been spot on. I do not believe XY is lying

This is word for word EXACTLY what XY said.

“Satanic groups do not give up their recruiters easily. It’s rife. Charles Clarke is involved Didn’t realise went to him to tell him about it etc. then Joan Coleman told us he was & secretly attended Edward Heaths funeral.”

Here’s what I found on ex Home Secretary (Dec’04-May’06) Charles Clarke

Screenshot from Spivey: SatanicAbuse WhosWho

charles cl

Cover Up Of Blair Minister Child Abuse   by  aangirfan


Clarke is AT LEAST compromised (& the rest!) but he was Home Sec, you don’t get that high up without bein as corrupt as hell! Clarke’s Anger at Sacking

Did Charles Clarke release the 7/7 London bombers?   by  aangirfan



BigEars wrote to Clarke concerning (oh this is good)

Summer Schools for kids 

It says nothin untoward about Clarke..  But OMG BigEars is such a RIP ROARIN PAEDO

1995: Fred West ➡️ Brian Rice ➡️ Frank Beck ➡️ Lord Janner


Scallywag Magazine    Issue 22, p36 Gone West


Bizarre coincidence?

W i l d c a t


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