Mary Boyle: The Untold Story {full documentary}

Mary Boyle: The Untold Story  via Gemma O’Doherty on YouTube

D’ya know, this case I’ve researched a wee bit, due to it being a piece of a bigger blog I have been working on for months {still workin on it. It’s a slow burner!!}

This documentary, d’no…  It’s thrown me! I’ve followed my gut instinct for years – ever since I realised I had one! I still have my 100% track record….  Just!!

This documentary has definitely made me think twice & doubt my own judgement. But when I do that, I then have a tendency to over think things & that never ends well!!

I think the documentary is more than a little convincing, so why have i got a sneaky feeling this still aint the full story?

In 2005 the twins father “died in a mysterious fishing accident. Ann Docherty believed he knew what happened to her but was unable to act”

Is it just me or does Ann (Mary’s twin) look on edge? Almost scared? She looks like a startled rabbit. She finds eye contact extremely difficult, but i don’t think its cause she is lying, more like she has her defence walls up. I absolutely think she is telling the truth… I also think there MAY be stuff she is omitting… I d’no. I’m probably over thinking.  Judge for yourself.

I hope for both Ann & Mary’s sake that TRUE justice is served..