#Hampstead Cover Up: The concealed evidence – Jean Clement’s recording

Hampstead Cover Up. The concealed evidence – Jean Clement’s recording.
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Published on 30 May 2016

The 3 hour recording made by Jean Clement, Abraham’s brother-in-law, a Special Police Sergeant.
On the day the family returned to the U.K. after the children’s disclosures on September the 4th Alisa, Gabriel , Abraham and Crystal, the family dog arrived late in the evening to Jean Clement’s home address.
Jean Clement’s wife, Abraham’s sister was asleep upstairs.
Ella and Abraham had enjoyed little rest since the children’s disclosures and were both still coming to terms with the situation, so Ella had gone home to relax and shower, and was scheduled to meet up with them all later.
The children were calm, alert and happy to be finally free of their burden, yet would still persistently attempt the programmed ‘intimate touching,’ which would trigger more dysfunctional behaviour.
Jean Clement handed this recorded evidence and private video testimonies to D.I. Cannon of Barnet Police station.
D.S. Rogers then concealed this critical evidence in a police property store an hour’s drive away from Barnet Police station in Chingford.
The full 2 hr. 53 min. recording gives the listener an extraordinary insight into the Hampstead Cover Up.
This recording has never before been published in its entirety.