Brutal Murder of 2yr old Madison Horn ‘could not have been anticipated’ #Fife

first published Jul 8, 2016 | updated Aug 3rd 2016

Madison Horn murder: Toddler’s death ‘could not have been anticipated’ 6pm 02.08.16

Madison Horn

Madison Horn died after being taken to hospital with massive brain and internal injuries

A review into the case of a Fife toddler murdered by her mother’s boyfriend has concluded her death could not have been anticipated.

Two-year-old Madison Horn was beaten to death by Kevin Park while he was babysitting her at her home in Kelty in April 2014.

A significant case review found there were no social work or health service concerns for Madison before her death.

NHS Fife records described her as being a well-adjusted child.

The records also said Madison was meeting all her developmental milestones.

However, the report also notes Park, 27, was a known domestic abuser with a history of violence.

It recommends the criminal justice system should share such information with child protection agencies.

Park pulled Madison’s hair, lifting her up and repeatedly striking her head against a wall. He also repeatedly hit the toddler.

He was found guilty of murdering Madison in November 2014 and jailed for life.

He must spend at least 22 years in jail before he can apply for parole.Kevin Park

Alan Small, independent chairman of Fife’s child protection committee, said: “The review has concluded that Madison’s death could not have been anticipated. There was no evidence to suggest that any agency was aware of any concerns about her well-being and neither she, nor her mother, were known to social work services.

“The report published today also states that certain aspects of this case could have been managed more effectively and identifies some learning points.

“One of the learning points relates to the management and sharing of information.

“There are robust information sharing procedures to help us share and manage information across agencies in Fife. The review found that in this instance more could have been done to ensure that these procedures were fully understood by all involved and that the information available was considered and fully analysed in respect of the potential risk posed by Kevin Park.”

The report also said lessons could be learned about continuity in the management of offenders, he said.

‘Protected and safe’

The Care Inspectorate, which regulates and inspects care services in Scotland, said it would examine “this significant case review in detail”.

Chief executive Karen Reid said: “Where things go wrong, it is essential that the right lessons are learned, and changes in practice are made and then embedded.

“Learning must be directed at reducing the risk of future tragedy. It is everybody’s responsibility to make sure children are safe, and the Care Inspectorate expects all services to work closely together to protect vulnerable people.

“We expect appropriate information to be shared and that rigorous assessments and care planning are undertaken to make sure people are protected and safe.” Source bbcnews

Madison Horn   FIFE

Madison Horn: Mum finally accepts the truth as full horror of tot’s murder emerges in court 13 Nov 2014

ANN Marie White previously defended boyfriend Kevin Park, but later said that justice had been served when he was found guilty of the tot’s murder.

MADISON Horn’s mother sobbed in court yesterday as the man she brought into her home was found guilty of murdering her daughter .

Ann Marie White said justice had been served – but she had previously defended boyfriend Kevin Park to the hilt.

Within hours of Madison’s murder, Ann Marie was on Facebook, saying he was “not a bad person”.

The mum, who was at a friend’s birthday party when her daughter was killed, wrote :

“I suppose everyone knows I lost my precious little girl last night and I know what everyone is saying, especially about Kevin. I just want to say that he would never hurt her. This was just an accident. It would have happened if I was in the house.” Ann Marie, 22, added: “He wouldn’t let anything happen to his own kids so I’m pretty certain that he wouldn’t hurt Madison. He loves her to bits. He will miss her.”

In court, Ann Marie heard the harrowing details about how monster Park battered the two-year-old to death.

And she finally had to accept the horrific truth.

Read in full dailyrecord.

Wicked beyond belief: Monster who savagely battered to death a toddler he was babysitting is attacked by judge as he’s jailed for at least 22 years 

  • Madison Horn suffered 65 separate injuries at the hands of Kevin Park
  • Her mother had left her in his care while she went out to a friend’s birthday
  • Judge says no sentence can reflect ‘sheer awfulness’ of Park’s crime 
  • Park has 38 previous convictions – including domestic violence 
  • Social workers had no involvement after Park moved in with child’s mother
  • Madison’s father said today that Park had ‘taken away his wee angel’
  • Fife Council announced a significant case review to examine if Madison could have been better protected

A man who murdered his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter while babysitting has been jailed for life.

Kevin Park must serve at least 22 years for his savage attack on toddler Madison Horn, who suffered 65 separate injuries.

He battered her head off a wall, punched and stamped on her and is even believed to have used a broken pool cue during the terrifying assault.

Madison Horn, who was punched and stamped on, and had her head battered against a wall, in a savage and inexplicable attack by her mother’s boyfriend as he babysat her one evening

The officer in charge of the investigation said Madison’s injuries were the ‘most horrific’ he had ever seen.

The brutal attack came after the little girl’s mother, Anne Marie White, left Park to babysit while she went to a party.Only hours later, Madison died in hospital after suffering a fractured skull, internal bleeding and tearing to her liver. 
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