Sinead O’Conner, Prince, Aresenio & #Brexit

Police say Irish singer Sinead O’Connor called her family, threatening to jump off a bridge.

Sinead O’Connor slams ‘bulls–t’ report she threatened to jump off Chicago bridge, cheers Brexit vote

Melanie Dostis Meera Jagannathan  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS   Fri June 24, 2016
Sinead O’Connor called “bulls–t” on her alleged suicide threat, hours after Chicago Police were told to be on the lookout after she allegedly phoned family threatening to jump off a bridge.“Oh and by the way it’s bulls–t I jumped off a bridge, some stupid b—h up at Swords Garda station decided she’d like to throw a bit of false and malicious gossip about is all,” she posted on Facebook about 1:30 a.m. Friday. “AM FAR TOO F–KING HAPPY FOR THAT!!”An active search was never ordered, but authorities were instructed to look out for the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer on Thursday, Chicago Police told the Daily News.“Right now all we have is a phone call,” Officer Kevin Quaid said. “We’re informing officers to be on the lookout but we’re not setting up roadblocks or anything.”

Sinead O’Connor ranting again on Facebook

O’Connor’s worried family had Irish officials phone Chicago police after the singer called at about 3:30 p.m., threatening to jump off a Chicago bridge, Quaid said.

The Irish singer-songwriter’s reason for being “far too f–king happy” Friday seemed to stem from the historic “Brexit,” as she declared in all caps that Britain’s vote to ditch the European Union was a triumph for Ireland.


“OUR DAY HAS COME !!!!!!!”

Sinead O’Connor accuses Arsenio Hall of supplying drugs to Prince

Though reports of her demise may have been greatly exaggerated this time, O’Connor has threatened to take her own life before.

Last month, the 49-year-old was safely located after being reported as “missing suicidal” for 24 hours.

In November, she posted a frightening message to Facebook stating

“there is only so much any woman can be expected to bear. The last two nights finished me off, I have taken an overdose,” she continued.

Hours later, she was found and given medical attention. She spent several weeks afterwards in a hospital and continued to take to social media with harrowing messages, blasting her family for leaving her alone.

In 2007, she told Oprah Winfrey she struggled with bipolar disorder and revealed she had attempted suicide on her 33rd birthday in 1999. She tried again in 2012 and sought help on TwitterSOURCE

Arsenio HallWiki

Sinead O’Connor threatens to kill herself and accuses her family of ‘torturing her and letting her die’ one day after being reported missing and feared suicidal 

Sinead O’Connor, 49, posted a Facebook message lashing out at her family on Monday nightimage

The post came just hours after she was found safe inside a rundown motel following the filing of a missing persons report in Wilmette, Illinois
In the message, which is directed at her first husband John Reynolds, O’Connor threatens to kill herself and accuses her family of letting her die
She also claims Reynolds and her father pressured her to abort her first son Jake and even took her to have the procedure performed
On Friday, O’Connor posted a message to her son Shane, 12, who has been placed in the care of TUSLA, a child and family agency in Ireland
The singer previously posted what was believed to be a suicide note last November claiming she had overdosed on pills, but was later found safe
Sinead O’Connor has lashed out at her family in an epic Facebook rant posted just hours after she was found safe in a rundown motel following a missing persons report being filed by someone close to the singer.

In the message, which is directed at her first husband John Reynolds, O’Connor threatens to kill herself and accuses her family of letting her die.

She also claims Reynolds and her father pressured her to abort her first son Jake, saying the men even dropped her off at the hospital to have the procedure


‘You tell that evil son of ours that a person who suffers from two f***ing medical conditions of which the symptoms include suicidal compulsion isn’t being manipulative if while he is being a f***ing chauvinist bully like his grandfather they say they’re going to or feel like killing themselves,’ writes O’Connor at the beginning of her post, addressed to her ex.

The son she refers to is Jake and the grandfather is her own father, Sean O’Connor.

‘You all abandoned me FOR BEING SUICIDAL. YOU F***ING UTTER C***S. YOU LEFT ME TO DIE,’ she goes on to write. ‘Jake says he knows I have mental illness yet he jumps on the cripple. TELL HIM TO STOP ACTING LIKE HE GIVES A F*** IF I DIE. THE LYING LITTLE B****X. ALL HE IS WORRIED ABOUT IS HOW HE WILL FEEL. DOESN’T GIVE A F*** HOW I HAVE HAD TO FEEL SINCE YOU ALL F***ED OFF ON ME AND MY SON. Every one of you had better pray I die. Because I’m suing the f***ing lot of you for what you’ve done to me if I manage to live through it.’She writes later in the letter about the alleged pressure she was under to abort Jake from her father and Reynolds, saying; ‘I never had a penny to help from any father of my children. If you and my father had got what you pushed for, Jake wouldn’t even f***ing be alive. Only I fought because he was my baby and I LOVED HIM, CHILD AS I WAS MYSELF. You and my father dropped me off at the hospital to get rid of him, f*** sake.’

O’Connor then tells Jake to take custody of her 12-year-old son and his brother, Shane, writing;

‘Jake, take custody of Shane. Apologies to him for using him to punish your mother. I will send you money. Make sure he gets therapy and medication if he needs it.’ She then adds: ‘None of you will ever see me again because of what you’ve done. If I manage not to kill myself, you’ll be paying the medical costs which have been and will continue to be involved with that, since you were and remain the chief co-ordinator of my total psychological and emotional destruction.’

O’Connor then writes she will never see any of her four children again, who in addition to Jake, 28, and Shane includes daughter Roisin, 20, and 9-year-old son Yeshua. She closes out her message by writing:

‘I will see you all in court. I want damages. I have been unable to work. I have lost last year’s income and this year’s. I have had enormous medical expenses, and enormous trauma because of your torturing of me. As I said. You f***ing best pray God kills me.’

Gone: O’Connor was believed to have been staying in this house in Wilmette, Illinois when she decided to go for a bike ride and was reported as missing


Roomate: It is understood she was staying with a friend – said to be drummer Matt Walker – in northern Wilmette after leaving Ireland ‘amid a medical and personal crisis’image

Authorities had said they believed O’Connor could be suicidal on Monday after it was reported she had not been seen since 6am on Sunday, when she decided to go for a bike ride in Wilmette, Illinois wearing leather pants, a sweatshirt and a black parka.

The singer was found six miles from Wilmette in a run-down $84-a-night Best Western Hotel in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove just hours after that police report.

It is understood she was staying with a friend – said to be drummer Matt Walker – in northern Wilmette after leaving Ireland ‘amid a medical and personal crisis’ and had been staying in the area since then according to NBC Chicago.

Shortly before she was last seen on Sunday, O’Connor posted a message about Shane, who had been placed with a child services agency in Ireland, and a photo of Harriet Tubman with the quote;

‘I had reasoned this out of my mind, there was one of two things I had a right to, liberty or death; if I could not have one I would have the other.’

O’Connor also made that same Tubman quote her cover photo hours before she was last seen.

‘Jake, kindly go to the court on Tuesday and take custody your brother from Tusla. My lawyer will be making the illegal way yourself and Donal got him into Tusla (lying to the cops etc) known to the judge,’ wrote O’Connor in her Facebook message on Sunday.

‘Expect to be in trouble. In fact you’d best bring a lawyer of your own. And do not abandon your brother or any other of my babies again. What you have done to your brother and your mother is LITERALLY criminal’.

The Donal mentioned in the post is likely musician Donal Lunny, the father of Shane. TUSLA is a child and family agency in Ireland.

Days earlier O’Connor posted an open letter to Shane on Facebook to try and get him out of TUSLA care, saying:

‘Baby, I’ve been trying to get you out of care but Tusla are being monsters. I have to back off because they are hurting me so badly I get unwell again if I go near them.’

She then told the boy: ‘The best thing I can do is advise you get a solicitor of your own which you are now entitled to because you are 12 and bring a case of your own against Tusla, under the Children’s rights clauses of the constitution. ‘You’re entitled to bring a case and to have your voice heard. And this would be the first of such cases brought so you’d be making history as well! You want to be with your mother and you’re being prevented. Your mother is being bullied so badly by Tusla she can’t manage your release.’

In the letter she also told the boy that if he could not go to her he should go to Jake.

‘If no one wants you to come to me then insist on going to Jake. You deserve better than the way you’re currently being looked after,’ she wrote.’I love you. My baby. I’m waiting for you and will wait as long as I have to. I can’t fight Tusla any more because they hurt me too much. You’re legally entitled to fight them yourself. So.. Do. I believe in you. You’re my son. Show ’em you’re your own boss. Jake is not your boss. Nor am I. Nor is your dad. Nor is Tusla. Only God and you.’


Safe: The singer was found Monday six miles from Wilmette in a run-down $84-a-night Best Western Hotel in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove

Fame: O’Connor achieved worldwide success with Nothing Compares 2 U, which was written by Prince

Troubled: O’Connor (with Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love at the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards) is currently being sued by Arsenio Hall for comments she made about him giving Prince drugs in the wake of the singer’s deathimage
O’Connor posted what was believed to be a suicide note last November, claiming she had taken an overdose of pills in response to her family’s ‘cruelty’. She was later found safe and received medical attention.

In addition to her current issues with her family, O’Connor is also being sued by former late night host Arsenio Hall for comments she made about him in the wake of Prince’s death. Prince was responsible for writing Nothing Compares 2 U, the song that made O’Connor an international star.

O’Connor posted a Facebook message just days after he died that said:

‘Anyone imagining Prince was not a long-time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land.’

The post went on to claim that Hall – who she characterized as ‘Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s b****’ – had supplied the diminutive singer with drugs ‘over the decades’, and also ‘spiked me years ago at Eddie Murphy’s house’.

She said she had told all of this to the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating Prince’s death.

The day after she posted a much longer message, in which she alleged Hall had argued with her after she had refused to attend the Grammys, and that he gave her the spiked joint as a pretend peace offering, then laughed as she collapsed.

It is not clear when the alleged incident was supposed to have taken place.

Hall is now suing her for $5million, and shortly after he filed his lawsuit O’Connor responded on Facebook by writing:

‘I’m more amused than I’ve ever dreamed a person could be and look forward very much to how hilarious it will be watching him trying to prove me wrong. I’m also very happy to notice that the DEA have taken me seriously enough to be thoroughly questioning all of Prince’s friends and aides from the last thirty years as to his KNOWN history of hard drug use and where he obtained his drugs. I do not like drugs killing musicians. And I do not like Arsenio Hall. He can suck my d***. That is if he isn’t too busy sucking someone else’s d***.’

The lawsuit calls O’Connor a ‘desperate attention-seeker’ and categorically denies that Hall – best known as host of ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ – ever supplied Prince with hard drugs or gave O’Connor a spiked joint according to TMZ.

O’Connor achieved worldwide fame in 1990 with ‘Nothing Compares 2 U,’ but never again matched the success of that song.

She was married to record producer Reynolds and had Jake in 1987, then married British journalist Nick Sommerlad from 2001-2004, and later musician and friend Steve Cooney in July 2010, who she split with the following March after less than a year.

She also had daughter Roisin in 1995 with Irish writer John Waters, then Shane in 2004 during her relationship with Lunny.

O’Connor’s fourth child, Yeshua, was born in 2006 following a year-long relationship with American surgeon and businessman Frank Bonadio. She is also a grandmother with Jake and his girlfriend Lia welcoming a baby last summer.

She married Barry Herridge in 2011, split 16 days later, and then remarried the drug counselor. SOURCE




dailymail. Sinead-O-Connor-posts-worrying-Facebook-message-ranting-child-stealing-murderers-stole-sons-24-hours-uploading-suicide-note



Riddle of Prince drug dealer: Sinead O’Connor ‘outs’ comedian online – but he denies claim

SINEAD O’Connor has made some shocking allegations against Arsenio Hall, suggesting that he provided Prince with drugs over the years.

By Phillip Portman / 3rd May 2016


SHOCK CLAIMS: Sinead took to Facebook to make some serious allegations
The singer posted her controversial statement on Facebook.


“Two words for the DEA investigating where prince got his drugs over the decades…. Arsenio Hall (AKA Prince’s b—-) Anyone imagining Prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in a cloud cuckoo Land. Aresenio – I’ve reported you to the Carver County Sheriff’s office. Expect their call.”


I DIDN’T DO IT: Aresenio denies the claims

“Anyone imagining Prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in a cloud cuckoo Land. Aresenio – I’ve reported you to the Carver County Sheriff’s office. Expect their call.”

The Nothing Compares To You songstress also claimed that she had been drugged by the comedian, saying:

“They are aware you spiked me years ago. You best get tidying your man cave.”

People magazine obtained a statement by Arsenio’s rep Traci Harper, who denied the worrying allegations.
“The statement regarding Arsenio Hall is absolutely false, ridiculous and absurd,” it read.


WORRYING ALLEGATIONS: This isn’t the first time Sinead has taken to social media. Sinead is yet to respond but has since deleted her original post.

The star is no stranger to sharing her thoughts and feelings on social media, revealing her battle with depression. She caused great concern last year when she told her fandom that she had taken a drug overdose.

For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90 or visit a local Samaritans branch. SOURCE

Arsenio Hall Supplied ‘Long Time User’ Prince With Drugs, Sinead O’Connor Claims  May 2, 2016

She says she’s reported the comics to the cops in a bizarre post.

As unanswered questions continue to swirl surrounding the sudden death of Prince, a bombshell new allegation has come from an unexpected source: Irish singer Sinead O’Connor posted a disturbing rant on her Facebook page this afternoon claiming Arsenio Hall was behind the iconic musician’s death!

“Two words for the DEA investigating where Prince got his drugs over the decades,” she wrote in the outrageous post. “Arsenio Hall

“Anyone imagining Prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land,” she continued.


“Arsenio I’ve reported you to the Carver County Sheriff’s office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie Murphy‘s house. You best get tidying your man cave.”

Reps for O’Connor did not immediately respond to Radar’s request for comment, and neither did the Carver County Sheriffs.

This is just the latest in a series of troubling outbursts by the former music superstar. In October 2013, she wrote at least four open letters eviscerating Miley Cyrus.

PHOTOS: Shocking! Prince Spotted Just Four Days Before He Died

And in November 2015, she posted a troubling suicide threat on her Facebook page.

Her last post before the Prince rant claimed that she was “fed up with getting spied on.”

As Radar reported, Prince was found dead at the age of 57 on April 21 in his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota. Toxicology reports are still pending, and there is an open police investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

PHOTOS: Peace At Last: Inside Music Icon Prince’s Wild Life

As The National ENQUIRER reported, he struggled with AIDS in the months before his passing. SOURCE RadarOnline

Arsenio Hall – Wiki 

Arsenio Hall (born February 12, 1955[3][4] or February 12, 1956)[5] (sources vary) is an American comedian and talk show host. He is best known for hosting The Arsenio Hall Show,[6] a late-night talk show that ran from 1989 until 1994, and a revival of the same show from 2013 to 2014.

In 2012, Hall won NBC‘s reality-competition game show Celebrity Apprentice 5

Arsenio was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of Fred and Anne Hall. His father is a Baptist minister.[4] Hall performed as a magician when he was a child. He graduated from Warrensville Heights High School in Warrensville Heights, Ohio in 1973, after he briefly attended John F. Kennedy High School.[8] After he graduated, he attended Ohio University, where he was on the speech team with Nancy Cartwright and Leon Harris. He then transferred to and graduated from Kent State University in 1977.

Hall has one son, born in 1999.[36] Since his birth, Hall mostly took time off to raise his son before resuming The Arsenio Hall Show in 2013.[37] Hall had an interest in returning to the business eventually, but his decision wasn’t confirmed until he appeared on Lopez Tonight in 2009 (although he initially considered a weekend show because he didn’t want to compete in ratings against his friend George Lopez).[38]

On May 5, 2016, Hall filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Sinéad O’Connor after she claimed he was fueling Prince’s drug habit.[39]



Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy use to be ‘tight’ as friends, every since “Coming to America,” but something has clearly gone awry in the friendship department. Recently, Arsenio got his feeling hurt, after Eddie Murphy (minus Johnny Gill) refused to tape an appearance on Arsenio’s upcoming late night talk show

Arsenio Hall’s longtime friendship with Eddie Murphy exploded into a bitter feud after the comedy legend snubbed Arsenio’s request to appear on the premier of his new talk show!Arsenio has been rounding up big-name guests for his return to late-night TV this fall, but when he approached Eddie, the former Saturday Night Live star told him NO WAY!

Sources say Eddie, 51, put his foot down because he believes Arsenio has been capitalizing on their friendship for years and is just trying to use him for a quick ratings boost.And Arsenio, 58, is miffed because he believes his former pal is envious of him jump-starting his career while Eddie’s movies are fizzling at the box office. Via The National Enquirer (link broken unfortunately) SOURCE 


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