Gordon Jeyes, Tusla, Dunblane, Cover Ups & The Docherty Family #GiveBackDochertyKids

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Gordon Jeyes and friends

In trying to understand, First Minister, why TUSLA (Irish Social Services) were attacking my family so viciously I discovered the Chief Executive Mr Gordon Jeyes – is a Scot. The jigsaw was certainly coming together. Upon doing some basic searches into his career history the picture was clearer. Jeyes was once upon a time a teacher like myself, before moving into the glittery world of council management – the promised land for teachers desperate to get out of the classroom – with other Champagne Comrades in Glasgow City Council, including one Maria Walker.

Jeyes big break comes in 1995 when he is recruited to become the Education Director for Central Council (Stirling Council) whilst Councillor Rob Ball was the councillor in charge of the committee for education. Cllr Ball was the councillor who gave Thomas Hamilton the character reference which enabled Hamilton to appeal decisions against granting him access to school lets.

Hamilton continues to get lets and even sits on a panel which decides who gets lets in schools. Jeyes online cv never makes mention of the fact that he was the Education Director (for 10 years) at Stirling Council. Instead, spinning a negative into a positive his cv in the media states he ‘Led the Critical Incident Response Team into the Dunblane Massacre’ Good work job well done.

He was then accused of priming his staff at Stirling Council in how to answer questions from the media about the Dunblane Massacre. LORD George Robertson would be proud (who, within 3yrs, coincidentally became Secretary General of NATO!) He was then criticised not once but twice by Lord Cullen for professional incompetence in the Cullen Report.(OMG! Lord “safe hands” Cullen called him incompetent! W O W!) In the aftermath of the Dunblane Massacre Jeyes decided not to install secure entry systems into schools due to the cost of £24,000 “could not justify this”. (He was kinda right, HE KNEW Secret Services wouldn’t be back. Ooops I mean Hamilton! MY BAD!! But for the sake o a few grand, it may have slightly comforted the parents) Who would have the gall or stupidity or lack of integrity to tell parents that, then. His creates a larger body of which unites odd bedfellows education and social work under the euphemistic title of children’s services. (for some reason “bedfellows” seems kinda apt)

In 2005 he headed south to take up the post as head of amalgamated children’s services at Cambridgeshire Council. Within his first year in post and under his instructions for staff to act fearlessly (see think the worst) he subjects the Ward family to a living hell. Two first time parents are accused of abuse when a baby has a fractured leg because the parents can offer no explanation for the injury.

Jeyes says “it was a clear cut case” when it was anything but. The Ward parents go through five agonizing years and lose their job as they worked for the council. Parents eventually are fully vindicated after a living nightmare. The ordeal becomes the subject of documentary by award winner Darraigh MacIntyre’s panorama special ‘Please don’t take my child’ Jeyes decides to resign his position after taking time to consider his position (Oooh, the sleekit bastard just jumped before he was pushed!!)

Jeyes decides to quit the UK, not surprisingly, in 2010 and takes his management ‘acumen’ and talent for self-preservation to the Emerald Isle. In 2014 he made political capital out of Dunblane being photographed in the school gym hall calling it his ground zero, as a vehicle to effect change in Ireland (see gather more power). Shameless. (he DELIBERATELY took advantage of the slaughter o 15 poor wee kids??! That takes a special sorta lowlife. HE SOLD HIS SOUL FOR PERSONAL GAIN)

For the past four years 12 children have died in ‘care’ in Ireland. This is the scottish ‘man’ (and close colleague and friend of those child protection stalwarts Fyffe and Walker) (Scum like him make me ASHAMED 2 be a Scot. We aint all twats. I’M SORRY!) who conducted a vicious campaign against my family to section my wife and I and to forcibly if illegally remove our children from our care. A ‘man’ who directed an entire social work department at vast expense during the worst recession in Irish history and twenty something staff in an entire social work building to target my family; obviously innocent and well cared for, when 9,000 Irish kids do not have a social worker due to lack of Social worker numbers in social services (aptly initialled SS) according to his own self-promoting figures.

It was a ‘sweet’ set up. Fyffe and Walker send him doctored notes, falsified records and statements drafted in from people who should know better. Jeyes is mobilising his troops in the background: requesting armed response officers; staff priming medical personnel; instructing perjury; dodgy medical diagnosis; commanding updates; allocating budgetary resources and making operational decisions requiring the highest level of authority within his organisation: all against any professional practice and procedures which require any adherence to the law.

Staff copy and paste falsified reports to the judge. Social workers in Ireland liaise with their counterparts in Scotland (none of whom any of my family have ever met) TUSLA lines up perjurers, reports, lies. Police Scotland sends over a perjurer, Aberdeenshire council ditto and it is game over.

But: for an Irish female judge and the truth and my wife and I’s testimony. David and Goliath. David won. No wonder Jeyes has recently complained of the courts standing in his way in Ireland. I mean how dare the law do that: give families rights. Report Card: Interviews, media handling and management speak buzz lines good. Integrity and management practice not so good. (Meant what I said, TRULY ASHAMED to even have lived in same country as that evil fukshite. He’d do ANYTHING to make a pound. including cover up the RAPE & MURDER of our children.. AT FUKIN BEST he is a sell out. Wouldn’t spit on that if it was on fire.)

SOURCE https://endakennyswatergate.com/gordon-jeyes-and-friends/

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