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Gone was big sister Jo

The pain was etched on every face. On Saturday sister Kim Leadbeater addressed the crowd with a bravery and dignity Jo would be proud of. They had embraced people they knew as they arrived in the town centre.

Even as Kim spoke, mum Jean waved to people she recognised.

She spoke with confidence but betrayed a hint of nervousness as she looked to her mum and dad Gordon for reassurance. She spoke lovingly and with pride, telling us that all her sister wanted was for people to be happy.  She put it simply:

“She was perfect” here 

(Perfect? She was your sister. Did she never decapitate your favourite Barbie?)

Incredibly, Kim and her parents held back their tears The Mirror 22:47, 18 Jun 2016

Following are screenshots I cropped & threw together. Mainly from here. Poor family, they all look proper gutted?!!



I’ve had some moments of immense hilarity over Jo Cox’s perfectly timed, but oh-so-tragic demise.

(Hmmm, I wonder if SIR KITTY is #Brexit or #Bremain?)

Anyhoo, my first bout of hysteria was because of this..
“The US president, Barack Obama, phoned the late MP’s widower, Brendan, from Air Force One to offer his condolences. According to a White House spokesperson, Obama said:  ‘The world is a better place because of her selfless service to others, and there can be no justification for this heinous crime, which robbed a family, a community, and a nation of a dedicated wife, mother and public servant.’” here
Ha ha haa haaa haa haa ha!!  OK! WOTEVER
Another fave o mine is MUM.
She is havin time o her life!! Every pic I’ve seen her in (see above) Well, the woman canny keep a straight face & to be honest, I don’t blame her. I can’t either!!
Said of jo’s sister’s speech/press conference – 48hrs later
(which, as we all know, in mourning years is an eternity. Especially after a family member has had their face blown off!!)
“They had embraced people they knew as they arrived in the town centre.
*EVEN AS KIM SPOKE* mum Jean waved to people she recognised.” here
Someone needs to tell her that her daughter is dead , after having been STABBED REPEATEDLY in a frenzied, motiveless attack & has had 2 or maybe 3 bullets pumped into her COMPLETELY BLOODLESS body!   (Presumably they lost count after bullet no 2?!)
& as for the blood… Possibly THE most horrifically violent, bloody, gory, tragedy to happen in UK in recent years
It was a bloodbath of BLOODLESS-NESS!! (see pics below)
One of the seemingly un-countable bullets was to her face. Which kinda begs the question,


“Kim told how she had identified her sister’s body just hours before her speech” here

Another wee gem was this..
“Two hours after her death husband Brendan – with whom she has two young children, aged three and five tweeted a photograph of her, urged people to ‘fight against the hatred that killed her.’ In a moving statement, he said:
‘[This] is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives” here
TWO WHOLE HOURS. Moving on can be a real struggle eh?!
AN ENTIRE 120 MINUTES that poor man hadn’t been on twitter! 
HOW THE FUK DID HE COPE?!! see tweet here
Oh, & the 77 yr old, Bernard Kenny (that would be BENNY KENNY to you or I)
THE HERO – whom we heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about for 2days, other than initially being told he was there.
But it is ok. No need to panic,  Details are getting out now… 
Benny Kenny  (BEN KEN to his real friends!!) In his moment of pure heroism, he was stabbed… 
In the liver???  here 
N U F F   S A I D

Husband of MP Jo Cox takes children camping in honour of their mother as churchgoers remember the ’21st Century good Samaritan’ 1pm 19/06/16

The husband of MP Jo Cox has revealed he took the couple’s two young children camping to spend the night under the stars in tribute to her just days after she was killed .Brendan Cox camped out with his son and daughter on Saturday night in memory of their mother, who loved the great outdoors.In a moving tweet, Mr Cox said the trio had reflected on the last time the family had been together and were woken by the dawn chorus. here
In earlier posts on the micro-blogging site, Mr Cox also tweeted.. here 


On Sunday, during a special memorial service,  Jo was described by Rev Paul Knight as “someone with whom Jesus would have been so pleased”. He went on to say, “Her humanity was powerful and compelling and we would do well to recognise her as an amazing example – a 21st century Good Samaritan. Jo was someone who went out of her way to help others. I regret to say I didn’t know what she was like as a girl but she grew into a fervent advocate for the poor and oppressed. And though she must have been angry at times about what she saw here and around the world – those places she visited and worked – she seemed to me, at least, to be one who could fight with a passion and a disarming smile.”

After reading the story of the Good Samaritan from the Bible, the Rev said: “There is much wickedness in our world. But thank God there is so much goodness – goodness that does not recognise colour, not nationality.” here

S A I N T   J O

Got a nice wee ring to it eh? If she was even half as good as Rev KNIGHT made out, then she deserves to become a saint


We could start a GoSaintMe page!! Its the LEAST we could do. After all, in the past 2days, the GoFundMe has barely managed to scrape together a disgustingly pathetic £806,700

Eyewitness account from SAM WATSON    (3m 50s on vid)

  • Reporter “Did you hear a shot?”
  • Sam I didn’t hear a shot”
  • Rep “You heard nothing?”
  • Sam “Nope”
  • Rep “& then just..”
  • Sam Screams. I don’t think anyone heard a shot to be honest. No one knew it was a gun
  • Rep “When you saw the man walk away, what happened next? What happened after that?”
  • Sam No one approached him, everyone just let him go & then & everyone just ran to all them people

Extracts from JO COX CONSPIRACY by Aangirfan 17/06/16

Anna Lindh, Swedish foreign minister and supporter of the Palestinian cause was assassinated in Stockholm. In 2003, four days before the Swedish referendum on joining the Eurozone, Anna Lindh, a pro-Euro Swedish MP, was stabbed to death in a public place.The man later convicted of the killing claimed to have no idea why he had acted as he had. Many people predicted that the death would have a massive effect on the results. In the end it did not, and Sweden voted to stay out.

Jo Cox’s husband is Brendan Cox who once worked as an adviser to Ex Prime Min Gordon Brown

In 2015, Brendan Cox left Save The Children after various women’s complaints of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

Save The Children executive quits after complaints of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

Brendan Cox was chief strategist at Save The Children. SAVE THE CHILDREN – FRONT FOR CIA? / CHARITIES RUN BY THE SPIES? /

Jo Cox studied at the London School of Economics, [7] which has been a recruiting ground for spies.

She once worked for Oxfam, said to be a front for MI6


Tommy Mair was the perfect “Manchurian Candidate”, to be brought out if Brexit overtook Remain in the polls. Prior to the killing, Mair was already known to intel agencies as a subscriber to so-called “far-right” publications, as having a history of mental health problems, and as having bought a manual on how to make a gun.


Well worth a read is the  CRACKIN BLOG BY TRUTHSPOON


aka Mr Tommy Mair 

imageLocals have named and identified 'loner' Tommy Mair as the 52-year-old man who has been arrested by police in connection with the attackimage

Press & Journal 18/06/16


Oakwell Hall



ter4t (2)shoes20160618_114847.jpgCaptureuiyyfjoshoewp-1466247059558.jpgoieufpqiuef


Screenshots from 5aeea YouTube VIDEO HEREkifed mum.JPG


Jo Cox’s distraught husband vows to ‘fight against the hatred that killed her’ as it’s claimed police were poised to step up her security

  • West Yorkshire MP was arriving at her local office when she was attacked by a man who wrestled her to the ground
  • Attacker said to have shouted ‘Britain First’ as he kicked mother-of-two before shooting and repeatedly stabbing her
  • 52-year-old man, named locally as gardener Tommy Mair, was arrested at scene after armed police flooded the area
  • Political leaders have sent their thoughts to 41yr old victim’s husband Brendan & their 2 young children
  • Her husband Brendan posted moving picture of his wife
  • He urged people to ‘fight against the hatred that killed her’
  • Mrs Cox described as ‘one of the brightest & most popular’ MPs as David Cameron said ‘we have lost a great star’
  • MP ‘subjected to barrage of hate mail three months prior to her death’ and police were poised to increase security

Published: 14:01, 16 June 2016 | Updated: 02:05, 17 June 2016

The married 41-year-old mother-of-two was punched and kicked to the ground by her attacker before being shot three timesonce in the headwith a sawn-off shotgun and repeatedly stabbed with a ‘foot-long hunting knife’ as she lay helpless on the ground outside a West Yorkshire library.

Two hours after her death husband Brendan – with whom she has two young children, aged three and five tweeted a photograph of her, urged people to ‘fight against the hatred that killed her.’  READ IN FULL dailymail 





9 thoughts on “Nae Mair

  1. Conspiracy theory bullshit,people who make up these stories on blogs such as this ,are same people who go on to commit such crimes! mental health issues are rife on this page.

    1. GOD KNOWS wot their real agenda is.. Brexit? Or trying 2 stop the financial crash 4 a day or 2?? I gave up trying 2 work them out a LOOOOONG time ago. They r freaks of nature.

  2. Yes, I wondered the same thing when I saw those pictures and noticed there was no blood showing. If someone was shot 2-3 times and stabbed, there would be a lot of blood. That was something I noticed too in Orlando. The people being carried out didn’t have much blood on them, certainly not what you’d expect with the number of rifle shots heard from outside. I expected to see more than just 3-4 people who had quite a bit of blood on their face, leg or side. I really question things what with Obama’s desire for gun control. And the media is turning the Jo Cox killing into an all-out condemnation of Brexit, which was growing and going ahead in the polls. I have many questions about the events of the last 15 years. There’s a lot that stinks and the stench keeps growing!

    1. it certainly does.. U have probably seen this, certainly makes VERY valid points.

      Its even being thrust down our throats, Nicola sturgeon (aka Nazi Nikki) spouting how “Scotland is not immune to an Orlando style terror attack”

      What a croc of shite!!!

      BUT believe it or not, the church of scotland is, in part, trying to help us. The break off group nicknamed The Wee Frees (The free church) have called out the SNP telling congregation they are SATANISTS wi their own agenda that goes against humanity & how anyone wi a conscience should steer clear
      THEY ARE RIGHT!! (I just agreed wi a minister!! Wonders will never cease!)
      The SNP in retaliation (or just to shut him up) ARRESTED THE MINISTER!!

      That says it ALL 2me

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