Council had chance to save #LiamFee just 24hrs before tragic tot died. #no2np

Council had chance to save Liam Fee just 24 hours before tragic tot died

A WHISTLEBLOWER says social workers were in touch with the Fees a day before Liam’s murder and they missed multiple chances to rescue the two-year-old.

 Distressing texts were revealed during the trial of Liam Fee Council ‘had chance to save’ tragic Liam Fee

SOCIAL workers had contact with Liam Fee ’s killers just 24 hours before his murder – but failed to intervene to save his life.

That is the bombshell claim by a whistleblower who accuses Fife Council of missing multiple chances to rescue the two-year-old from his mother Rachel and her sadistic civil partner Nyomi.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Record, the insider said:

“I know for a fact that there was contact between the Fees and the social work on the Friday – and Liam was found dead on the Saturday. There have been huge faults at the social work department.”

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Our source laid out a shocking list of alleged failings by Fife Council in the case. They claimed:

● Serious concerns were raised by professionals about Liam six or seven times in his last three months of life;

Despite the level of concern, social services failed to call a case conference to discuss how to help him;

● A social worker repeatedly failed to go to Liam’s home to check on him – because they were SCARED of Nyomi Fee.

Fife Council have launched a serious case review to examine their dealings with the family.

At the Fees’ trial, Karen Pedder, a social work manager with Fife Council social work department, said that in 2013, Liam “fell off the radar” of the council for a time.

Liam Fee was locked into a cage by twisted couple Rachel and Nyomi

But our source insisted it was “just rubbish” to suggest, as others have, that there was little social work involvement from then on.

They said: “Liam was very much on the radar in 2014. It was just that there was a total failure to look out for him.”

Rachel Fee, 31, and Nyomi Fee, 29, were convicted last week of murdering Liam by inflicting blunt force trauma on his abdomen with such force that it burst his heart. They are in jail on remand and will be given life sentences next month.

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They were also found guilty of horrific neglect and abuse of Liam and two older boys in the house. The children’s hell went on for more than two years and only ended after Liam was killed in March 2014.

The source, who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals by bosses, said Fife Council missed a number of chances in 2014 to get the children to safety.

They said:

“Between January and March 2014, I know there were six or seven calls from professionals expressing concern over Liam. We’re talking health visitors, teachers. There was also contact with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, who did not believe that Liam was self-harming as claimed by the Fees.”

Liam died from blunt force trauma

The source insisted the concerns about Liam should have been serious enough for a case
conference to be called, bringing together health workers, teachers and other agencies.

They said:

“Nobody can understand why a case conference was not called at that stage.”

Pedder told the trial Liam was under the responsibility of the Child Protection Team and “fell off the radar” in 2013. The insider says Liam’s case was handled by Team 1 at Glenrothes social work office, who had repeated contact with the Fees in his final months.

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But according to the source, the social worker assigned to the case was “intimidated by Nyomi” and rarely visited the Fees’ home in Thornton, near Glenrothes.

They claimed:  “The social worker didn’t like to go there and called the Fees into the office for chats instead. Had there been regular visits, somebody would have been asking questions about the snakes and rats in the house.”

The Fees were convicted of tying one of the older boys to a chair and making him sleep in a dark room with rats and snakes – and of telling him their boa constrictor, “ate naughty boys”. The jury deleted a claim that the Fees put cages of rats on the older boys’ heads.

Vile couple Rachael and Nyomi Fee

Karen Pedder told the trial that a case worker was assigned to the Fees in January 2013 after social services were alerted to numerous injuries seen on Liam’s body.

The court heard that the alarm was raised by childminder Heather Farmer, who had kept a diary of the injuries.

Pedder said a police officer and social worker visited the Fees but accepted their “plausible explanation” that Liam had bumped his head.

She told the jury the assigned social worker went off sick on April 1, 2013 and no one else was assigned to Liam.

Pedder said a case like Liam’s would normally be reviewed after about four weeks, but the interval was longer between April and June 2013.

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She agreed with Rachel Fee’s counsel, Brian McConnachie QC, that the case “just went off the radar” until June 2013, when staff at his nursery in Kirkcaldy raised fresh concerns about him. She admitted procedures should be changed so cases were looked at more regularly.

The nursery workers, like Heather Farmer, had repeatedly noted fresh injuries on Liam.

They called social services after seeing a look of sheer terror on Liam’s face when his mother arrived to collect him one day.

Days later, Nyomi Fee stormed into the nursery in a rage and demanded to know who had informed on them.

The Fees’ abuse of Liam reached new heights in March 2014 when they failed to get him any help for a fractured leg and arm.

SSPCA officers remove a number of snakes from the home where Liam was found dead

Instead, they left him in agony while they Googled whether someone could die of a broken leg, and whether wives in jail were allowed to stay together.

The Fees were convicted of failing to get Liam to a doctor, of assaulting him over more than two years, of leaving him alone for hours on end and of failing to give him exercise and mental stimulation.

The jury also found the couple guilty of a catalogue of vile abuse of the older boys.

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They repeatedly beat the boys, made them attack each other, tied them up, put them cold showers and made them stand naked on a chair called the naughty step.

One of the boys was repeatedly imprisoned in a home‑made cage. After they killed Liam, the Fees falsely tried to blame the attack on the older child.

We put all the whistleblower’s claims to Fife Council but they refused to comment while the case review was continuing. NHS Fife declined to comment for the same reason on the involvement of health visitors and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. SOURCE dailyrecord


Named Person?!  I’ll name you a person.. How about  HAYLEY DAVIDSON


February this year 5 month old Hayley was murdered Funnily enough, that was also in Fife..



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