Inverness, Pepper Spray, Meat Wagon Mayhem, Royalty, đŸ˜±TERRORđŸ˜± & a Bin lorry

Families and pensioners left terrified after “noxious substance” released in Inverness pub

The noxious gas was released inside a Wetherspoons pub in InvernessThe noxious gas was released inside a Wetherspoons pub in Inverness

Terrified families and pensioners were among dozens of people evacuated from a popular Inverness pub yesterday after a “noxious substance” was released inside.

Emergency services rushed to the JD Wetherspoons-owned King’s Highway bar in the city centre in the afternoon.

A canister – understood to have been pepper spray – was taken away by the police after initially being removed by waiting staff at the Church Street pub.

It is believed to have been sprayed “continually” at a time when about 80 people were inside the premises, including children, pensioners and a pregnant member of staff.

Staff members described “stressful” scenes, but there were no reported injuries.

Police appealed last night for witnesses to come forward, with officers also due to study CCTV footage from inside the premises to establish what happened.

Pub manager Mark Phinn told the Press and Journal that the pepper spray can was discharged at a table in a designated family eating area, just yards from the pub’s front window, at about 1.45pm.

Mr Phinn, who has managed the King’s Highway for eight years, said:

“It was discharging continually in this area of the pub. I was on my way in to start work and take over from the duty manager when it happened. We saw dozens of people get up and leave. There were about 70-80 customers, including pensioners and children. The duty manager, who was on shift at the time, is pregnant. No one has had any ill effects or requested any medical treatment. There were about 30 people in the immediate vicinity and among them were people with potential breathing difficulties. Police are treating it as a serious incident because pepper spray is classed as a firearm. The manager and staff at the time dealt with a stressful situation really well and carried out a full evacuation under what were stressful circumstances. We sounded the fire alarm to get people out and used the loudspeaker to get everyone out by the rear exits. In my 21 years in the pub trade I have never dealt with anything like this.”

Following the evacuation, the pub was closed for about an hour-and-a-half to allow police to speak to staff and acquire CCTV footage.

Four police vehicles – including a riot van – could be seen parked outside the premises yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, several groups of customers had to be turned away from the premises.

The main front windows of the pub, close to where the incident happened, were also fully opened to vent the room.

Half empty glasses and partially-cleared plates could be seen on several tables, following the swift evacuation. (FFS! It was hardly the marie celeste!!)

Last night, a police spokeswoman said:

“Police in Inverness are appealing for witnesses after a small canister containing a noxious substance was released in a licensed premises in the city centre. Around 2pm on Friday, June 10, police attended the King’s Highway premises on Church Street. Staff instructed an evacuation as a precaution. No-one was injured or harmed and the canister was recovered safely. An investigation into this incident is ongoing and police are appealing to anyone who was within the premises at the time or who may have information about this incident to make contact via 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111”.

A volunteer in the Caring & Sharing charity shop, opposite the King’s Highway pub, said

“Normally we don’t get unusual things like this happening, to be quite honest. The fact this has happened is quite astounding. You get the usual rowdiness and things but nothing like this. We have been here about six years and we have never had anything so dramatic happening.”  

Source Press & Journal  and a very short article by STV NEWS


Now if I was 1 o these conspiracy theorists types, I would maybe say somethin along the lines of THIS STINKS & then I might go on to explain why I think that….

1.The headline online is TOTALLY different from the 1 in the paper. Newspaper (below) “Pepper Spray Attack Terror in Busy Pub” If I swap around two words, look what happens…  Pepper Spray Terror Attack in Busy Pub.. Isn’t that funny?!

2. The Kings Highway? (map) Aye, nice name! (could it no have been The Keg or Mccallums or somewhere wi a “normal” name no?!)

3.The online pic at top of page, A CLAM SHELL? & is that a Mermaid on top? Apart from anything else… THAT IS NOT The Kings Highway!! Its just a random pic!!


THIS is the Kings Highway!
4.What most people wont know is that across from Wetherspoons (Nobody calls it the Kings Highway! I didn’t even know that was its name until today & i’ve been in there hundreds of times over the years!!) Anyhoo, across the road & couple doors down (pics 1,2 & 3 below!) is the Old High Church & it used to be used by “brothers” for meetings. But can I find where I read that? No!! Can I hell as like!!! I will find later & add it!
5. Wetherspoons in inverness is a busy place, its cheap & cheerful so attracts a lot of people but on a Friday afternoon? 80 people? Really? That’s a lot even by their busy standards!! Its not the holiday season & in general tourists don’t go there much, its more of a locals place, so vast majority would have been local. So, why were the kids not in school? Some may have been too young, but twice they mention the duty manager is pregnant & four times they mention there were pensioners!! So had the kids been babies or toddlers, they would milked it for all its worth!!
6. Mr Phinn said “It was discharging continually” What? All by itself? His wording is in the present tense, which implies he was there & witnessed it discharging, so if we go by his account. Nobody was there discharging it. But then he statesI was on my way in to start work and take over from the duty manager when it happened. We saw dozens of people get up and leave”  ON MY WAY IN, so he WASN’T IN wetherspoons to witness it discharging! So how could he know it was dischargingcontinually”.  He doesn’t, someone must have told him that.
7. Mr Phinn then goes on to say “among them were people with potential breathing difficulties”
WHAT? “Potential breathing difficulties” eh?
A. We ALL have the potential 2 have breathing difficulties. Hell i have the potential to be a size 8!! No gonna happen anytime soon tho eh?!!
B. How the fuk did he know? Did he ask everyone individually? Or is he some sorta poisonous canister expert? Or perhaps a Dr? I THINK NOT. What a heap o crap!! 
8. I may be wrong (that’s no very likely!!) but from my limited knowledge, pepper spray canisters are kinda similar to aerosol sprays. Someone has to activate them. I mean, they cant be set off & then left somewhere while still going off, they need someone physically there to push the button. Like an aerosol, if you stop pushing, it stops spraying. In which case.. who was there spraying it?!
The CaniCulprit could have sprayed it & then ran away! But why on earth would they leave the canister behind?! It was in their hand!! Why didn’t they just leg it? Why would anyone leave behind evidence, that will more than likely incriminate them?! THEY WOULDNT! Not unless they’re WAY BEYOND stupid!
9. CCTV…. Where is the CCTV footage? There are cameras inside wetherspoons & SEVERAL on Church St. So the CaniCulprit will be on CCTV somewhere and as we know pretty much the exact time, it should be DEAD EASY to find him/her/them.
10. “Four police vehicles – including a riot van – could be seen parked outside the premises yesterday afternoon” WHAT?? Was it a slow day for them? Are there no enough crimes being committed for InverCops?! 3 cop cars & a meat wagon? That’s AT LEAST 8 coppers!!  Typical InverCop response! Total over kill!! Last winter, they sent 2 meat wagons & the dog squad for a teenager knockin over wheelie bins!!! NOT KIDDIN. I sat watchin them for near an hour! Highly entertaining!! I also remember a loooooong time ago, 2 young lassies were drunk & POSSIBLY being slightly 2 loud on their walk home… InverCops sent the Meat wagon & 2 cars!! 6 coppers for 2 wee lassies singing & probably shoutin & there may have been the odd swear word!!?! But I have no idea who the lassies were & neither does my sister!!!!
11. I am NOT SAYIN it didn’t happen, BUT, things like this DONT HAPPEN HERE. The people are, on the whole, decent people. Inverness is (comparatively) normal! People don’t go wandering around town, in the middle o a weekday afternoon wi pepper spray in their pocket!! & THEY DO NOT go into a place with young kids about just so they can pepper spray them!! (Other than the coppers that is!! ONLY KIDDIN Mr Policeman sir!) There is still a wonderful sense o community here. People look after all the kids, as a community should. Had it been somewhere there were no kids, or late at night then id be much more inclined to believe this.
The charity shop worker even said “Normally we don’t get unusual things like this happening, to be quite honest. The fact this has happened is quite astounding. You get the usual rowdiness and things but nothing like this.& I agree, things like this DONT HAPPEN HERE!
I was gonna start rippin apart the newspaper article, but to be honest, I just canny be arsed! I’ve got enough to know what I think, if you don’t, the newspaper is below, Please, help yoursel, be my guest!!
12. Oooooh! One final thing, on the second newspaper page, right at the bottom, there is the wee snippet below.
The CaniCulprit “incident” wouldn’t have anything to do wi firearm laws… Would it?!!20160611_181556.jpg
1.30am 12.05.16
OK!! So I just HAD to go through the newspaper article. I couldn’t help myself!! (The originals are below the ones I coloured in!)
13. The God Damn Numbers. I HATE NUMBERS but they are EVERYWHERE. I try to avoid them, but its like they are stalking me!!! Anyway here goes!
On Page 1, it says full article page 6 (6 is one o their stupid satanic weird numbers as in 666) page 6 Says comments on page 33 Subtle as a brick! (for those who dont know, 33° is Scottish Rite Freemasons) it is also double 3 (mirroring, dualism)
TOTAL (I’ve very likely counted wrong!) BUT not including the date on the top or police fone numbers then there is 30 numbers over 3 pages


AM NO EVEN KIDDIN (I may have counted wrong…. maybe) Broken down to single digits there are exactly 70
That’s AHELLAVALOT of numbers considering the article has NOTHING to do wi numbers! 33 article DIRECTLY ABOVE spray attack reminded me it was Lizzys birthay on sat.11.06.16 QUEEN lizzy was 90
Funnily enough it was (Dick of Edinburgh) PRINCE Philips 95th birthday on Friday, day of “incident” at KINGS highway.
On the left o page 33 it mentions PRINCES Street in Edinburgh (as in Dick of!!)
bottom right o page-And Finally-says “A eulogy by a former US president is usually reserved for much loved ROYALTY
So we have numbers comin outta our ears & HEAPS o royal crap!!
FYI… Glasgow bin lorry royal bollox

right beside Wetherspoons

on QUEEN Street

Beside the ROYAL exchange

Just off GEORGE Square

Inquiry started on 22 o July PRINCE GEORGES birthday!!!

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, move along folks

4.30pm Sun 12th of June 2016

I just nipped on 2 Twitter & look wot we have trending in Glasgow. Now aint this a coincidence? WOW… Does this mean I have special psychic powers?? NO!!  it bloody well does not!


It gets stranger!! We KNOW FOR FACT they fiddle wi wot is/isn’t trending. Gun Control is trending in a couple of places in England, but not in most. It had 39,000 last time I checked but its NOT TRENDING AT ALL IN UK & it should be!

Which begs the question,

WHAT ARE THEY UP TO? & why are they fiddling wi gun control trends??


And stranger… still not trendin in uk but its ROCKETING in Glasgow and Edinburgh




ousyrgohyPic 1. corner of wetherspoons (R) Church Lane where old high church is (L)

Pic 2. google map

Pic 3. view of OHChurch from the riverside. Far Right NICE OBELISK! Captureuwhyd




3 thoughts on “Inverness, Pepper Spray, Meat Wagon Mayhem, Royalty, đŸ˜±TERRORđŸ˜± & a Bin lorry

  1. This story could be something but then again, it could be nothing.
    it costs nothing to be inquisitive though.

    hopefully some answers appear in the local press this coming week or 2 to explain some of the queries with this.

    you’d think someone would have been on twitter giving a run down of the proceedings, I know I would have if I was there. you never know what you might have just witnessed.

    I dont understand how anyone could hate your blog unless people are too scared to believe some of the stories. (again, maybe the people up here just couldnt care less about what happens as long as its not affecting them). I was just surprised to see someone who appeared to be local talking about the same things that I look into and read about.

    regarding me thinking I had a first hand witness, I talked to them and they were actually on the way to the pub when they found it was closed due to this so unfortunately they don’t have first hand info.

    its just an odd story though and has aroused my curiosity a little, mainly due to conflicting info or lack of info.

    it will probably turn out to be just a stink bomb , I could see Why someone would do that (fun value 😀 ) but not why someone would discharge a ‘pepper spray’ with seemingly no motive. serves no purpose and its not really that much fun.

    hopefully in our surveillance city, the cctv will be able to track the culprit through the entire town. if they can’t then why have all the cameras?

    glad you enjoyed some local feedback on your blog 🙂

  2. interesting to see someone commenting on this story in my locality. thought it was a worth a look into when i heard that afternoon what might have happened and then seeing news reports with things that need questioned.

    whilst i tend to stay clear of numerology and other things similar, this is not a criticism of you for looking at those aspects.
    I tend to look at the facts and pick out the things that just dont make sense. I find that with people I talk with that I might have a valid argument but then if I mentioned numerology or satanism then they tend to forget the proven facts.
    but again, this is absolutely not a criticism of how you write, everyone is their own person so keep it up.

    there are some questions with this incident as you mention.

    pepper spray is classed in the firearms act as a firearm because it does discharge a noxious gas.

    therefore pepper spray is not available to the general public, only the police. I dont believe even the pub security can carry it although they can use other substances.
    I had thought maybe if the pub security were carrying it, it got damaged and got discharged and the story is just the usual hyping up of minor incidents to cause fear in the public as the media is a master of this.

    but a few things dont ring quite true with the story.

    no one was injured or harmed – depends on the definition of injuring or harming. eyes would be streaming tears and stinging along with temporary vision impairment. so red eyes would be apparent on anyone in the vicinity of the exposure.

    Pepper spray does not cause respiratory problems as found in medical tests. “OC exposure did not result in abnormal spirometry, hypoxemia, or hypoventilation when compared to placebo in either sitting or PMRP.”
    OC = Oleoresin capsicum which is the common ingredient in pepper spray hence its name.

    so if pepper spray doesnt cause respiratory distress , what was discharged ? especially since there is no mention of the 80 evacuees suffering from temporary blindness and eye irritation which are the expected results of pepper spray exposure along with runny nose and possibly a cough but nothing that serious in terms of respiratory effect.
    maybe others can add or clarify this.

    maybe the police referred to it as potential respiratory distress because they thought pepper spray could do that ?

    i’m currently looking for a first hand witness as i believe someone in attendance contacted someone i know regarding the evacuation but there was no mention of pepper spray at the time. it may be nothing but it may clear some things up about what actually happened.

    still odd that there is no mention i can find of the effects of pepper spray on the eyes of the staff of evacuees.

    maybe there is more to this due to the oddities in the reported effects.
    as you say, the cctv will clear this up and will likely identify who discharged it. if of course, the CCTV was working in the area around this time 😉
    if all relevant CCTV was broken/being maintained or simply turned off, then that would be a red flag in my opinion as that happens far too often when CCTV footage could solve a mystery.

    hopefully this extra insight will be helpful to you.
    been a fairly long term reader due to your content being relevant to things I am trying to uncover or dig up.

    1 last point with pepper spray, I find it no real coincidence that there has been a concerted effort over the last 25 years to remove all weapons (firearms etc) and self defence objects (pepper spray, tazers etc) from the public, and then the police start using them more than they did when guns and the like were available to the public
    so you have an increasingly armed police force against the public who have no legal tools to defend themselves from another person.

    I always find that concerning as should most people.

    keep up the good work

    1. WOW thank u so much!! WOO HOO!! U jst made my day!!!

      I agree wi u in the whole numerology stuff. But what i believe isnt the issue. If its what weird Satanist ppl believe then its kinda got 2b looked in2. I really do hate numbers!! 😂

      Only as an idea that occurred to me.. i wonder if this is may have been some sorta trial run? No other MSM ran the story. So unless u live in North Scot & happened 2 buy P&J then u wont hear about it. online P&J i had 2 search 4it. I only found it cause i knew what i was lookin 4.
      Its also a possibility that its not about unarming public but possibly arming special police/security?? From what i know at mo NO1 can carry pepper spray other than police.
      Only other thing i found strange was the comment section. It happend 2pm ish Friday. Saturdays paper is obviously printed Friday night

      So how the fuk did anyone manage 2 comment?? Hardly any1 knew!! & Unless they’re psychic, how did the know P&J were gonna run the story?!! Also on that wee coment the last sentence says “which will help police apprehend the subjects BEFORE IT HAPPENS AGAIN”

      Happens again???
      They do love 2 tell us b4 they do weird crap.. Hidden in plain sight & all that..

      I dno. This is all jst my thoughts. No idea what the real craic is.

      But i do know bullshit when i see it!!!
      & this story is HUMMIN!!

      Anyway thanks again! Seriously well chuffed that a local reads my blog! & DOESNT HATE IT!!! 😂😂

      Hope u enjoy the rest of ur sunday!

      Big love frm Inversneckieville!


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