Remembering the children who died at the hands of those who should have protected them

NOT THE FIRST TIME the Daily Record has tried to bring this to our attention (see bottom of page) They did a write up in 2012. So, fair play to them, they are at least trying to inform the public


Some of the deaths, as you will see, were ABSOLUTELY PREVENTABLE & although I have added a few more names, THIS IS NOWHERE NEAR THEM ALL

So, How many more years? How many more innocent children? Are we all gonna be sitting here in another 4 years reading the next instalment of DEAD CHILDREN from the Daily Record?

It’s about time WE ALL took a stand & started protecting OUR children

Remembering the children who died at the hands of those who should have protected them   1 Jun 2016

LIAM Fee is not the only child to have suffered horrific abuse at the hands of those who should have been protecting him.

Liam Fee at his nursery

Liam Fee at his nursery

DETAILS of the horrific abuse and torture suffered by tragic tot Liam Fee and two other children will linger long in the memory.

For most of their short lives, the youngsters suffered terrible injuries and were kept in a cage where they were terrorised with rats and snakes. They slept in their own urine and faeces and endured freezing cold showers daily – just some of the brutal details of a trial that shocked the nation.

Two-year-old Liam died before he could be subjected to any more pain and humiliation at the hands of his mother Rachel Fee and her civil partner, Nyomi Fee.

When will Scotland’s social services ever learn their lessons?

Because this dreadful case is just the latest in a long line of children’s deaths – a litany of failure by the very people entrusted with their safety.

The trial heard how, inexplicably, little Liam “fell off the radar”.

Tragically, over the past 20 years, he has not been the only one.

Caleb Ness

Caleb Ness was victim of child abuse

Caleb Ness from Edinburgh was known to be at risk when his dad Alexander killed him by shaking him in 2001.

After his birth, the 11-week-old baby went from hospital into the care of his drug addict mum Shirley Malcolm and his dad.

Caleb was the subject of two child protection orders when he died.

A report concluded he had been failed at “almost every level” before he was killed.

His “brain-damaged” dad, who had convictions for violence and drug dealing, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for culpable homicide at the High Court in Edinburgh.

An inquiry by Edinburgh and Lothians child protection committee under the chairmanship of Susan O’Brien QC concluded that the parents should not have had care of the child. Caleb’s was an “avoidable child death”, according to the report.

READ MORE: Timeline of neglect shows the missed chances to save Liam Fee from his tragic fate

Deputy minister for young people at the time, Euan Robson, described the case as “shocking and unacceptable” and said Caleb’s death was “entirely avoidable”.

Carla-Nicole Bone

Carla-Nicole Bone

Carla-Nicole Bone was tortured then murdered by her mother’s abusive partner despite Aberdeenshire social services being repeatedly warned she was at risk.

The 13-month-old died after a frenzied attack by Sandy McClure at a cottage near Huntly in May 2002.

McClure, 27, was jailed for life while Carla-Nicole’s mum, Andrea, 20, was caged for three years for failing to protect her daughter from him.

The child’s grandparents had warned social workers of the danger posed by McClure.

Bruising had been found on Carla-Nicole’s body by care workers but a lack of continuity in care meant they weren’t spotted. A review said care services “could not have foreseen her violent death”.

Dylan Lockerbie

Maureen Lockerbie, with son Dylan Lockerbie

Dumfries and Galloway social services admitted to failings in their care of five-month-old Dylan, who was killed by his dad in March 1996.

They said a mistake was made in not placing the tot on the child protection register before Ian Metcalfe killed him.

The 34-year-old was also convicted of assaulting and killing another son, Kyle, aged 10 weeks, in 1988.

Social services were involved with the family after Dylan’s birth but did not consider him specifically “at risk”.

The deaths of Kyle and Dylan were originally put down as cot death. But a trial heard from clinicians who said the babies had been physically abused.

Metcalfe was found guilty of murder and jailed for 10 years.

Kennedy McFarlane

Kennedy McFarlane – the 3 year old was murdered by Thomas Duncan in Dumfries.

Little Kennedy was killed in May 2000 by her mother’s boyfriend in Dumfries and Galloway.

Thomas Duncan, 33, was sentenced to life for the vicious attack that sent the tot crashing into a leg of a bed killing her.

An independent inquiry concluded that the murder “could have been prevented” and Kennedy, three, could have been saved if Dumfries and Galloway Council implemented their full child protection procedures.

But it refused to blame any one individual or agency for her death.

Investigator Dr Helen Hammond highlighted serious eye injuries sustained by the girl in March 2000 and her referral the following month with drug ingestion as warning signs.

She said: “A number of opportunities to identify the extent of the risks to Kennedy and for effective intervention had arisen as the case unfolded.”

At the time, a council spokesman confirmed that a practitioner and management staff were being disciplined as a result of the inquiry but refused to name them or confirm the numbers involved.

Brandon Muir

Brandon Muir

Little Brandon was beaten to death by his mum’s boyfriend, Robert Cunningham, in 2008.

The 23-month-old was kicked so hard his intestines burst. He had suffered 40 other injuries, including cracked ribs.

He died two days before police, social workers and health workers in Dundee were to possibly remove him from the home.

Brandon’s grandparents had told social workers a month before that they feared he was at risk but authorities decided an “urgent review” was not needed for three weeks.

An official report ruled there had not been enough time to prevent the attack but concluded there were “weaknesses in inter-agency workings”.

Cunningham was jailed for 10 years for culpable homicide.

Mikaeel Kular

Three year old Mikaeel Kular

Mikaeel died two days after being beaten by his mum Rosdeep Adekoya at the family’s flat in Edinburgh in January 2014.

She stuffed the three-year-old’s body in a suitcase and dumped it behind her sister’s house in Kirkcaldy.

However, she told police that Mikaeel had disappeared from her home, leading to a major two-day search.

She was jailed for 11 years in August 2014 after admitting culpable homicide. A significant case review concluded his death “could not have been predicted”.

Mikaeel’s dad Zahid Saeed, said: “The biggest disappointment is Fife Council took no responsibility for their dealings with Mikaeel and his siblings.”

The above info all came from the dailyrecord

Danielle Reid

In Jan 2003, The body of 5yr old Danielle, was found by police divers in the Caledonian Canal, Inverness. Danielle was under social work care.. (SO WHERE WERE THEY?) She was reported missing on Hogmanay by a relative who had not seen her for 3 months. Lee Gaytor murdered Danielle by battering her her before finally throwing her down the stairs, Danielle went to bed & died alone. Upon discovering her body, Gator & Danielle’s mother, Tracey Reid, 24, stuffed the poor wee girl in a suitcase, wheeled her 3 miles through the streets of Inverness & then dumped her in the canal.. They were caught and both jailed Gator got life & Reid got 8yrs. (This tragedy is about to get so much better!)  In 2006, Reid’s name having been changed to Rachel Collins, started swapping letters with Chris Beattie-who was locked up in Perth nick for dangerous driving following a police chase. A priest at the prison had suggested he write to “Rachel Collins” & their notes soon became romantic. Chris said: “She told me she was in jail because she was caught in possession of a gun.” After Chris was released, Reid would sneak away from prison work placements to meet him for sex-until bosses at Cornton Vale caught her with drugs. Reid was eventually freed in October 2008 and moved to Edinburgh, where Chris moved in with her the following year. The couple were THRILLED TAE BITS to discovered that Reid had fallen pregnant in July 2009. Reid gave birth to a baby boy in April 2010. Couple months later she married the supposedly unsuspecting father. (Don’t feel to sorry for him) The tot was taken into care just days after his birth, Reid blamed Beattie’s convictions for losing the little boy. He found out the truth about her sickening past when a social worker blurted it out during a hearing!!

Chris, 40, said: “I can’t believe her web of lies. I had no idea. She even decorated our sitting room with pictures of Danielle — she told me that it was her niece. I believed her. She actually had me believing the baby wasn’t coming home because of MY previous convictions. All my offences were for road traffic or minor possession of class B drugs. I certainly didn’t put my own child in a suitcase and throw her in the canal. Nobody is going to let her look after a kid.” Beattie also said: “I went to about four meetings and hearings and I was even doing drug tests — which were clear. BUT NEVER ONCE did anyone tell me who she really is. We’d go to the meetings and she’d go in for 30 minutes alone before me. Now I realise why.” (So the social work department KNEW EXACTLY what was going on)

Reid registered the birth on the same day as their wedding- Chris had no idea there were TWO versions of the official documents. One marriage certificate shows him marrying Rachel Reid or Collins, while the other gives the bride’s name as Tracy Michelle Reid or Collins. There were also TWO versions of their child’s birth certificate which show different names. Chris said: “I honestly believed I married Rachel Collins. She said she wanted to get married fast for the baby, who was born in April.”  SOURCE They got back together within 2 months!! SOURCE (see what I meant about not feeling to sorry for him?!) But the social work department have been fully aware of this horrendous story since before Danielle was even murdered!! WTF?

Madison Horn   April 2014


2yr old Madison was battered to death by Kevin Park. He pulled Madison hair, lifting her up and repeatedly struck her head against a wall. He also repeatedly hit her. Park, the former boyfriend of Madison’s mother Ann Marie White, who was SUPPOSED to be looking after the toddler at the time hit Madison’s head off a wall at least twice, punched and stamped on her. Prosecutors also believe he may have used a broken pool cue in the violent and sustained attack! (WTF?!) Park also grabbed or pinched the ears of Madison, who was less that one metre tall, causing bruising. Her skull was fractured and she suffered internal bleeding and tearing to her liver. Madison, who died from blunt force trauma to her head and abdomen, had 65 separate injuries. Park will have to serve at least 22 years before he can apply for parole. SOURCE

Hayley Davidson    02/2016

36 year-old Gordon McKay from Buckhaven appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court yesterday, charged with murder and assault to severe injury.

McKay was remanded in custody. Murdered 5 month old, Hayley, lived with her mother, Catherine Davidson & her boyfriend MacKay, Ms Davidson also has two other daughters. Source here & here

Scott Chirashi   12/2014

5 yr old Scott was found in his home in Alva having been stabbed to death by his mother who was suffering from extreme mental illness. Scott’s heart had also been ripped out!! source His mother had not long separated from her husband, Scotts father. Both parents were linked to Walter Masocha’s cult / church, Agape For All Nations Ministries source

Zaiidyn Burke    10/2012


Dumfries man Paul Burgess admitted killing a 15-week old baby boy by shaking him in a fit of anger causing fatal brain injuries.
Burgess, 25, who was originally charged with murder, pleaded guilty to the culpable homicide of Zaiidyn Burke in Sunderries Avenue in October 2012. He was left in charge of the baby for just over an hour. source

Isabelle Cowley    07/2011

Isabelle Cowley was only 4 when her mum, in, what was described as a trance, drowned her in the Mill burn in the grounds of Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. Rachel Cowley got five-and-a-half years, was released early and almost immediately committed suicide. source

Declan Hainey


Declan Hainey’s mummified corpse was found fused to his cot in a squalid Paisley flat in March 2010. He had last been seen alive eight months earlier, when he was 15 months old. His mother, Kimberley Hainey, was subsequently convicted of his murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 15 years. She had left him alone without food or water while she went out drinking and taking drugs.

Social workers and health staff were later found to have failed the child by falling short of standards of competence and commitment. Experts said they missed countless opportunities to save him. DailyRecord

Clyde Campbell


Amanda Hardie left her 2yr old son Clyde & his brother alone overnight. Paramedics tried to save the toddler after his older brother raised the alarm with neighbours. but to no avail. Hardie admitted leaving them without adult supervision for prolonged periods. Clyde’s body was found in a flat in Mackintosh Road, Raigmore, by neighbours on February 23, 2014.

Inverness Sheriff Court heard that an autopsy found no link between Hardie’s neglect and the death of her son from sudden infant death syndrome.

Depute fiscal Roderick Urquhart said that following concerns being raised, a children’s services worker visited the family home on Wednesday, November 20 and Monday, November 25 but got no response.

Neighbours became increasingly worried and the social work department received a referral on November 29, 2013 from the NSPCC following a report by a neighbour that he suspected that the child was being left at home while Hardie went out to work at a nightclub and he wasn’t aware of any childcare being provided.

A home visit was also carried out by the social work department on December 9, 2013 and the referral from the NSPCC was discussed during that visit.

“The accused denied the allegations from the neighbours and said that her father and an unnamed friend helped [with childcare].”

Hardie was sentenced to 10 months in prison. Source Here & Here

There could be more abused kids like Declan Hainey.. because Scottish state cannot afford to look after them  14 SEP 2012 

A SHOCK report has found that vulnerable Scottish children are being left to live lives of hell because the state cannot afford to look after them.

VULNERABLE children are being abandoned to lives of hell in abusive homes because the state can’t afford to look after them.

One leading charity have even accused skint councils of putting the cost of providing care above the welfare of at-risk kids. A probe prompted by the death of Declan Hainey led to the shock claim. Social workers knew he was at risk.

But after his mummified remains were found in his cot in 2010, his mother Kimberley Hainey was convicted of his murder.

Experts have told an investigation into child protection launched by MSPs after the murder:

Cash-strapped councils refuse to take children into care homes against expert advice due to a lack of funds

Children as young as three already show psychological damage from being left in
a destructive home environment

Rocketing levels of parental alcohol and drug abuse put ever-increasing strain on the system

There is a lack of foster carers for vulnerable kids

Inexperienced social workers are being forced on to the front line of child protection

Senior staff are leaving because of increasing pressures

Decision making is inconsistent across different local authorities

There have been longstanding calls for child protection improvements amid serious concerns the system is failing.

In June, Holyrood’s education committee launched an inquiry into how decisions about taking at-risk children into care are being made across Scotland.

The probe followed a report into social work failures in the case of tiny Declan.

The politicians have been collecting evidence over the summer from councils, health organisations, academics and frontline workers.

An analysis of their testimony by the Daily Record shows that while the majority of councils claim resources constraints are not a major concern, the independent experts tell a different story.

Charities including Aberlour, Barnardo’s Scotland and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children provided damning verdicts in their written evidence.

Richard Meade, public affairs officer for Barnardo’s, said: “The approach taken by many local authorities in practice sees budgets and resources take precedent over the best interests of the child.

“Removal is often seen as the most expensive option, particularly removing a child and placing them into residential care, and so is often taken as a last resort.

“Our experience shows that the longer it takes to make a permanent decision, the more detrimental it can be to the child’s long-term future.”

Aberlour’s Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “It is often the case that even when all those involved in the decision agree that a residential placement is required, this decision can still be reversed when it becomes clear that available resources prevent such a placement being made.

“We have also experienced a number of concerns regarding newly qualified social workers … far too many are not equipped to deal with the issues and challenges surrounding children in care.”

Susan Galloway, senior policy researcher at the NSPCC, said: “There are variations in the training, knowledge and practice experience of individual front-line social work staff and managers, with a high proportion of inexperienced staff in front-line social work roles.”

Meanwhile, Who Cares? Scotland chief executive Duncan Dunlop said social workers “are concerned that children’s identified needs are being compromised by local authority attempts to save money and/or lack of access to suitable care options for the children in question”.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, who has called for tougher child protection measures, said:
“Thousands of youngsters have to endure serious neglect and never hit the headlines because their living conditions never come to light. We need to ensure we properly protect children by having a comprehensive look at how we resource and operate child protection measures.”

MSPS are yet to write their final report.  

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Decisions to help vulnerable children should be made as early as possible and in the interest of the child.

“Local authorities are responsible for ensuring they meet this challenge and the Scottish Government supports them to achieve it. We will consider the committee’s findings when the inquiry ends.”    Read In Full dailyrecord 



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