Satanists recruit new members in small ads Scotland 2009

Exclusive: Satanists recruit new members in small ads
20.09.2009 updated 02.07.2012

SATANISTS are recruiting members in Scotland through an online classifieds site.

The devil worshippers, who preach from Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible, hold regular meetings involving ritualistic sacrifice.

Their advert on Gumtree, which is accompanied by a picture of a goat with the devil’s head, reads:

“We are leaderless and nondenominational. We get together for discussion, food, drink, and ritual.”

Experts fear the meetings have potential to become much more sinister and involve sacrifices, animal slaying and even the harming of humans.

Kevin Carlyon, the High Priest of the White Witches, who practice positive thoughts and earth magic, warned members of the public to steer clear.

He said: “Anyone who joins this group would seriously be in danger of being used as a sacrifice. Satanists believe that human or animal blood gives them power and they will stop at nothing to get that. These are the type of people who go around slaying animals, horses, rabbits – you name it.”

The Satanic Bible, which LaVey penned in 1969, states that Satanists believe in “vengeance over turning the other cheek”.

The advert, placed on Gumtree last month, states that the group are based mainly in Glasgow but seek members from all over the country.

Laurie Matthew, who set up the Ritual Abuse Network Scotland, insisted police should be keeping a close eye on the group to prevent anything illegal happening.

She said: “We have counselled a lot of people – many more than you’d think – who have been affected by Satanic ritual.”

Scotland has had problems with Satanists in the past. They were blamed for a spate of horse slayings at the time of the summer solstice last year. Source

BRING YOUR OWN GOAT; Satanists recruit members in small ads


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