#LiamFee Murder Trial Day 33+2: Killers held in cells yards from each other (updated 02.06.16)




Lesbian Killers who murdered son Liam Fee are being held in cells yards from each other 2 JUN 2016

WARNING, DISTRESSING IMAGES: Rachel and Nyomi Fee – who Googled ‘Can wives b in prison together’ – are being held in the same jail while they await sentencing

Murdering lesbian parents who Googled ‘Can wives b in prison together’ – and killed their little son Liam Fee, 2 – are reportedly being held in cells yards apart from each other.

The news that they have been apparently granted their wishes, at least in the short term, since their guilty verdict is bound to attract widespread shock and outrage.

Rachel and Nyomi Fee , of Fife, east Scotland, put Liam and two other unnamed young boys through a catalogue of shocking abuse.

It included imprisoning them in a makeshift cage at their home, forcing them to eat dog excrement and vomit and tying them naked to a chair throughout the night near snakes and rats.

Horrific pictures from the home showed a medieval-like chain and cable ties along with the makeshift cage in which they were held.

Abuse of toddler Liam Fee by Rachel and Nyomi FeeAbuse of toddler Liam Fee, 2, by Rachel and Nyomi Fee led to his death

Liam died at home near Glenrothes on March 22, 2014, when his heart ruptured from blows to his chest.

This week the pair were found guilty of their murder, neglect, assault and abuse by a jury at The High Court in Livingston, West Lothian. They both face lengthy jail terms.

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During the trial it was revealed that as they continued their campaign of abuse and neglect they were determined to ensure their relationship would last – even if they were jailed.

The pair are being held together in Cornton Vale prison in Stirling awaiting sentencing

A computer and phone search revealed at least one of the pair had Googled: ‘Can wives b in prison together’.

Now it emerges they are being held on the same remand wing at Cornton Vale prison in Stirling as they await their sentencing.

Abuse of toddler Liam Fee by Rachel and Nyomi FeeA makeshift cage with wooden slats, wire and rope used to tie the boys down

The prison service declined to comment on the revelation, saying it doesn’t comment on the housing of individual prisoners.


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It is understood that all women in Scotland are sent to Cornton Vale to await sentencing as a matter of protocol. However there are female wings in prisons in Scotland including Edinburgh, Grampian and Greenock.

Abuse of toddler Liam Fee by Rachel and Nyomi FeeA medieval-like chain was used to tie a boy down and stop him escaping

A prison source told The Daily Mail the decision to put them both there has ‘sickened both prisoners and guards’ and they had already suffered verbal abuse and were potentially in a ‘dangerous place’.

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The source said: “It has sickened both prisoners and guards that this pair are on the same wing as each other and can still be together.

“They are still at each other’s side. They may feel safer being together at the moment but the prisoners here hate this pair.

Abuse of toddler Liam Fee by Rachel and Nyomi FeeThis fireguard is believed to have been used for more sinister purposes

Killing a child is the big no-no in here and when the women read about the abuse this lad suffered before they killed him, then it fuels the fire. They are in a very dangerous place. It seems a sick logic, but this crime will not be tolerated by the women.

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“When they arrived it was like a scene from outside court. They were being verbally abused like I have never seen before.

Abuse of toddler Liam Fee by Rachel and Nyomi Fee

The duvet removed from this bed reveals a makshift cage constructed underneath

“They will be separated after they get sentenced, that’s when they will be sent into the mainstream jail.


“Child killers, especially those that have abused a toddler so horrifically like this pair did, are in for a very rough ride

Abuse of toddler Liam Fee by Rachel and Nyomi FeeA close-up shot of a cable tie on the cage under the bed







The abuse the boys suffered which was revealed in court included being:

  • Denied access to the toilet then forced to take freezing showers when they wet the bed
  • Beaten, smacked and called humiliating names
  • Deprived of food as a punishment
  • Tied to a locked home-made cage at night-time
  • Tied naked to a chair and left alone in the dark in a room with snakes and rats in boxes – warned the creatures eat ‘naughty little boys’
  • Forced to eat dog excrement and their own vomit.


Rachel and Nyomi Fee were determined to stay together no matter what happened

Mothers Against Murder and Aggression chairman Amanda Everit said: “We are astounded to learn these two women are in a position where, one would imagine, they are still able to openly associate.

“They not only murdered a defenceless little boy after what appears from the evidence to be sustained and prolonged abuse of him and other children but they further conspired to ensure a seven-year-old child would take the blame for their heinous act.” Source

Rachel and Nyomi Fee chased out of Dunfermline safe house after news of evil couple’s whereabouts spread


Liam Fee Whistleblower Had Gut-Wrenching feeling 01.06.16

A woman who lived near the family of murdered toddler Liam Fee has told how she contacted social services after getting a “gut wrenching” feeling something was wrong with the boy.

wp-1464788396755.pngPatricia Smith said she felt the call had served little purpose.

On Tuesday Rachel Fee and her partner Nyomi were found guilty of murdering Rachel’s two-year-old son Liam in Fife.

The couple were convicted of assaulting and killing the young child at his home in Thornton in March 2014.

They had blamed another boy for the murder.

Gary Robertson spoke to Patricia Smith about reporting concerns about the health of Liam

Ms Smith was one of several witnesses who raised concerns about two-year-old Liam before he was murdered.

Speaking to Good Morning Scotland she described how she contacted social services after getting a “gut wrenching” feeling that something was wrong.

She described how she had never seen anything like it before and knew she had to raise her concerns.

Ms Smith explained said: “I had passed them in the street. I noticed he [Liam] was lying flat in the buggy. He had a blanket over his head and the mother told me he wasn’t sleeping, he was actually awake.

“At that point that’s when alarm bells started ringing. She then went on to state he had autism, again this was something that couldn’t be right because I knew the little boy.

“It was then that I got this gut-wrenching feeling and decided to speak to my line manager [at work] and call child protection services.”

‘Just another call’

She went on to say that she thought she had known what a gut wrenching feeling felt like “until that day”.

Ms Smith added: “That’s the only way I can explain how bad I felt at the time.”

However, after contacting social services she felt she should not have bothered as they had suggested everyone had different parenting skills.

Mrs Smith said: “They told me that they would send a health visitor round, but the feeling I got after that call was that I shouldn’t have bothered.

“I personally felt like they were maybe getting quite a few calls about them and this one was just another one on the list that was creating them more work.

“I know obviously that social workers do a great job, but I came away from that call thinking that I should’ve bothered.”

A significant case review has begun. SOURCE


Liam Fee murder case raises serious questions about how clues were missed


22:40, 31 MAY 2016

Voice of the Mirror says police, health and social workers must learn lessons for the future to save children from sadistic monsters

The short and brutal life of Liam Fee raises serious questions when the terribly abused boy seemed to be ultimately failed by a string of public bodies.

He was murdered by his mother and her partner, Rachel and Nyomi Fee, a pair of monsters who demonstrated sadistic women can be as depraved as violent men.

The suffering of the two-year-old was ­unbearable, and he and two other boys were treated worse than whipped dogs. The couple’s cold, calculated attempt to blame another boy for Liam’s death was the dishonesty of cowards who deserve no mercy in return.

This case highlights the value of believing children’s evidence, the truth emerging out of the mouths of babes as adults told a pack of lies.

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The two killers were responsible for his death. But the police, and health and social workers, all have questions to answer about how clues were missed, to learn lessons for the future and save other children from the inhuman clutches of other Rachel and Nyomi Fees.

Every child is special and the loss of a life is felt by an entire society when the boy or girl might have been spared torture and death had the authorities intervened earlier and effectively. Source

LIAM Fee’s killers concocted an elaborate story in a bid to pin the blame on another child – who they brainwashed to believe he was responsible for the toddler’s death.
GREG CHRISTISON  21:55 05.31.16
Rachel Trelfa and Nyomi Fee were found guilty of murdering their two-year-old son
Their evil and desperate attempt to escape justice initially fooled police but yesterday justice was served.When officers first arrived at the family’s upper flat, Liam was lying lifeless with the women apparently grieving after paramedics had failed to resuscitate the youngster.Prompted by the women, the older boy admitted his “guilt”, indicating how he had held his hands over two-year-old’s mouth.Trelfa and Fee were sent to separate police stations for questioning each initially claiming that they had been drinking while Liam was asleep in a buggy in his room.Fee claimed she went to check on Liam at around 7.40pm but found him lying lifeless, his face partly-covered with a blanket.She dialled 999 and later told paramedics that she heard one of the two other children who were in the house say that he had strangled the little boy.Child psychologists were consulted before specially-trained social worker, Charlie Finlay and public protection officer Detective Constable Valerie Tweedy quizzed the youngsters in five recorded interviews, the first held two days after Liam’s death.Suffering from prolonged abuse, both children were “very withdrawn and wary” at the beginning and it took time for the interviewers to win their trust.But eventually, each child became more comfortable discussing what had went on at home – it was then the horrific truth finally began to emeerge.The children both revealed how the women locked them in a cage, shut them in a dark room full of snakes, bound their hands and feet with cable ties and forced them to take cold showers.One was even by Fee that she had killed his father with a saw.On another occasion, one of the children said Fee choked him by putting her foot on his neck as he lay on the floor.He said: “It was at night. I was getting smacked and punched. I was told to lie on the floor and she [Fee] put her foot on my neck and it made me unconscious for a while.“I woke up and she was hurting me and punching me on my back because I must have done something but I don’t know what because I was unconscious.”

Detective Inspector Rory Hamilton, who led the inquiry, explained: “What was significant was, the children were corroborating each other’s evidence to quite a significant account.

“And, when you took into account they had been separated immediately, that was very good evidence to providing some validity to the accounts they were giving.

“The fact they were separated, it is not plausible for two seven-year-olds to get together, to make up a story of such elaborate nature and expect them to stick to that. I’m absolutely in no doubt of what happened.”

One neighbour’s account raised questions over Trelfa and Fee’s evidence after they reported hearing a female “wailing” during the first commercial break of TV show Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, between 7.10pm and 7.20pm – the night Liam died.

Significantly, Fee did not call the ambulance until 7.57pm.

The children both revealed how the women locked them in a cage
Meanwhile, experts analysed mobile phone data, which revealed Fee called her mother, Janice three times between 7.36pm and 7.42pm – but then deleted the call history.

DI Hamilton said: “We got evidence from Nyomi’s mother she was told at that time Liam was dead and then she tried to go back on that later on.”

When the women were detained for Liam’s murder in April 2014, they both refused to answer questions.

They were bailed while enquiries continued but by August that year Police Scotland and the Crown Office decided they had enough evidence to charge them.

Asked how the two children, now nine, were recovering from their ordeal, DI Hamilton said: “They are thriving, they’ve been with their foster carers for two years.

“They’ve been going to school and doing well.”  source


Liam Fee murder: Inside the home of lesbian couple who tortured tot

AN EVIL mother and her lesbian partner have been convicted of murdering tragic two-year-old Liam Fee.

Bradley Jolly 31st May 2016

Couple found guilty of murdering Liam FeeCALLOUS: Trelfa and Fee subjected Liam to years of abuse
Rachel Trelfa, 31, and her civil partner Nyomi Fee, 29, killed Fee’s son after a barrage of abuse at her home in Fife, Scotland in 2014.
The toddler was found dead having suffered a ruptured heart as a result of severe blunt force trauma to his body.
Trelfa and Fee both denied killing the child but were convicted of his murder following a seven-week trial at the High Court in Livingston, Scotland.
The callous women, originally of Ryton, Tyne and Wear, were also found guilty of a catalogue of abuse against two other young boys, including one they falsely blamed for Liam’s death.
During the trial, the court heard how the toddler was kept in a cage and forced to eat dog excrement.
Shocking photos have emerged showing the conditions he and other kids were forced to live in.

But the jury found

In the days before his death he suffered a broken leg and arm, but he was killed by a blow to his abdomen which was so severe it ruptured his heart.

The pathologist who examined the boy also found more than 30 external injuries on the toddler’s lifeless body and fractures to the boy’s upper arm and thigh.

Several members of the jury were reduced to tears as a police video showing the toddler’s body was played to the court.

Liam Fee bedroom
TORTURE: The couple kept Liam in squalid conditions
HORRIFIC: The court heard a pathologist found more than 30 injuries on Liam’s body
Liam Fee mum and civil partner found guilty murder
TEARFUL: Liam’s dad Joseph Johnson broke down in court
Alex Prentice QC, prosecuting, told the court the killers were guilty of “unyielding, heartless cruelty”.
He added they had shown “callous indifference” to Liam’s suffering and had covered up his injuries. The court heard that, instead of taking Liam hospital, the vicious couple simply took to the internet to Google terms such as “how do you die of a broken hip,” “how long can you live with a broken bone?” and “can wives be in prison together?”
Giving evidence, the twisted women admitted serious failings over the lack of medical help sought for Liam and put it down to fears the child would be taken into care. But they tried to shift the blame for the killing on to a boy of only primary school age, who they claimed had been acting in a sexualised way towards Liam.


Liam Fee
MUM: Janice Fee, the mother of Nyomi Fee, outside the High Court
The evidence also pointed to a significant delay between the discovery by the women Liam was dead and the emergency services being contacted by a seemingly hysterical Fee shortly before 8pm that night.
The “panicking” pair instead used the time to dismantle a makeshift cage
The court heard the warped duo showed a “wicked indifference” to whether the “vulnerable and defenceless” Liam lived or died, the court heard.Both Fee and Trelfa will be sentenced on July 6.
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Liam Fee: Couple guilty of murdering two-year-old boy

12.20 pm

Mother Rachel Fee and her partner Nyomi have been found guilty of murdering her two-year-old son Liam Fee in Fife.

The couple were found guilty of assaulting and killing the young child at his home near Glenrothes in March 2014.

The couple were also found guilty of a catalogue of abuse against two other children.

The seven-week trial was held at the High Court in Livingston.

This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly.


  3. Liam, Mikaeel, Scott, Baby P & Jason Swift

12.35 PM

Mother Rachel Fee and her partner Nyomi have been found guilty of murdering her two-year-old son Liam Fee in Fife.

The couple were found guilty of assaulting and killing the young child at his home near Glenrothes in March 2014.

They were also convicted of a catalogue of abuse against two other children.

The guilty verdicts were delivered after a seven-week trial at the High Court in Livingston. The couple had blamed another boy for the murder.

However, the jury found that Rachel and Nyomi Fee had subjected the toddler to an escalating pattern of cruelty during his short life.

The couple remained impassive as the jury found them guilty of all the charges against them.

The shocking abuse of Liam Fee

In the days before his death he suffered a broken leg and arm, but he was killed by a blow to his abdomen which was so severe that it ruptured his heart.

The jury found Nyomi and Rachel to be jointly responsible for his murder.

In addition, they subjected two other boys to a series of physical and psychological abuse over two years – including forcing one to sleep in a makeshift cage and another to sleep in a room with rats and snakes which they said “ate little boys”.

Social services had been alerted to the Fees but had failed to take any action. Fife Child Protection Committee said it would carry out a significant case review.


Pair Guilty Of Murdering Toddler Liam Fee

File photo dated 11/04/16 of Rachel Fee (left), 31, who is also known as Rachel Trelfa, and her partner Nyomi Fee, 28, leaving the High Court in Livingston, ScotlandRachel Fee (left), 31, who is also known as Rachel Trelfa, and her partner Nyomi Fee, 28, leaving the High Court in Livingston, Scotland
A woman and her female partner have been convicted of the “horrific” killing of her son and then attempting to blame it on a seven-year-old boy.Thirty-one year-old Rachel Fee and her civil partner Nyomi Fee, 28, subjected two-year-old Liam Fee to a prolonged period of abuse.They showed little emotion as the two verdicts were returned.

The toddler was found with more than 30 injuries to his body, the fatal blow being a blow to the abdomen which ruptured his heart. High Court in Livingston heard that the fatal injuries were similar to those seen in car crash victims.

Two-year-old Liam had injuries similar to those seen in car crash victimsTwo-year-old Liam had injuries similar to those seen in car crash victims

To cover up their crime, the pair convinced a seven-year-old boy in their care that he was the killer.

They told him he had strangled Liam and placed his hand inside the dead boy’s mouth to ensure DNA transfer, in an apparent effort to bolster a forensic case against the child.

It was only when the boy was interviewed by police and social workers that they began to realise the evidence against the boy did not stack up.

Having begun the interview process believing that he had committed murder, the boy was reassured that he was not, in fact, the killer.

For several days before his death at their house in Thornton, Fife, the two women had left Liam, Rachel’s son, suffering from a fractured arm and broken leg.

Rather than seek medical treatment, they gave him painkillers, even though they appreciated the severity of his injuries.

Analysis of their mobile phones revealed Google searches for: “Can you die from a broken hip?”

The pair, originally from Ryton in Newcastle, were also found guilty of ill-treating two other seven-year-old boys in their care, including the one they tried to implicate in Liam’s death.

They tied one of the boys inside a cage and bound the other to a chair in a locked room with caged rats and snakes, warning that their pet boa constrictor might eat him if he was bad.

Other abuse included forcing the boys to eat dog excrement and stand under cold showers for prolonged periods.

Detective Superintendent Gary Cunningham, of Police Scotland, told Sky News: “It has been horrific when you see the abuse that these boys have suffered, and the abuse and neglect that caused the death of Liam.

“It’s had a significant impact on everyone involved in the investigation and the community.”

Fife Council has announced it will review the efforts of child protection agencies who were alerted to Liam.

On separate occasions, a health visitor and nursery staff reported concerns about cuts and bruises that he had sustained.

The trial at the High Court in Livingston heard that a case worker had been assigned to monitor Liam’s family but when that individual fell ill, Liam’s case “fell off the radar”.

Douglas Dunlop, vice-chair of Fife’s Child Protection Committee, told Sky News: “Liam’s death is a tragic, deeply distressing event that has greatly impacted on everybody who was involved.

“It is important we learn from cases such as Liam and that is why we are undertaking a significant case review which will examine the full circumstances that led up to his death.” source


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