Could Robert Black Be Innocent Of Murder?

the following is a VERY brief run down, I go into A LOT more detail in this blog… ROBERT BLACK: UK’s Most Notorious Serial Killer. What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?

In my opinion there is a very good chance Black DID NOT murder these kids. (My reasons for thinking this are  explained in the above blog)

FACT he didn’t kill Genette Tate.

I think he deserved EVERY SINGLE DAY he did in the jail. He was an evil paedo b*stard

But that doesn’t make him a murderer

Murdered or Missing Children ALLEGEDLY Linked To Robert Black

  1. Suzanne Lawrence 14, of Harold Hill, Essex 1979
  2. Christine Markham, 9, Scunthorpe 1973
  3. Mary Boyle 6,  Cashelard, County Donegal in 1977
  4. Susan Maxwell, 11 Scottish Borders
  5. Genette Tate 13,  Devon 1978
  6. April Fabb, 13,  ­Norfolk April 8th 1969
  7. Lisa Hession, 14, Leigh, greater Manchester, Dec 1984
  8. Tracey Walters, 11, Johnstone, Renfrewshire Feb 14 1983.
  9. Pamela Hastie, 16, Johnstone, Renfrewshire  Nov 5TH 1981
  10. Patsy Morris, 14, Feltham, London, in 1980, found Hounslow Heath
  11. Cheryl Morrien 7, August 1986
  12. Sandy Davidson 3, Irvine 1976
  13. Colette Adam, 16, Keyworth, Nottingham, 1983

GERMANY  Silke Garben  10, June 1985  Detmold

PARIS  Perrine Vigneron, 7.   Virginie Delmas, 10, May 1987.  Hemma Greedharry, 11,.may 1987.   Sabine Dumont, 9, june 1987


1986–Sarah Harper   1983–Caroline Hogg    1982–Susan Maxwell   1981–Jennifer Cardy



Teresa Thornhill 23 April 1988, Radford Nottingham

14 July 1990. David Herkes (53) witnessed the kidnapping of his 6yr old  neighbour, police were called & Black subsequently caught & the child freed.

molestations (WIKI)

  1. In 1966, Black’s landlords discovered that whenever their 9yr old granddaughter had visited them, the child had been molested.
  2. Kinlochleven, Black’s landlords daughter. he later pleaded guilty to the three counts of indecent assault against a child brought against him.
  3. Btwn 1968 & 1970,  was as a lifeguard at a Hornsey swimming pool, Black was fired for fondling a young girl.
  4. In a six-hour interview, Black freely discussed his early sexual experiences, his experimentation in various forms of self-abuse, and his attraction towards young children; he also divulged his penchant for wearing young girls’ clothing,[116] and further confided to having sexually assaulted in excess of 30 young girls between the 1960s and 1980s. However, he was largely uncommunicative in response to questions even loosely pertaining to any unsolved child murders and disappearances. Nonetheless,
  5. Black confided to having successfully enticed two young girls into his van in Carlisle upon the pretext of asking for directions in late 1985, before opting to allow the girls to leave when eyewitnesses had appeared. [117]



On 4 May, Ronald Thwaites began to outline his case in defence of Robert Black. Thwaites first reminded the jury the police had been unsuccessfully investigating theses crimes for eight years before Black’s 1990 arrest and conviction for the Stow abduction, and asserted that the investigators had seized on this case in an attempt to scapegoat his client to appease their feelings of “frustration and failure”, and in an effort to restore broken reputations.

In describing the evidence presented before the court, Thwaites claimed that, although the paraphernalia introduced into evidence did indeed attest to his client’s admitted obsession with procuring and viewing paedophilic material,[140] no direct evidence existed to prove Black had progressed from molester to murderer. Describing his decision not to permit Black to testify on his own behalf in relation to the petrol receipts and travel records introduced into evidence, Thwaites informed the jury: “No man can be expected to remember the ordinary daily routine of his life going back many years.”[141] Thwaites then began to introduce witnesses to testify on behalf of the defence, and would continue to do so until 10 May.

To support Thwaites’ contention that the three murders were not part of a series and had not been committed by Black, much of the testimony delivered by the defence witnesses referred to sightings of alternative suspects and suspicious vehicles seen in the vicinity of each abduction. The evidence delivered by these eyewitnesses directly contradicted that of eyewitnesses who had earlier testified on behalf of the prosecution. For example, a man named Thomas Ball testified that on the date of Susan Maxwell’s abduction, he had observed a girl matching her description striking a maroon Triumph saloon with a tennis racket. This vehicle had contained at least two men, and the location Ball had seen this incident was very close to the site of Maxwell’s abduction.[142]

By December 1990, the inquiry team decided they had accumulated sufficient circumstantial evidence to convince the Crown there existed a reasonable prospect of securing convictions against Black, although Clark did harbour concerns the inquiry had not uncovered any actual forensic evidence to tie Black to the murders. [125] Nonetheless, all accumulated evidence was submitted to the Crown in May 1991.[126] In March 1992, Crown lawyers decided that the sheer weight of this evidence was sufficient to warrant Black being tried for the three murders and the attempted abduction of Teresa Thornhill. At a news conference held on 11 March, Hector Clark informed the press he was able to confirm that “criminal proceedings have been issued on the authority of the Crown Prosecution Service against Robert Black” [127]

One of the witnesses cross-examined on the third day of the trial was a forensic scientist named James Fraser, who had earlier testified as to the results of his forensic examination of the more than 300 items recovered from Black’s van and his London lodgings; Fraser conceded that in over 1,800 microscopic comparisons, no forensic link had been established between Black and the three victims. In direct re-examination by John Milford, Fraser conceded the interval between the offences and Black’s arrest—plus the fact Black had only bought the van in which he was arrested in 1986—would make establishing a forensic link between the three murders highly unlikely. [138]

Scottish Television have broadcast a 25-minute documentary relating to the crimes of Robert Black. This documentary was first broadcast on the date of Black’s 1994 murder convictions, and contains interviews with Hector Clark, David Herkes and Ray Wyre in addition archive footage dating from the manhunt for Black.[201]

RAY WYRE?? WTF? IS THIS A JOKE? This will be the SAME RAY WYRE that was at the McCann’s for dinner not long before they went on holiday & their daughter vanished & the SAME RAY WYRE that was on Elm Guest House List!!


Black is allegedly linked to (that I can find) 22 dead/missing children, their deaths spanning 3 decades & international (Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany & Holland)

WTF were police doing? How the hell did he get away with all that by himself? He SINGLE HANDEDLY fooled ALL the police from SEVEN COUNTRIES from 1969 until 1990. Is that even possible?

The Scottish police managed to- oh so conveniently- “lose”  all the files on Blacks early offences. Not only that but THERE WAS NO HARD EVIDENCE LINKING BLACK TO ANY MURDERS & there was also contradictory witness testimonies. So how on earth was he convicted of four murders?! He always admitted to being a disgusting paedo child rapist & kidnapper but (to my knowledge). he never admitted murder. So what exactly were his convictions based on? On top o all that, there was his well dodgy death which prompted a lot of the children’s names being made public knowledge

in my opinion, there are only a few possibilities, 

He could have been some sorta genius, a criminal mastermind! But considering his troubled childhood I very much doubt he had a good education or was highly intelligent.

OR maybe every policeman from every police  force, from seven countries, were REALLY REALLY STUPID! It’s highly unlikely every single one was outwitted by Black!

OR.. He had police help (they turned a blind eye) So therefore Black was almost allowed to kidnap the kids. It’s a distinct possibility he obtained these kids for the “elite” because lets not pretend it hasn’t happened before! & it would certainly explain a lot.

The whole Robert Black case reminds me of Fred West and Ian Brady & Peter Sutcliffe. All of which have a BIG question mark over whether they worked alone & were linked to “elite”

Robert Black, Fred West, Peter Tobin & Jimmy Gallogley ALL lived in Scotland, AT SAME TIME….


I DO NOT think Back was innocent in any way, shape or form. BUT, I don’t think he worked alone either & he definitely should not have been convicted of four murders without any solid, factual evidence.

Then I found this.. 

Extract from HERE

Sergeant William Ormiston, of the Lothian and Borders police force, told the court that he had spoken to Black in an unmarked police car after his arrest and he had said:

‘What a day it has been. It should have happened on Friday the 13th . . . It was a rush of blood. I have always liked young girls, since I was a kid.’

Sgt Ormiston went on to say that Black had told him he intended taking the girl to Blackpool to spend some time with her and he would then have ‘let her go’.




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